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All about apples, pears, plums, and cherries - and orchards where they are grown

Apple varieties

  • A high quality late-season dessert apple with a rich sweet-sharp flavour. The tree is a heavy cropper but can be disease-prone.
  • Macoun Apple
    Another McIntosh style apple variety from the famous Geneva Research Station, and considered one of the better ones.
  • Yellow medium size apple with patterns of red.
  • Larger apples than Gala.
  • Cooking, dessert and cider apple, also dries well. Flat, round pale yellow-skinned fruit with crimson blush. Crisp, tender flesh with sharp acid flavor that mellows with ripening.
  • Crisp, juicy flesh; mildly subacid, sweet flavor. Slightly honeyed, mellowing to a citrus taste in storage. Bruise resistant. Keeps well in storage.
  • A modern Swiss apple, derived from Gala and Maigold and released in 2002.
  • Yellow apple with slight taste of pears. Not widely grown today, but parent of many University of Minnesota bred apples.
  • A synonym for Kent.
  • A 19th century dual-purpose variety, with a very modern red-streaked appearance
  • An early-season apple variety from Canada.
  • An old Italian apple variety, with a sweet flavour which keeps very well.
  • Margil Apple
    A very old variety, with a good flavour.
  • Marie Doudou Apple
    A dual-purpose late-season French apple variety with a good sweet-sharp flavour.
  • McIntosh Apple
    A crisp red apple with bright white flesh and refreshing sweet flavor.
  • Medium sized attractive pale yellow skinned apple, with a light blush. Flesh is mildly acid, with good quality.
  • Light smooth, straw colored fruit, covered with stripes and marblings of lively red. Good sprightly taste of fruit in November. Crisp, firm flesh.
  • Medaille d'Or Apple
    A traditional French bittersweet cider variety.
  • Attractive, high quality, yellow washed with crimson fruit. Very white, firm, crisp, sweet flesh. A sweet subacid flavor.
  • Fruits very good quality. Medium large, skin yellow, red striped, round, oblate, conical with mild flavor.
  • Melrose Apple
    Official Ohio State apple. Large flattened fruit. Yellowish green skin flushed and streaked dark red with russet spots. Firm, coarse, juicy creamy white flesh. Slightly acid flavor. Very good cooking and dessert qualities. Best after Christmas when it develops it's fruity aroma.
  • Redder sport of Melrose with more intense flavor. An excellent flavored dessert apple. Size is large and roundish flat. Very good for cooking. Stores well.
  • Yellow with red stripes.
  • Meridian Apple
    An attractive well-flavoured modern English apple, difficult to detect the Cox parentage though.
  • A synonym for Merton Knave.
  • Medium sized flat shaped fruit, rectangular, convex, not ribbed; skin greenish yellow, sometimes with a slight brownish red flush. Flesh tender, crisp, creamy white; flavor sweet subacid.
  • Size medium, shape intermediate to flat, skin yellow, striped pinkish red. Flesh tender, crisp, creamy. Flavor sweet to subacid.
  • An early-season English dessert apple, raised in the mid twentieth century.
  • An interesting cross between a cooker (Northern Greening) and a dessert apple (Cox's Orange Pippin).
  • Small. Golden russet colored. Flesh very crisp, deep yellow, and juicy. Complex sweet/spicy flavor.
  • An interesting early/mid season dessert variety, probably deserves to be better known.
  • Michelin Apple
    Michelin is a traditional French hard cider apple variety producing a medium bittersweet juice.
  • A small early-season English apple, popular in late Victorian times.
  • Red and yellow fruit. A fine tasting apple with unique licorice flavor.
  • Medium sized, pale yellow covered fruit with deep cherry red flush. Fine grained white flesh. Juicy with sweet hint of raspberry flavors.
  • A synonym for Junami.
  • A synonym for SweeTango.
  • Minnewashta Apple
    A synonym for Zestar!.
  • Bronze russet fruit. Hard, yellow flesh. Rich flavor. Makes excellent tasting cider.
  • A modern scab-resistant apple with a crisp creamy flesh and dark red skin.
  • A very good to excellent early apple ripening. Fruits are large to very large, conical in shape with a pinkish red color. Has an exceptionally pleasing aftertaste. This quality can be maintained in storage for at least 10 weeks under refrigeration.
  • Cooks to juicy puree, not as sharp as Bramley
  • A recent New Zealand apple variety which is noted for higher than usual levels of anti-cancer compounds.
  • Fruit medium to large. Uniform in size and shape. Shape roundish. Skin smooth, rather pale in color, being yellow or greenish overspread with a red or pinkish red blush and dulled by greyish scarfskin. Flesh tinged with yellow or green, moderately firm, moderately fine grained, tender, rather dry, sweet, good.
  • Morgan Sweet Apple
    An old cider apple variety, popular in the 'west country' of the UK, and sweet enough to eat fresh.
  • A late-season English cooking apple, from Cambrideshire in eastern England.
  • Mother Apple
    An old Massachusetts apple variety rated for its flavor.
  • A huge round apple, some specimens being larger than a saucer. It is a pale yellow with an occasional blush where exposed to the sun. Flavor and texture are exceptional, considering the size of the fruit.
  • A rather large apple of the Yellow Bellflower group: yellow, often blushed with red. Flesh is moderately crisp, coarse, very juicy, mildly subacid, becoming sweet or nearly so. Good to very good in flavor and quality.
  • Mr Gladstone Apple
    A synonym for Gladstone.
  • Muscadet de Dieppe Apple
    Excellent cider apple. Orange-red, smallish fruit. Sweet and aromatic.
  • Hard cider apple
  • Mutsu Apple
    A versatile dual-purpose apple, sharp but still pleasant to eat fresh. Also known as Crispin.