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All about apples, pears, plums, and cherries - and orchards where they are grown

Apple varieties

  • Resembles McIntosh in taste, appearance, shape, and flesh. Slightly firmer than McIntosh. Aceymac may be Spartan with new name.
  • Adams's Pearmain Apple
    Classic Victorian 'pearmain' shape apple with a nutty sweet flavour.
  • Medium-sized, yellow-green underecolor with striped red wash. Good dessert quality. The apple name, Adanac, is Canada spelled backwards.
  • Airlie Red Flesh Apple
    A red-fleshed apple variety from the USA, sometimes known as Hidden Rose® or Aerlies Red Flesh.
  • Akane Apple
    One of the best early-season apples, better known in the USA than Europe, but would appeal to European tastes too.
  • An heirloom apple variety from Sweden, quite widely grown in Scandanavia, very handsome fruit.
  • A red skinned form of Gravenstein.
  • Albermarle Pippin Apple
    A synonym for Newtown Pippin.
  • An English (possibly Scottish) culinary apple, thought to have originated in the 1920s.
  • An old and attractive culinary apple, cooks to a puree.
  • A large traditional English cooking apple.
  • Alkmene Apple
    A very attractive early Cox-style apple, slightly sharper than Cox, sometimes known as Early Windsor.
  • An old russeted variety from Ireland, and as the name suggests, a good keeper.
  • A versatile English apple, with a strong pineapple-like flavour, useful for both cooking and eating.
  • Almata Apple
    A red-fleshed apple variety.
  • A sweet modern apple variety from western Canada, quite similar to Golden Delicious. Discovered as a chance seedling in an orchard in British Columbia.
  • Amere de Berthencourt Apple
    Amere de Berthencourt is a traditional French bittersweet cider apple.
  • American Mother Apple
    A synonym for Mother.
  • An excellent early eating apple, also good for cooking. Medium size, yellow-green fruit is flushed and streaked red to purple red. Sweet, very juicy flesh.
  • Ananas Reinette Apple
    An attractive small yellow apple, with a pineapple-like flavour. Popular in northern Europe.
  • Anna Apple
    A very early season Golden Delicious style apple variety from Israel, noted for its very low chill requirement of less than 300 hours.
  • Annie Elizabeth Apple
    A popular English culinary apple, which keeps its shape when cooked.
  • Antonovka Apple
    A popular small green culinary apple variety from Russia. Also of importance as a rootstock because of its ability to tolerate extreme cold.
  • A culinary apple from the Ukraine, possibly a more colored form of Antonovka.
  • Api Apple
    A synonym for Lady Apple.
  • Very unusual oblate (flattened) shape looking like a rounded star from the end. A little larger than the Lady apple. Excellent flavor - aromatic with sufficient acid and a sweet fruity taste.
  • An unusual and little-known apple variety noted for its apricot-like flavor.
  • An old apple variety from Ireland, with a flavor reminiscent of bananas.
  • Argilière Apple
    A mid-season dessert apple from the north of France.
  • A modern French dessert apple variety, with built-in resistance to scab. Ariane is an attractive red/yellow colour and has a pleasant mild apple flavour.
  • Arkansas Black Apple
    A long-keeping tart apple from Arkansas, USA - which goes almost black in storage.
  • A sweet mid-season dessert apple, developed in Switzerland and related to Golden Delicious.
  • An attractive yellow/green apple with some red/orange flush. Shares its name with an old Gloucestershire (UK) pear variety.
  • A modern apple from Sweden, developed during the 1950s.
  • A high quality russet-style variety, sharper than Egremont Russet, with a rich flavour and occasionally a hint of lemon.
  • Arthur Turner Apple
    A well-known early season culinary apple. Cooks to a sweet puree. Grows easily in most situations.
  • An attractive and popular mid-season culinary apple, very versatile in the kitchen, cooks to a puree.
  • Ascahire Apple
    A large reliable dessert apple from northern France with a sharp flavour.
  • Ashmead's Kernel Apple
    A very old apple variety, with a drab appearance which belies a unique peardrop flavour. Ashmead's Kernel is also one of very small number of English apple varieties that also thrives in North America.
  • Bright red blush over yellow-green. Keeps better than Golden Delicious.