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Information on over 700 apple varieties, as well as pears, plums, and cherries.


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Our Fruit tree register has details of more than 11,000 trees registered by their owners, including blossom and harvest records.

Our website is named after England's most famous apple variety - Cox's Orange Pippin - widely regarded as the finest of all dessert apples. 'Pippin' is an old English word derived from the French word for 'seedling', and like many old apple varieties Cox's Orange Pippin was discovered as a chance seedling.

Recent variety reviews

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  • Apple - Sunset

    15 Oct 2019 
    My sunset trees are the workhorse in my orchard. I call it the insurance apple, it always crops heavily and will excel in a poor year, plus the blossom is intense and frost resistant. If there were a year where sunset failed to crop this would surely be a sign of the apocalypse! Flavour is 7/10, trees are very healthy and fruit is clean
  • Apple - Saint Edmund's Pippin

    15 Oct 2019 
    The best apple known to mankind. Not only is it the best russet it is even tastier than other megahits like Ashmeads, Kidds and maybe even Cox. It is also a very healthy tree and clean fruit
  • Apple - Egremont Russet

    15 Oct 2019 
    Good flavour, easy to grow, clean fruit. However it is the least tasty of the russets despite being the most famous. Wheelers Russet, Herefordshire Russet, Siddington Russet and especially St Edmunds are much tastier overall
  • Apple - Stayman

    14 Oct 2019 
    Having been raised on an orchard with many varieties I can say without a doubt that this is the best apple hands down. Though the most popular sold was red delicious, anyone with a well rounded taste for apples will appreciate the tart yet sweet, firm and snappy chew, and all around versatile staymen. We just got back from picking our own today and of course we had to have one in the car. So very juicy and fragrant!
  • Apple - Fuji

    13 Oct 2019 
    Nobody thinks Fujis make good applesauce. I guess it depends on what you want. Fujis make fabulous chunky applesauce. Peel and core apples, cut into 1" chunks, cook slowly on medium to low heat, stirring regularly until the apple chunks are soft enough to be sauce, but not so long that the chunks fall apart. Some will disintegrate as you stir, giving you the sauce to hold the chunks together. Fujis need only a small amount of sugar (if any) and cinnamon to taste. Because the apple is so juicy when first picked, you need very little water in the pot to start, and you may need to drain off excess juice as you cook it so it doesn't get watery (drink it - like hot cider). The end product is thick, chunky, naturally sweet, and healthier because of the sparse amount of granulated sugar. I have been making sauce for 30+ years, have used all different types of apples, and won't use anything else after having accidentally tried Fuji. I eat them raw too -- with cheese.

Latest harvest records from registered fruit trees

  • 1st week September 2019  Skinner's Seedling owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • September 2019  Gala owned by Erin in Toledo, United States
  • 4th week August 2019  Melon owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • 4th week August 2019  Lamb Abbey Pearmain owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • 4th week August 2019  Horse owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States

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