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Our Fruit tree register has details of more than 11,000 trees registered by their owners, including blossom and harvest records.

Our website is named after England's most famous apple variety - Cox's Orange Pippin - widely regarded as the finest of all dessert apples. 'Pippin' is an old English word derived from the French word for 'seedling', and like many old apple varieties Cox's Orange Pippin was discovered as a chance seedling.

Recent variety reviews

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  • Apple - Ambrosia

    02 Dec 2023 
    A pleasant flavor ( sweet ) and its crisp texture was a nice quality too.
  • Apple - Lady Apple

    23 Nov 2023 
    We had an old apple tree tested to see what variety it was and it came back as a McIntosh, parents not discoverable, but grandparent was a Lady or Api. Your photo of the Lady (Api)looks exactly like our apples. And they are small and sweet and when ripe make excellent apple sauce that is pink and no sugar needed.
  • Apple - Cosmic Crisp

    20 Nov 2023 
    Meh. I love Honeycrisp, but then discovered Empire and Macoun recently. Those being far less expensive, I was astounded at the flavors! But this Cosmic Crisp? It's sort of like a weak version of Honeycrisp. As if someone left a glass of cola with ice in it on the table for a couple hours... cola like, but heavily watered down.
  • Apple - Cox's Orange Pippin

    17 Nov 2023 
    I think there might be a typo in the last paragraph! Might you mean essential “eating” instead of essential reading??!! I adore Cox’s Orange and buy them from a farmer in Nova Scotia.
  • Apple - Kanzi

    17 Nov 2023 
    Kanzi apples are my FAVORITE apple over all other varieties!! They have the perfect combination of sweet and tart. I love these juicy, tasty apples!!

Latest harvest records from registered fruit trees

  • 4th week October 2023  Golden Delicious owned by James in Westport, Ireland
  • 2nd week October 2023  Cox's Orange Pippin owned by James in Westport, Ireland
  • 2nd week October 2023  Cox's Orange Pippin owned by James in Westport, Ireland
  • 1st week October 2023  Honeycrisp owned by David in Two Rivers, United States
  • 1st week October 2023  Howgate Wonder owned by James in Westport, Ireland

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