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If you are interested in apple varieties, pears, cherries or plums, or orchards where these fruits are grown, you have come to the right place.

Our website is named after England's most famous apple variety - Cox's Orange Pippin - widely regarded as the finest of all dessert apples.

'Pippin' is an old English word derived from the French word for 'seedling'. The same word can be seen in the modern French for a plant nursery or garden centre - 'pepiniere'. Like many old apple varieties Cox's Orange Pippin was discovered as a chance seedling.

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Latest harvest records from registered fruit trees

  • 3rd week October 2018  Winston owned by Tessa in KINGSTON, United Kingdom
  • 2nd week October 2018  Honeygold owned by Beth in POCATELLO, United States
  • 2nd week October 2018  Fuji owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • 2nd week October 2018  Claygate Pearmain owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States
  • 2nd week October 2018  Magnum Bonum owned by Jerry in Point Reyes Station, United States

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Recent visitor comments about listed varieties

13 Oct 2018 FrancescaEAST SUSSEX, United Kingdom

Apple - Ribston Pippin

Ribston Apples are mentioned in Thomas Hardy's Return of the Native book 2, chapter 2. They are referred to as being stored in the loft underneath ferns and are being eaten at Christmas more >>

09 Oct 2018 FrankCORNWALL, United Kingdom

Apple - Rajka

This apple is a stunner in the orchard. Looks beautiful on the tree, gorgeous colour and scent. Disease resistant in our damp climate, so growing well. Good garden variety. Flavour is okay, reminds me a bit of a well flavoured supermarket apple, but it is not exceptional. I guess it is a good all rounder, but if you grow for special flavours, it wouldn't be my choice. If I move, I won't plant it again, just buy a bag of gala or something equivalent from the supermarket and grow something a bit less ordinary. But as said, grows well, looks good, tastes fine, no disease issues at all. Birds do like it too though and pecked on half of my crop. oh well. more >>

09 Oct 2018 FrankCORNWALL, United Kingdom

Apple - Jonagold

Best flavoured apple I have grown so far. Yes it has scab here in Cornwall, but who cares, it tastes amazing. though prone to canker, only had one case on one branch in the last 9 years, so not that bad I thought. If i'd ever move, I would plant it again. more >>

09 Oct 2018 FrankCORNWALL, United Kingdom

Apple - Rubinola

Looks nice, good flavour, but it is a tip bearer, definately not a spur bearer which makes it a bit more tricky to grow. Not a heavy cropper so far, tree is about 6 years old on M26. Very nice ornamental flowers in spring, but as said before can't be pruned to shape very easily due to tip bearing. more >>

09 Oct 2018 FrankCORNWALL, United Kingdom

Apple - Scrumptious

Perhaps it is our climate but I don't find this apple variety very easy to grow. Yes it is easily pollinated, but after all the effort you end up with a mediocre apple, that is quite funny in flavour. Also I don't find the tree particularly disease resistant in our climate. Several cases of canker on this tree and last year some kind of rust disease, which caused loss of leaves of almost the whole tree. So not for me, and perhaps not for the damp/mild Cornish climate either. more >>

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