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Apple varieties

  • Rajka Apple
    A modern variety from the Czech Republic, bred specifically for disease resistance.
  • Pleasant flavor, flesh like McIntosh. Juicy.
  • Red apple of good size and very good quality. In season from mid-autumn to mid-winter. Skin thin, rather tough, smooth yellow nearly overspread with an attractive dark red with a blue bloom. Flesh tinged with yellow firm, fine, tender, juicy, very sweet, quality good to very good.
  • Red, good quality. Becomes sweet when allowed to ripen fully.
  • A russeted sport of Golden Delicious, discovered in Kentucky in the 1970s. A great russet apple with excellent flavor. Medium sized with golden bronze skin, almost entirely covered with a yellowish brown russet. Flesh is firm, slightly coarse yellowish white. Remarkable for its sugar content. Great for fresh eating and for cooking.
  • Red Alkmene Apple
    A synonym for Red Windsor.
  • Eating, cooking and cider apple. Medium sized, crimson colored, flesh is juicy, tart and crisp with good flavor. Very short storage.
  • Medium size. Coarse, dryish flesh. Pear-flavored. Acceptable mild (non-tart) cooking apple. Not very juicy. Orange blush over yellow, resembling traditional peach coloring.
  • Crisp, juicy, aromatic and fine-textured white flesh with a high Vitamin C content.
  • Large fruit is pale yellow to green overlaid with red. Firm, juicy white flesh is coarse and crisp with subacid flavor.
  • Fruit has dark red skin. Flesh is crisper and has better flavor than regular Red Delicious.
  • Red Delicious Apple
    One of the most famous American apple varieties, a sport of Delicious, known for its bright red color.
  • Red Devil Apple
    Red Devil is an attractive modern English mid-season apple, developed by the influential English apple enthusiast Hugh Ermen. It is notable for its attractive pink juice.
  • Red Falstaff Apple
    A red-coloured sport of Falstaff, a popular garden apple tree.
  • This one gets a blue ribbon for being the sweetest tasting apple ever developed. Keeps for weeks in the refrigerator.
  • Similar to Gravenstein but less tart.
  • A synonym for Karin Schneider.
  • A synonym for Red Prince.
  • A more deeply colored sport of the original Jonathan, with similar good flavor and keeping qualities.
  • Classic southern apple prized for over a century as a good tasting early apple.
  • Red Pippin Apple
    A synonym for Fiesta.
  • A deep red sweet apple. Unusually for a modern commercial apple Red Prince arose the old-fashioned way, discovered growing as a chance seedling in an orchard in 1994.
  • A redder-colored sport of Rome Beauty.
  • One of the best for eating fresh, for apple butter, and cider - an all purpose apple. Apple is large, round, and some will be a bit conical. Red and greenish yellow with stripe and white dots. Very aromatic, firm, and crisp, very rich unusual pleasing taste.
  • As the name suggests, notable for its pink-stained flesh and resulting pink juice.
  • A synonym for Herefordshire Redstreak.
  • Red Windsor Apple
    A red sport of Alkmene, with the same strong Cox-style flavour, but with a distinctly different appearance. Also known as Sweet Lilibet.
  • Medium size apple, with a thick red skin and crisp, crunchy, and juicy flesh.
  • Crisp sweet apple that is good for eating and cooking. Similar to a Cortland.
  • Redfield Apple
    Medium to large apple. Dark red with dark red flesh. Juice is red. Not for fresh eating.
  • Redfree Apple
    Medium size, glossy fruit with 90% bright red color. Smooth, waxy, russet-free skin. Light flesh is crisp and juicy.
  • Red flushed, smooth skinned, dessert variety. Sweet, lightly aromatic, crisp, juicy flesh; can be weakly flavored.
  • Large, well colored fruit; red over yellow skin. Cream colored flesh. Mild, excellent flavor. Keeps until January in storage.
  • Medium size fruit. Bright red over yellow. Very pleasing flavor and texture. Honeyed, plenty of acidity, crisp, crackling, juicy flesh. Cooked keeps shape, light flavor, sweet, fruity. Delicately flavored. Fruits store into the winter.
  • Reine des Reinettes Apple
    A synonym for King of the Pippins.
  • Reinette Clochard Apple
    A pretty yellow-skinned traditional French apple.
  • Reinette de Flandre Apple
    An ancient dual-purpose apple variety, found across southern Belgium and northern France.
  • Reinette de France Apple
    A highly-regarded traditional French dessert apple.
  • A highly-regarded traditional Belgian dessert apple with a good sweet / sharp aromatic flavor.
  • An ancient French country apple variety, ideal for traditional French cookery and for eating fresh.
  • Reinette Descardre Apple
    Reinette Descardre is a good quality Belgian dessert apple with a sweet fruity flavor.
  • An old French russet variety, and remains the definitive French russet variety. Also known as Reinette Blanche du Canada.
  • A more russeted form of the popular Reinette du Canada. Grown commercially in France and Italy.
  • Reinette Rouge Etoilee Apple
    A popular traditional apple from the Low Countries.
  • Larger than Golden Russet. Pleasant, very sweet flavor. Brownish yellow with faint red stripes on sunny side. Prominent lenticels. Picks 1 to 2 weeks earlier than Golden Russet
  • Light pink-orange over green-yellow. Long conical shape.
  • Pinkish red colored skin with good quality fruit. Superb flavor and texture.
  • Reverend W Wilks Apple
    Good early cooker, and easy to grow.
  • Large, orange-yellow with red stripes, crisp and very good taste, looks like Red Delicious and Winter Banana, better than either parent.
  • Rhode Island Greening Apple
    One of the oldest American varieties, known since the 1650s, and widely planted in the USA. Its main use is in cooking.
  • Ribston Pippin Apple
    Famous Yorkshire apple variety, probably the parent of Cox's Orange Pippin.
  • Only fair color (blush), but better tasting than most modern strains. Flavor is rich and complex, with hint of coconut. Shape is bloated compared to Delicious, with wide middle.
  • Medium size. Attractive, juicy, crisp. Very good flavor. Mild to subacid with high sugar and aroma.
  • A Cox-style cooking apple, commercially successful in the 1920s.
  • Very intense red blush with narrow, intense stripes.
  • Rockit is a very small modern red apple, only a bit bigger than a golf ball, marketed as a snacking apple.
  • An extremely attractive and productive red cooking apple, widely-grown in North America.
  • Rosemary Russet Apple
    A classic English russet apple from the Victorian era, though not as well known as its contemporaries.
  • Rosette Apple
    An early-season pink-fleshed apple variety, similar to Discovery.
  • Rosy Glow Apple
    A synonym for Pink Lady.
  • Red over pale green-yellow. Oblate. Juicy.
  • Roxbury Russet Apple
    Probably the first apple variety originating in North America, as a seedling from a variety brought from Europe by early settlers.
  • Distinctly redder than fruit from standard Empire, with 90% of the surface covered with dark purplish and red stripes. Taste is similar to Empire.
  • Orange-red sweet, crisp medium-size fruit.
  • A synonym for Clark's Seedling.
  • A synonym for Leather Coat.
  • Large and characteristic russet skin is brown with a greenish-yellow undercast. The yellow flesh has a sweet, nut-like flavor.
  • A culinary apple from Somerset, keeps well, and widely-used for making cider. Described by the 19th century writer Hogg as 'very excellent'.
  • An attractive modern apple from Italy which is now being promoted in European supermarkets.
  • A dry and fairly soft apple with a noticeable hint of bananas, and a very attractive old-fashioned appearance.
  • Rubinette Apple
    Probably the best-tasting apple in the world.
  • A red-colored natural bud-mutation of Rubinette, trademarked as Rafzubex.
  • Rubinola Apple
    A mid-season disease-resistant variety from the Czech Republic, with a very good flavor.
  • Creamy, white flesh and crisp, juicy eating quality similar to old-fashioned Jonathan, with 100% Jonathan flavor and size.
  • Medium to large. Pink over green-yellow. Smooth and waxy with pronounced lenticels. Sweet, rich flavor. Very juicy, fairly crisp.
  • Darker than Golden Russet with drier flesh. Very good flavor, excellent for drying, sauce and eating.