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Copyright statement

Unless otherwise stated, all descriptions, images, and data attributes on this website are copyright Orange Pippin and may not be copied, re-used or adapted in any form without our permission.

Our copyright applies to the website content (images and text) and to the Orange Pippin fruit tree database ("database right") which this website uses. We always enforce our copyright.

Photos supplied by website visitors remain the copyright of their owners.

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As with any copyright work, you may freely quote small extracts of our text in your own work provided you include an appropriate reference to us.

You are welcome to re-use our images on personal websites, blogs, Pinterest, online articles and other non-commercial online media, without requesting permission. However we ask for a valid link back to the corresponding page on this website as a way of acknowledging our copyright.

We can make original images available on request.  We regularly grant permission to use our fruit images to community orchard projects, school fruit projects, apple day events, regional fruit groups and similar organisations.  If your non-commercial project promotes interest in fruit trees or awareness of orchards and fruit varieties we are likely to be sympathetic.  In most cases we will ask you to provide a permanent link back to a relevant page on our website.

We are also happy to consider inquiries for the use of our content from commercial organisations that are selling orchard fruit, fruit juice, fruit trees or orchard-related products and services.

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Copyright acknowledgements

We are grateful to the following organizations and individuals for permission to use their data:

Much of the cherry information on this website is derived from data provided by Agroforestry Research Trust.  Some apple variety attributes are also from this source.

The United States Department of Agriculture's National Genetic Resources Program has allowed us to use their apple identification images, and apple oxidation data.

The University of Reading has given us permission to publish their fruit identification images under the terms of the UK Open Government Licence.

We are grateful to Dr. Joan Morgan, author of "The New Book of Apples" for permission to refer to historical details. Where we have done so this is noted on individual variety pages.

Many of our Registered Tree owners also submit photographs which are displayed on our website.  The copyright of these photos remains with the owner.

Nigel Deacon of the Diversity website has supplied us with most of the apple Vitamin C data, as well as information on many red-fleshed apples which are a particular interest of his.

We would like to thank Farm Advisory Services Team for their assistance over many years, and for providing access to the UK National Fruit Collections.