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Links and References

Fellow fruit enthusiasts

  • Adam's Apples
    A blog about apples run by Adam from Arlington, Massachusetts - a fellow apple enthusiast, with some great insights into apple flavors.

  • Agroforestry Research
    An organisation devoted to research into temperate agroforestry, including fruit trees. The website includes an interesting range of reference publications.

  • Apple Diversity
    An excellent set of articles about apples from Nigel Deacon based in Leicestershire, UK.

  • BBC Gardening pages
    The main gardening page on the UK BBC website.

  • Common Ground
    The main website of Common Ground, the organisation which single-handedly kick-started interest in heritage apple varieties in the UK. Follow the links to Apple Day to find details of events in your area.

  • East of England Apples and Orchards Project
    Celebrating the orchard fruits of the East of England. Includes details of local orchards, and local heritage apple varieties.

  • Fruit Forum
    The website and blog of Joan Morgan, author of the definitive New Book of Apples, and one of the best-known figures in the English fruit community.

  • Fruit Wise
    The story of a middle aged couple who dreamed of and planted a new orchard in Hampshire, UK. Lots of inspiration for anyone thinking of setting up their own orchard.

  • Grandpap's Apple Orchard
    The site of John Henderson, inspired by the orchard planted by his great grandfather. Lots of good links, and personal apple tasting notes.

  • La
    A very glossy site from French promotional organisation, Section Nationale Pomme. Particularly good for modern apple varieties, and production figures.

  • Les Croqueurs de Pommes
    An organisation of apple enthusiasts in France (site is partially translated into English).

  • Les pommes de nos Vergers
    One of the most complete lists of apple varieties available, oriented towards French cultivars, but very informative and comprehensive.

  • Michael Phillips - Grow Organic Apples
    The website of Michael Phillips, author of the inspirational book "The Apple Grower" - essential reading for anyone thinking of setting up their own orchard.

  • Midwest Apple Improvement Association
    A very informative article on how to breed your own apple varieties using simple cross-pollination techniques.

  • Midwest Fruit Explorers
    In their own words "... crazy about the best tasting, most flavorful fruits that grow well here." Highlight of this website is Gene's backyard orchard - a lot of apple trees in a small space, and some very useful insight into the ultra-dwarf M27 rootstock.

  • National Orchard Forum
    Aims to promote the effectiveness of local orchards in the UK.

  • New York Fruit Quarterly
    An excellent publication from the New York State Horticultural Society, Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva, and the New York State Apple Research and Development Program.

  • North American Fruit Explorers
    A website by and for amateur fruit enthusiasts.

  • North Cumbria Orchard Group
    An association of orchard enthusiasts in North Cumbria. Their site includes useful details of fruit tree varieties that flourish in the distinct climate of this region.

  • Pomme et Pommier (apples and apple trees)
    An extremely comprehensive list of French and international varieties assembled by French apple enthusiast Emmanuel Arbez.

  • Real cider
    The Real Cider Community supporting cider producers, pubs & cider fans. And information on the enjoyment of traditional craft cider.

  • Royal Horticultural Society
    The fruit section of the UK Royal Horticultural Society.

  • Sage Fruit
    Lots of useful information for consumers about how apples and other orchard fruits are grown and packaged, as well as fruit descriptions and availability.

  • Sidra de Asturias
    Apple varieties used in cider production in the Asturias region of Spain.

  • The Big Apple Association
    The Big Apple Association organises annual apple events at Much Marcle in Herefordshire promoting local apples and pears, with an emphasis on preserving and promoting older traditional varieties. Check their website for details of the next event.

  • The English Apple Man
    An insightful look at the apple scene by a retired industry insider, including regular journal updates.

  • The Home Orchard Society
    Particularly useful for its discussion forum.

  • UK Institute of Food Research
    Useful scientific information about apples.

  • Wikipedia
    Wikipedia resources about apples.

Places to visit

  • Brogdale Farm - Home of the National Fruit Collection
    Brogdale Farm in Faversham, Kent, houses the UK National Fruit Collection.

  • Clyde Valley Orchard Group
    A resource for orchards in the Clyde Valley, Scotland.

  • Cotehele
    A house from the Tudor period, and the site of the National Trust's new (2008) Mother Orchard project.

  • Elcho Castle Orchard, Scotland
    The orchard is in the grounds of Elcho Castle, Rhynd, By Bridge of Earn PH2 8QQ and is managed by Historic Scotland (the Scottish equivalent of English Heritage). The orchard was planted in 1999 on an area that was the original orchard of the castle in its heyday in the 16th century. The 100 fruit trees planted have 31 different varieties of apple, 7 types of pear and 3 different plums. Although still quite a young orchard, we recently participated in the first Carse of Gowrie Orchard Festival. The orchard is open during the opening hours of the Elcho Castle - see website for details.

  • Fyvie Castle - Garden of Scottish Fruits
    A historic castle near Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - and home of the Garden of Scottish Fruits, which includes an extensive list of interesting apple varieties. Details of admission and opening times can be found on the website.