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If you are interested in apple varieties, pears, cherries or plums, or orchards where these fruits are grown, you have come to the right place.

Our website is named after England's most famous apple variety - Cox's Orange Pippin - widely regarded as the finest of all dessert apples.

'Pippin' is an old English word derived from the French word for 'seedling'. The same word can be seen in the modern French for a plant nursery or garden centre - 'pepiniere'. Like many old apple varieties Cox's Orange Pippin was discovered as a chance seedling.

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Latest harvest records from registered fruit trees

  • 2nd week November 2018  Rubaiyat® apple owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • 1st week November 2018  Golden Russet owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • 4th week October 2018  Orleans Reinette owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • 4th week October 2018  King David owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • 4th week October 2018  Hudson's Golden Gem owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States

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Recent visitor comments about listed varieties

15 Nov 2018 Naomi TaylorUnited States

Apple - Shizuka

Just discovered this variety of apples, and it is absolutely my new favorite. Why aren't they sold in grocery stores? more >>

13 Nov 2018 George PaquinMA, United States

Apple - Hudson's Golden Gem

Wonderful large apple. Good eating fresh but I made an apple pie with it. Good firm texture baked into an apple pie. Sweet Pear-like taste comes through after baking as well. Too sweet (IMHO) in a pie made of only Hudson's Golden Gem apples. Needs to be mixed with a tart apple like a tart Granny Smith. IHMO this would be one of the top apple candidates to bake in a Strudel or similar pastry. more >>

10 Nov 2018 KayUnited Kingdom

Apple - Herrings Pippin

Not a keeper. Large fruit, almost too much for one person. Intensely spicy flavour. more >>

08 Nov 2018 JenniferKENTUCKY, United States

Apple - York Imperial

I've just discovered this variety of apple this year at an orchard close to where I live. This is my new favorite! It's tart and sweet and juicy! I am so pleased with the flavor and its crispy texture. I cannot wait to eat one after it becomes more ripe in the fridge. more >>

06 Nov 2018 Jakim PepinQUEBEC, Canada

Apple - Estivale

This apple is sweet and very aromatic for an early apple. If not thinned, the apples are 2 inches in diameter. Soft flesh. To be eaten soon as it goes mealy within a month. more >>

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