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Apple varieties

  • Lady Apple Apple
    Lady, or Api, is an old French apple variety with a good aromatic flavor, and many decorative uses.
  • Lady Henniker Apple
    A well-regarded large late-season Victorian apple variety, primarily a cooker.
  • An attractive crimson-striped early-season English apple, originating in East Anglia.
  • Lady in Red Apple
    A synonym for Pink Lady.
  • A well-known and attractive English early-season apple from the late Victorian era.
  • An attractive red flushed Australian apple of uncertain parentage, but with excellent keeping qualities.
  • Medium sized fruit dark red striped. Flesh is yellow sometimes slightly tinged with red. Fine textured, juicy, and mildly acid. Excellent for pies and sauce. Good all-purpose apple. Good keeper, keeping until December.
  • Small and intensely flavored with a hint of pineapple
  • Lane's Prince Albert Apple
    A classic Victorian English cooking apple, and remains a popular garden variety.
  • An old English variety, originating in Church Langton, Leicestershire, from which its name derives.
  • Medium in size and round to oblong in shape, the yellow skin has black dots, and the yellow flesh is coarse and dry
  • A small maroon red apple from Canada, very much in the McIntosh tradition.
  • A synonym for Epicure.
  • Laxton's Fortune Apple
    A popular English Cox-style variety, with a sweeter flavour and easier to grow, raised by the famous Laxton Bros. nursery in Bedford, UK.
  • Laxton's Superb Apple
    The definitive late Victorian dessert apple, firm, Cox-style but sweeter, understated but very 'more-ish'.
  • Medium, golden-yellow skin covered with russeting. Sweet-sharp intense flavor.
  • Lemon Pippin Apple
    Good for drying. Small, yellow dotted fruit with greenish-white, crisp, acid flesh.
  • Liberty Apple
    Sounds like an heirloom variety, but actually a modern American apple variety, developed specifically for disease resistance.
  • Medium size and deep or dull red color. Flesh is yellowish, hard, aromatic.
  • Limelight Apple
    Developed by UK apple breeder H. Ermen, based on the Greensleeves apple from East Malling Research Station.
  • One hundred percent red, otherwise same as McIntosh.
  • Little Pax Apple
    A new English apple variety, recently discovered at St. Cecilia's Abbey on the Isle of Wight.
  • A McIntosh-style apple from Canada, generally believed to be better all-round than its parent.
  • An attractive yellow early-season apple with a sharp flavor, best used for cooking.
  • Medium-large yellow fruit. Sweet, juicy, rich flavor.
  • A well-regarded Victorian winter dessert apple, and an excellent keeper. It is a good variety for attracting deer as the apples stay on the tree into winter.
  • Lord Derby Apple
    A popular good-quality English cooking apple of the Victorian era.
  • Lord Hindlip Apple
    A versatile English dessert variety from the late Victorian era, and one of the longest-keeping apples.
  • Lord Lambourne Apple
    Popular garden variety, many uses, good balance of sweet and sharp
  • An early-season apple, originating from the East Anglia region of England, with an attractive crimson flushed skin.
  • White porcelain-like skin with splashes and blushes of bright pink and red. Firm, tart snow-white flesh. Brisk flavor.
  • Large, green fruit ripens yellow. Firm, crisp, and juicy.