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JazzTM apple

Malus domestica

There is a widely-held view that only the old heritage apples have real flavor, and that new mass-market varieties aimed at filling supermarket shelves are tasteless.  There is perhaps some truth in this, but as consumers increasingly look for flavor in their shopping baskets, growers have begun to respond by developing varieties where it is more prominent than it used to be in the previous generation of supermarket apples.

Jazz provides the best evidence yet that modern apple development is pulling ahead of the traditional heirloom varieties.  Jazz is a crisp hard apple with an excellent strong sweet-sharp flavor, and a pronounced fruity pear-drop note.  The flavor undoubtedly puts it in the first rank of apples, and it is hard to think of a traditional variety that can compete with it.

Jazz  was developed in New Zealand in the 1980s. It is a cross between two other major apple varieties - Braeburn and Gala. However the distinctive floral peardrop note which is so characteristic of Jazz is not that obvious in either of its immediate parents, and perhaps harks back to the original Delicious, one of its great grand parents (via Gala and Kidd's Orange Red). Jazz apples often have an upright  elongated shape which is also somewhat reminscent of Delicious. Two other very significant ancestors are Cox and Golden Delicious. Whatever the genetic mix, the result is a great and unique apple.

The butter-yellow flesh is juicy, crisp and dense.  Indeed perhaps the one drawback of Jazz is that it is a very solid apple, and may be a bit difficult to bite into if you do not have strong teeth - the solution is to cut it into slices first.

We have been advised by Steve T of New Zealand that the red colour is key to the unique Jazz flavour - poorly-coloured apples will taste like Braeburns.  From our own tests we would tend to agree with this.

Jazz is actually a trademark, and the true cultivar name is Scifresh.

Jazz is grown in New Zealand, France, and Washington state in the USA, with most commercial plantings starting in 2000. Like a number of modern varieties it is trade-marked, and was developed in conjunction with a marketing agency - Enzafruit - which controls planting and marketing internationally.

Jazz tends to become available towards the end of the season - so in northern Europe and North America locally grown fruit comes into shops in November/December whilst southern hemisphere apples will be available in May.  A more deeply-colored sport called Southfield has been found, which ripens a bit earlier.

The appearance and keeping qualities are very good, and in our opinion it has by far the best flavour of all the mainstream apple varieties - indeed it is the only supermarket apple variety which makes it into our Top 10 Apple Varieties.

USDA identification images for Jazz

The identification paintings in the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection span the years 1886 to 1942.

    Citation: U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection. Rare and Special Collections, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD 20705.

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    Visitor reviews

    • 26 Mar 2024 
      Some packs are excellent other packs a poor
    • 17 Oct 2023 
      I ate NZ Jazz apples some years before I knew of the US ones. I think the NZ ones have a better flavor and are not quite so hard. The extra hardness is difficult for those of us who are seniors to manage. I grew up in Kent, in the Garden of England, where many fruits grew. I think I have a long history of apple eating.usa
    • 26 Sep 2023 
      Nice fkavour but very hard to peel. Puts you in mind of the "woodyness" when peeling a kumara
    • 04 Jan 2023 
      Jazz is my favorite Apple as it is crisp, not too sweet, and juicy. It is wonderful!!!
    • 26 Nov 2022 
      Jazz is my favorite apple. It bakes tremendously well, and is a wonderful snack apple with tart complex notes under a bit of sweetness. It seems to have become rather rare during the Pandemic and I long to see it return to stores here in Colorado.
    • 26 Sep 2021  TAS, Australia
      Grown in the cool climate of Tasmania, this apple is a favourite. Crisp, sweet and full of flavour. I suspect the variability in reviews relates to both personal taste preferences and wide variability in growing conditions.
    • 22 Sep 2021  PA, United States
      Jazz apples are my favorite snacking apple. I prefer Jazz from New Zealand for their crispness and their great balance of tart and sweet over those from the US. Although the Jazz grown in the US can sometimes taste nearly the same as their Kiwi counterpart, the US Jazz tend to display less consistency in both texture and taste. Unlike some apple varieties like Honeycrisp, Jazz apples travel well.
    • 15 Sep 2019  BC, Canada
      My all-time favorite fresh eating apple! Super crisp, very juicy, more sweet than acid, medium size. The perfect fresh eating apple! Seems to keep fairly well too
    • 14 Jul 2019  LONDON, United Kingdom
      Jazz apples are the most glorious apples ever! My mum brought them for me, and me not knowing what type they were, was amazed by their juiciness, tanginess, sweetness and crunch- all at the same time! When i found out they were Jazz apples, I decided they were the apple for me and we now buy 4 packs a week! However, jazz apples are very expensive and when are unripe taste watery- however are usually sold ripe. I love them despiye these minor issues!
    • 14 Apr 2019  TAS, Australia
      I'm surprised at the relatively low ratings for this apple. Perhaps it's not been grown in the areas to which it is best suited. Here in Tasmania, the Jazz is a fabulous variety - a very firm, crisp apple that is still juicy with a delightful sweet and sour flavour. It is easily the best apple I've bought from a large grocery store recently, and I much prefer it to its sibling, the Kanzi.
    • 07 Jan 2019  TX, United States
      I tried Jazz apples on three different occasions during 2018. They were too crisp (entering the area of "hard" apple). None can be categorized as sweet. They were slight sour. Especially sour, tough, and chewy skin. Good with caramel or bake due to its hard texture. They are not juicy .. the juice didn't burst out during the biting/cutting. People with denture should avoid the Jazz Apple. (Gala and Fuji are juicier and sweeter)
    • 16 Jan 2018  NY, United States
      Last year was the first time I had a Jazz Apple. They were delicious and became my favorite apple. This years crop was either sourced differently or was weather affected. It was good, but not as good. I did have a opportunity to have Kanzi apples this year. Since they are siblings they had a taste profile similar to Jazz but to me, not as good as the first Jazz apples. I am going to look for Opal apples next. These modern apples have renewed my taste in apples.
    • 27 Nov 2017  MISSOURI, United States
      An excellent Apple! I did notice the slight hint of pear and also perhaps a subtle hint of a "citrus" taste. Since I love firm apples I was very impressed with the crisp, crunchy texture. A great surprise!
    • 23 Nov 2017  LONDON, United Kingdom
      Jazz and Gala and Braeburn are comparatively tasteless apples and no amount of advertising speel like this website will hide that fact. True Cox's Orange Pippin, Golden Delicious and my favourite Worcester Permain, also Tydeman's Early Worcester are full of flavour if grown without pesticides and allowed to mature naturally.
    • 20 Oct 2017  DC, United States
      I did not pay much attention to the new batch of apples my wife bought. I took one of them to the office for lunch. I was unexpectedly impressed with the apples, they were very juicy, crunchy, had nice taste. Back at home I commented the apples to my family, went to the recycling box, found their packaging and discovered that these were Jazz apples. Actually the label said "Sweet Jazz". I love these apples. While I like their taste - nice and complex, I did not notice the pear-drop note mentioned here in the variety description.
    • 15 Jun 2017  United States
      I bought Jazz apples because they were the one on sale. I do not know where they were grown and I bought them in May 2017 in the Upper Midwest, USA. I was quite disappointed. They were watery-tasting and the flavor intensity was not what I would expect. I will give them another try, hoping that it was just the time of year, but if I don't get better ones next time, I will go back to my favorite Pink Lady apples.
    • 07 Dec 2016  OREGON, United States
      It's notable how many Braeburn x Gala crosses on can find in the market these days. My local market is carrying at least three that I've been able to identify. Jazz seems to be the most widely available, but it just doesn't seem to live up to it's billing when grown out here on the west coast. Make no mistake : Washington state as well as Oregon has some great apple growing areas, but despite my every effort over these last two years, I've yet to have a Jazz that lives up to the comments of readers in the midwest and Australia. So far, in my opinion, Kanzi is the better of the Breaburn x Gala crosses in this grown area. I'm willing to give Jazz a number of chances each fall, but I'm still waiting for a great tasting one out here in our part of the country.
    • 06 Dec 2016  VICTORIA, Australia
      Firstly I must say that this is not a criticism of all the comments here but merely observations. They are all proof that trade marks used on apples are a total farce Every one believes the Trade. marks are the actual identity of the apples and the actual variety names are never used. Once a trade mark changes from an adjective to a noun it becomes the identity of the Apple itself. Sometimes the trade mark is even pluralised which is an absolute no no and absolute geneticism of a trade mark rendering it invalid
    • 29 Nov 2016  OREGON, United States
      I'm finding the Jazz apples we are getting here in the Pacific Northwest this season to not be as good as I expect them to be. Apples of it's sibling "Kanzi" seem to be a much better choice this year.
    • 15 Sep 2015  VICTORIA, Australia
      Jazz Apples would have to be the best apples ever. They are crisp, sweet/sour and a pleasure to eat. I introduced them to my husband a couple of years ago and he loves them too. We get so excited when they make an appearance in our supermarkets and are a little disheartened when their season is finished. We would really like them to be imported into Australia as some other fruits are when they are not in season.
    • 11 Sep 2015  IL, United States
      Jazz are my all time favorite. Can't beat the juicy tart and solid flavor of this apple. Love 'em!!
    • 22 May 2015  IA, United States
      The Jazz has restored my faith in apples. After growing up with nothing but mushy bland grocery store apples, I had pretty much given up. Then I happened to pick one of these up because I needed a snack and they were small and attractive looking. Now I can't get enough of them and I compare every other apple I eat to them. These apples are very crunch-able and satisfying with a nice distinct flavor. I eat one almost every day.
    • 10 Dec 2014  WASHINGTON, United States
      This is probably my favorite snacking a world bent on making huge, softball-sized 2 lbs apples, I love everything about these "fit in your hand" apples...tart and sweet with a nice crunch.
    • 03 Oct 2014  WELLINGTON, New Zealand
      As a Kiwi, I'm thrilled to see so much love for Jazz apples! Meanwhile, I'm waiting for Honey Crisps to appear in our supermarkets... have to say, though that I haven't seen Jazz trees available for purchase here yet. Hope they are in the near future.
    • 05 Sep 2014  NY. GENESSE, United States
      the BEST apple I have ever tasted...crisp, sweet and stays that way in proper storage.
    • 08 Aug 2014  AZ, United States
      These apples are super sweet and crisp. I really like them but not as much as Envy apples....
    • 15 May 2014  DE, United States
      Great apple, one of my favorites. I had a bag of organic ones from Whole Foods and I was hooked (they were quite red, and smaller.) The flavor is definitely better if darker red but they generally are good no matter what. I like a dense, crisp, sweet-sour apple and these deliver. I usually slice them.
    • 13 May 2014  MARYLAND, United States
      JAZZ was a chance discovery: a spur of the moment grocery store purchase because the Pink Ladies were sold out and the apples looked similar. Delicious flavor! Sweet, some tartness, and a slight floral aftertaste that believe it or not was very refreshing. The flesh lacks the density for a good culinary apple, but as a snack apple would be a very good choice. I still like Pink Ladies better, but when they are out or look in bad shape then Jazz is a good alternative.
    • 15 Jan 2014  WA, United States
      Best apple on the market. I eat apples almost everyday and I would choose a cool crisp JAZZ over anything!
    • 10 Jan 2014  CA, United States
      This is the best apple now available in grocery stores. The fruit is beautiful, very heavy, dense, sweet, and spicy. Yes, they aren't available often, and yes they are expensive, and worth it.
    • 08 Dec 2013  CO, United States
      If you get a good Jazz apple, it's going to be super-sweet and crisp. I use them as a "fall-back" apple when Sweetango and Honeycrisps are no longer in season. They tend to be pricey, but they're very consistent. Out of 10 apples, I'd say only 2 might have a mealy texture and/or no flavor. They also keep well (months) in the fridge. I definitely recommend them.
    • 30 Apr 2013  OH, United States
      After reading reviews and store postings for this apple, I was looking forward to trying it. Unfortunately, I was very was much too sweet for my taste.
    • 04 Apr 2013  MINNESOTA, United States
      I first tried this variety two or three weeks ago. Jazz is now my favorite apple. I ate two of them tonight while I'm here at work.
    • 10 Dec 2012  FLORIDA, United States
      I picked up my first Jazz apple in a sandwich shop here in Florida. I liked it so much I went back to the shop the next day t0 get more, but they were out. I had never seen Jazz apples in the grocery store, but maybe I just didn't notice. The next time I went to the Publix supermarket there they were. I bought out their supply! I'm glad I did. Several folks have commented that they are dense, even hard, but after a while they soften and then the flavor is richest. What a great apple!
    • 19 May 2012  AL, United States
      Of all the store bought apples I've ever tasted, this is the best. It's pretty, very crisp, floral, sweet and sour (though not quite as much as Granny Smith).
    • 15 May 2012  Pennsylvania (south-central), United States
      I found some at Walmart in Shrewsbury, PA. The apple appears as in the photo. It was a hard, smooth, almost glossy apple. I had high hopes, however when my parents and I bit into it, we were disappointed. It is too sweet for our tastes and resemembled a yellow delicious in taste.
    • 03 May 2012  SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Australia
      I discovered Jazz apples in 2008 when visiting the UK. I'm not usually a big fresh fruit eater but I devoured these apples and loved their crunch, density, flavour, perfume and slight fizz in the mouth. Then last year I rediscovered them briefly in our local supermarket - it was the first commercial release in Australia - and have been waiting for the 2012 season to start ever since. I've eaten more apples in the past few weeks than I have in the previous year. It's so nice to have taste and crispness back as a priority in the breeding program.
    • 21 Apr 2012  Italy
      I'd really like to try one! Unfortunately they're not grown here in Italy...
    • 15 Feb 2012  GEORGIA, United States
      A good apple. The color was throwing me a bit off because it reminded me of a Red Delicious, which is my least-favorite apple. I was happily surprised by a crisp sweet apple! Awesome flesh texture!
    • 05 Feb 2012  United Kingdom
      Well, looks as if I'm a lone voice, but I don't like this apple at all. It does have a good texture, but to me the taste is just overpoweringly sweet, without any real flavour. My wife loves them though!
    • 23 Jan 2012  United States
      Very Crunchy, good sweet flavor, but it does not last, tastes bland after a few seconds.
    • 03 Jan 2012  MO, United States
      The greatest apple I have ever tasted. I was not much of an apple eater, until I tried this one. I always try to have them at home, although the store I buy them at doesn't always have them.
    • 06 Dec 2011  ARIZONA, United States
      I've been on an apple kick for several months recently. Was getting Galas, but recently they've been bland, so I've been trying any unusual or new varieties. Cameos pretty good, a touch on the sour side, pink lady rarely available, and with some of the same blandness issues that seem to be affecting the Galas. Found some Jazz at Wal-Mart and grabbed five to try them - they were gone in 2 days. Sadly for me, we haven't had any more back in, and they were the most flavorful apple I've had in a long time. Aromatic in the mouth, crunchy, sweet, and with a bite and several layers of flavors - exceptional apples! I just hope we get them back here somewhere soon!
    • 26 Sep 2011  FLORIDA, United States
      Just tried these apples for the first time today and they are great!!! Hard, juicy, sweet and a little sour. Perfect!!
    • 18 Sep 2011  OK, United States
      What a find! Best apple I've tasted since we picked apples off trees in upstate New York. Thanks for getting me back on the apple wagon.
    • 09 Jun 2011  United Kingdom
      I hear that you require a liscense to grow these wonderful things. I bought some of these from Sainsburys in the UK and I loved them!
    • 27 Jan 2011  United States
      Is it accurate to say that, while the apples can be purchased at selected markets, etc., the trees are not available for purchase, i.e., at least not at present?
    • 14 Jan 2011  UK, United Kingdom
      I came across this apple last week and think it's absolutely delicious. It's crisp and tangy and one of the nicest apples I have eaten for years.
    • 04 Nov 2010  United Kingdom
      Mmm...Jazz apples are quite easily the most delicious apples ever. In fact, I've just finished eating one now! The supermarket had run out of Pink Lady and I asked a shop assistant for a suitable alternative. Before I could even finish my sentence he piped up about Jazz, and couldn't do more to convince me of how tasty they were. He was right - they are a million miles tastier than Pink Lady. It's like i eating a giant jolly rancher in the shape of an apple. Sweet, tangy and makes you pucker!
    • 08 Oct 2010  AZ, United States
      I found Jazz apples from New Zealand in the grocery store here in AZ in September. THEY ARE FANTASTIC! Wonderful combination of sweet, tart, and crunch - the best apple I've ever tasted! Hope to find more before long!
    • 23 Jul 2010  AZ, United States
      I was eating my first Jazz as I read this article. My favorite apple variety would have to be the winesap. There is nothing else like it. However, I have not come across that varity in at least 15 years. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for a suitable substitute. I am in the habit of purchasing unfamiliar varieties of apples when traveling. I bought the Jazz while visiting a specialty market in South Eastern Michigan. To me the flesh is firm and sweet with a hint of spice, possibly clove. Very tastey.
    • 07 May 2010  BRIGHTON, United Kingdom
      Waitrose has them in store now on special - two bags for one. The label says "Origin Kent" but I cannot understand how this is possible - surely they must be imported as they taste so fresh!
    • 08 Apr 2010  LINCOLNSHIRE, United Kingdom
      Looking for english apples in the supermarket in late March/April can be a (literally) fruitless task! Waitrose had Jazz and I was instantly converted - and like you want to try growing one. I find it to be extremely refreshing with a slight 'fizz' in the mouth with well-balnced sweetness/acidity. Perfrect for sticking in the rucsack on a walk as its 'solidity'makes it resistant to too much damage in transit
    • 07 Jan 2010  GA, United States
      I was in Washington, D.C., visiting my mother, sisters, brother and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday and I discovered Jazz apples as I was preparing to travel. There was a new health food grocery store on Georgia Avenue and I was just looking for some wholesome food to snack on for the 645 mile ride back to Atlanta, Georgia. I had discovered the Cameo apple late in 2009 and I really enjoyed it and I just discovered the apple called "Pink Lady", which is made in New Zealand as well. But, the Jazz apple is so good. It is firm, dense, sweet and a hint of sour. I really enjoy eating them. The problem is, many of the grocery stores do not carry them and many of the health stores don't have them either. Lastly, my children love them as well, especially when I cut them up and place in a bowl for them. Mind you, my children are teenagers. Love those Jazz apples!
    • 20 Dec 2009  United Kingdom
      Like Julia, I've never been fond of apples. I needed some for baking though, and my boyfriend picked up a couple of Jazz's, as he liked the look of them. I had a little nibble when I was cooking, and now I'm hooked! These really are wonderful, not too sweet and not too tart :D
    • 30 Nov 2009  KENT, United Kingdom
      Hi Niamh, Tescos are currently selling Kent grown Jazz apples.
    • 28 Nov 2009  QUEENS NYC USA, United States
      I can't believe I'm raving about apples but I'm in love with these apples. And I'm really not a fan of apples. I'm 7 months pregnant and my mom got me and my husband a full box of New Zealand Organic Jazz Apples. I was thinking, how am I going to eat all these apples? Boy, was I wrong. Well, they were just absolutely delicious and flavorful that I had to read the sticker to see what type of apple it was. I usually couldn't care less about apple labels. The small to medium sized apples were very dense, heavy, very crisp, sweet with just a touch of sour notes. They were incredibly delicious and flavorful. Everytime I craved sweets or chocolates, I would just eat one or two of these and it would satisfy my craving. I really loved the hardness of the apple. It's sort of like cracking and chewing a hard candy in your mouth. Eating these apples have been so beneficial to me and my unborn baby in so many ways. We stored our box in the foyer and they kept really well. I just had my last jazz apple today (took us about a month to finish the box) and I'm really sad about it. I will have to hunt for these now. Now, if someone can put the flavor and taste back into strawberries.
    • 14 Oct 2009  IRELAND, Ireland
      Does any one know when they will start selling the UK ones? I heard that Ireland was too cold for them. I have been eating the NZ ones from my local spar and Superquinn but I have now found 6 packs for the same price in Aldi that are from France. I still feel a bit guilty about the miles though and would much prefer if I could get UK ones.
      I tryed some Jazz apples and went to the web to see if I could buy a tree for my yard,You can`t keep a lid on this forever! Being that they are grown in WA it is not what I was expecting when I can not find one for sale! Just one tree is not going to cut the jazz apple market!
    • 06 Jul 2009  LAGRANGE,COOK,ILLINOIS USA, United States
      I found the JAZZ Apples at a local grocery. The apples were very good in flavor. One of the best I have ever tasted.
    • 09 May 2009  SOUTH HARROW UK, United Kingdom
      Tried the Jazz in Sydney NSW - the most expensive apple on sale in the supermarket. My favorite apple up to that time was Pink Lady - the Jazz is far superior - tastes of Water mellon, banana, pear, and of course apple all incorporated into one delicious fruit. A very crisp overflowing with juice surprise you will not forget. I would like to grow them myself, if the plants are available?
    • 01 Mar 2009  MONTAGUE, OCEANA COUNTY, MI, United States
      Wow! A supermarket had a promo--$1 a lb and we bought only 4, sadly! We live in an orchard belt in Michigan and I hope a local orchardist will consider growing these lovelies! So crisp and very juicy!
    • 22 Nov 2008  BRIGHTON, SUSSEX, United Kingdom
      Fantastic apple. Crisp, sweet taste. Keeps very well - but once tasted they will wiz out of your fruit bowl! I'm in my 60s -when I was a lad my grandad had a big orchard and he would would have loved to grow Jazz. Can't say better than that.
    • 27 Sep 2008  MAUI, HAWAII, United States
      I have been a Fuji fan for years; I discovered "Jazz" a couple of months ago at Foodland and bought it because of its size and appearance---boy was I in for a treat! A wonderful apple, maybe even better than Fuji. Unfortunately, there are no more in stock, so I'll have to wait until next season. :-( The ones in the store were from NZ so hopefully we'll get some from Washington soon.
    • 08 Sep 2008  CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE USA, United States
      Very very tasty, sweet and firm. Peach colored with a small spiral green stripe. Could not be happier. I want to plant some. Would they grow well in sothern Tennessee?
    • 01 Sep 2008  FISHGUARD, WALES, United Kingdom
      This is a very fine apple; one that I enjoy very much and find especially pleasing as it extends our own season. Too often modern cultivars are inferior to more traditional varieties and it's a little disappoint that the Jazz is not more widely available and better known I often recommend this apple to my friends and consider it an improvement on both parent fruits.
    • 10 Aug 2008  PERSHORE UK, United Kingdom
      We really love this apple and would like to grow it ourselves. Hope they will allow them to be sold in tree form soon!
    • 10 Jul 2008  FREDERICK, MARYLAND, United States
      I have tried the Jazz Apple and I have feel in love with the taste. Now, if only the price could come down. At the Weis food store they cost $2.49 per pound. That is a bit expensive.
    • 07 Jul 2008  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, United States
      Jazz apples are the very best apple I've every had! Really gave up on eating apples over the last few years; they had become boring and unappealing. I like Galas pretty well, but a produce guy suggested I try the Jazz apples, and I wish I knew his name because I'd send him a gift! Jazz apples are the best! I only bought two to try, so after barely sharing them with my family, I went back to the store for more (I really did!). The Jazz apple is crisp and flavorful--everything you want an apple to be.
    • 02 Jul 2008  IL, United States
    • 12 Jun 2008  ROSEVILLE, CA, United States
      Best tasting apple I've had so far. A bit pricey though, about $2.99 per lb. Hopefully the price will go down, but definitely will buy again soon.
    • 09 Jun 2008  ASHFORD, United Kingdom
      Please could you tell me where I can purchase one of these trees.THE FRUIT IS GORGEOUS!
    • 15 May 2008  DUESSELDORF, Germany
      I was very suprised to find this apple in a discounter in Germany. Of course, after having heard of it from this website, I immediately decided to try it out. And I wasn't disappointed! My until-then favourite supermarket apple, Braeburn, has gotten a serious contender. Hopefully it will stay available for some time because I enjoy this apple a lot!
    • 16 Apr 2008  DENAIR, CA (CENTRAL VALLEY), United States
      We love the Jazz apple. To date our favorites have been Pink Lady for fresh eating and the Granny Smith for cooking. But, I am going to try using Jazz apples for cooking too. I am amazed that it is a product from the Gala and Braeburn apples. These are two apples that I never buy because they are mushy in texture compared to the Pink Lady. I want to know where I can purchase a tree for our home orchard and need to know if Jazz will do as well in the home fruit orchard in our hot central valley as does the Pink Lady. Please keep the Jazz apples coming!
    • 14 Apr 2008  LONDON, United Kingdom
      I saw jazz apples in my local marks and spencer and bought some on a whim - I am not usually so hasty to try new varieties being very much an old school granny smiths man. Was I disappointed? Was I heck! Wow, what a taste sensation Jazz apples are! The crispest, tastiest apples ever - truly jazztastic! They even inspired me to look them up on the internet! Never again will I turn to peaches or plums for a sweet fruity treat, its Jazz apples all the way from now on for me!
    • 13 Apr 2008  CALIFORNIA, United States
      After reading the rave reviews of Jazz I had to try some. The ones I got to pick from seemed to have a lot of green color on the skin, and the taste was quite unremarkable. My guess is that as in most of the apples destined for the supermarket, the growers picked them too green to extend the shelf life, dooming the flavor. At least it was crisp and sweet, but nothing special. Pink Lady still is the best apple we can buy in the store here. If I hadn't been able to grow my own apples, I would never think there was any better flavor than the store ones.
    • 11 Apr 2008  ARKANSAS, United States
      Like so many, I noticed the new variety and gave it a try. My experiences are similar to the other comments but I have to point out one characteristic that I believe is somewhat unique. I cut up an apple for my daughter. She did not finish the apple and left a few slices on the plate. I came back in the kitchen a few hours later and noticed NO browning. Curious I put them in the fridge to see what would happen. The next day... no browning. Either we have an apple with incredible amounts of anti-oxidants or we have some freak of nature on our hands. Any thoughts?
    • 13 Mar 2008  KOKOMO IN, United States
      Saw these at our local Meijer store for $.99 lb. Never heard of them before so I bought one. Wish I had bought more of them and less of the Gala. One of the best tasting apples especially this late in the season.
    • 12 Mar 2008  LOGAN, UT, United States
      Jazz apples showed up for the first time in our town about a week ago which would be app. March 3, 2008. They arrived at the Smith's supermarkets and at Wal Mart at the same time. I was very eager to try one. I was extremely disappointed as was the produce manager I spoke to at one of the stores. Perhaps they had spent too much time in storage because the apples were a little soft and mealy and had very little flavor. I would compare the ones we have here to a Red Delicious that has spent too long on the shelves. I will be eager to try one if they become available in the Fall.
    • 08 Jan 2008  United Kingdom
      I was brought up on an apple farm. Used to picking apples straight from the tree. So I'm usually disappointed after buying apples, since they are often soft wilted apples which are so called fresh. But the JAZZ apple blows my mind. I have been eating them for months, and still sit here and wonder how the can be so crisp when ship from NZ to UK. I hear we are growing them in the UK now, so hopefully will not have to feel guilty about the environment every time I eat one!
    • 08 Jan 2008  CLIFTON PARK, NEW YORK, United States
      I live in the heart of New York apple country, where "pick your own" farms are abundant. I happened to try jazz apples a few weeks ago in the supermarket, and brought a few, only because I had never heard of them. They are the best apple I have ever eaten, and the most expensive - have gone back to that market 3 times! Now their small supply is gone, but I hope they bring them back. I am so happy that i found this website.
    • 05 Jan 2008  SAN JOSE, United States
      Just before Christmas, I set out to buy apples to complement our Christmas brunch table. I accidentally happened upon a beauty labeled Jazz. Took some home, and they never made it to the breakfast table. These firm, crisp sweet and juicy jewels are a real treasure. Since then I've been on a quest over a period of weeks to find more of them. It appears that they are so new to the area that they are going to be a rare find for awhile. I was fortunate to locate more this afternoon and was compelled to learn more about Jazz apples though these seem a bit more tart than my first taste experience. Pricey, of course but as the adage goes...'you get what you pay for"!
    • 12 Dec 2007  MANITOBA, Canada
      A little pricy, but worth every tasting, firm, full-flavoured apple i have eaten in 65 years!!!!
    • 07 Dec 2007  WHITEHALL, MICHIGAN, United States
      Went looking for a Michigan grown apple at the store yesterday, and again was dissapointed that the bulk apples were all from Wasshington, but wanted just one so I tried the Jazz for the first time> WOW ! this is one tasty apple, I carry at least 2 apples in my coat pocket everyday, and this variety has rocketed to the top of my list for taste and crispness. Definitely worth the premium price (something I can't truly say about the Honeycrisp, a great apple but not that much better), I just wish it was grown locally.
    • 05 Dec 2007  BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA USA, United States
      My wife usually buys our apples because I like to eat one or two for breakfast on the way to work. This morning there was only one Gala apple and it looked old, so I stopped at the supermarket to buy some. I bought a couple that looked good without looking at the price. I paid $3 for two apples, so I got curious about Jazz apples and found this site. I agree with all the other comments. Those were by far the best tasting apples I've ever had, sweet with a bit of tartness, dense without any mushiness, and just juicy enough. I've already told one of my co-workers. I just wish they weren't so expensive.
    • 12 Nov 2007  LOS ANGELES, CA, United States
      Over the summer, I baked a few pies with my old standby, Granny Smith, and I was dissapointed in how they performed when I deviated from a standard recipe, so I went apple shopping and purchased possibly ten different varieties. In my adult life, I hadn't had more than a few varieties, Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and I had heard of a few others growing up. Once while cooking, my daughter kept swiping the Honeycrisp slices that were for a pie and I didn't think anything could top the flavor of that apple, but I was wrong. The flavor of the Jazz is intense and powerful. The dense flesh works well for cooking, the cooked apples don't fall apart and they maintain their flavor. These are my hands down favorite for eating fresh and probably my second favorite for cooking.
    • 04 Nov 2007  GRANTS PASS, OREGON, United States
      I have to say, that I was glad that I didn't know that the Jazz apple was a cross of Braeburn and Gala, since those are two apples I will not eat, they tend to be mushy, pithy and flavorless. So I have stuck with the honeycrisp and occasionally when foisted on me, a Fuji. I used to like the jonathon and granny smith however they taste bland. But I tried the Jazz and was awed. They are a bit sweeter than the honeycrisp but certainly the Jazz owns the magic.
    • 24 Sep 2007  OVERLAND PARK, KS, United States
      What's going on with apples nowadays? When I was a child apples were very boring. However, several years ago I noticed a new strain called HoneyCrisp in the grocery from New York and they were delicious. They remain my favorite apple, but this year I noticed another new apple from New Zealand called Jazz. Just like honeycrisp, it is extremely crispy, juicy but sweeter than honeycrisp. Both are wonderful. Not sure what it is about Washington State apples though...the honeycrisp from Washington aren't nearly as good as those from New York (my grocer now stocks washington state honeycrisp apples so I have to buy them from New York on the internet). The Jazz apples I've tried are from New Zealand. I wonder if the washington Jazz apples will be as good as the NZ ones.
    • 18 Sep 2007  OKLAHOMA, United States
      I have always been a Granny Smith apple eater until I met JAZZ. I work on an Air Force Base and they've been carrying them in the commissary. This is the best apple I've ever eaten and I'm waiting for the next shipment to arrive so I can fill my refrigerator again with the best apple on the planet! My daughter makes great pies, so I think when I buy the next batch, I'll freeze some for a later pie during the holidays. My hat's off to the individual who came up with this new variety of apple.
    • 17 Sep 2007  CHANTILLY, VA, United States
      I was lucky enough to try Jazz apples some time back and also fortunate enough to find them on a few additional shopping trips. That said, now I can't find them anywhere and no other apple compares....can't wait until they are available again!
    • 11 Sep 2007  BUCKLEY WASHINGTON, United States
      I love apples and I know eating fruit is good foir my health. But I get so frustrated going to the store and buying yucky and mushy apples. I bought a bag of Jazz apples at our local QFC and wow. It was crisp and a bit tart but very sweet. My family is back to eating their apple a day.
    • 03 Aug 2007  United Kingdom
      I agree. This apple - jazz - is crisp, tangy and delicious. We bought a few at our Kroger's in Huntsville and haven't seen them since. I think it was in the spring of 2006. I've been looking in every market since. No luck. I equate it to winesaps we ate in New Jersey. May taste even better! Where are they???"
    • 03 Aug 2007  United Kingdom
      Never been much of an apple fan. Today at the market, I noticed they had about a dozen varieties. I decided I would try one I had never heard of. Since I never buy apples, I went for the most expensive. They call it a Jazz apple and it was advertised at $2.09 a pound. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. These better be good. Picked out a couple and it was $3.44 for the both! Sliced one up after dinner. I have to tell ya, that was the best apple I ever had. A very dense texture was full of crunch. It practically yelled "crisp" with every bite. It was juicy, sweet and full of flavor.
    • 03 Aug 2007  United Kingdom
      When I think of apples, I think of childhood, orchards and tradition Jonathan apples are what an apple should taste like and also a standard by which all other apples should be judged. For me, nothing beat a Jonathan..... until Jazz. Long shelf and pocket life, outstanding flavor, crisp, juicy, aromatic, great name. I've been an apple lover for a long time. I would always try a new apple and say, "I'm not impressed." .... until Jazz. Also the flavor of Jazz beats tradition; something I thought I would never say.
    • 03 Aug 2007  United Kingdom
      I bought them for the first time at my local Waitrose in Northwood, Middx. last week. They are a superb apple, probably the best I have eaten. They surpass my previous favourite, Braeburn, in terms of taste (cleaner) and longevity; Braeburn start to soften up in left our for a couple of days.
    • 03 Aug 2007  United Kingdom
      I "accidentally" bought some Jazz apples a couple of weeks ago, just because they were in paper tote bags at a reduced price, and still looked pretty fresh. I thought they looked a bit like Galas, which I'm not crazy about, but they were cheap, so....I didn't recognise the flavor, so I looked for a sticker, but then I thought "Jazz" must be a brand and not the variety. I asked at a supermarket, where only one person working in the produce department knew about them, and he said they were long gone, and mine must be OLD. When I found out they were new and patented, I wanted to hate them. After all, I live in the very spot where the wonderful Gravensteins are being pushed out of existence, and I come origially from the midwest (US), where "Jonathan" always defined the word "apple" to me. In my heart, I want to support heirloom varieties. But I just couldn't deny that the Jazz apples were great -- sweet, crisp, with almost a banana undertone. And they're still that way, even though they've been stored at room temperature and the last few are finally looking a tiny bit withered. I wish I'd bought all the bags.

    Tree register

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    • Species: Malus domestica - Apple
    • Parentage: Braeburn x Royal Gala
    • Originates from: New Zealand
    • Introduced: 2000
    • Developed by: Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand


    • Country of origin: New Zealand
    • Fruit colour: Red / Green


    • Keeping (of fruit): 3 months or more
    • Flavour quality: Exceptional
    • Food uses: Eating fresh
    • Flavour style (apples): Pear drop


    • Flowering group: 3
    • Ploidy: Diploid
    • Vigour: Average vigour
    • Fruit bearing: Spur-bearer
    • Self-fertility: Not self-fertile


    • Climate suitability: Temperate climates
    • Climate suitability: Warm climates

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    • US Plant Patent PP13, 888 P3 - Scifresh  2003

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