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Macoun apple

Another McIntosh style apple variety from the famous Geneva Research Station, and considered one of the better ones.

Macoun apple identification images

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  • Macoun
  • Macoun

USDA identification images for Macoun

The identification paintings in the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection span the years 1886 to 1942.

  • USDA watercolor image of Malus domestica: Macoun
  • USDA watercolor image of Malus domestica: Macoun

Citation: U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection. Rare and Special Collections, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD 20705.

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Visitor reviews

  • 17 Oct 2022 
    Delicious with sweetness and crisp--better than Honey Crisp
  • 24 Sep 2018  MA, United States
    after tasting myriad other apples from the supermarkets the Macoun apple is the only one worth eating. After a challenge from friends we went apple picking at several orchards in the Boston area. I brought along supermarket Macoun apples since they are not grown by these orchards. In comparison there was no comparison. Supermarket Macouns won out compared fresh from the tree Delicious and its relatives.
  • 06 Nov 2016  CA / HUMBOLDT COUNTY, United States
    A great apple fairly similar to Spartan and Liberty. Less tangy/acidic than Liberty and probably slightly more complex than Spartan. Appears to be disease resistant even here in foggy, cool coastal NW California.
  • 09 Oct 2016  NY, United States
    They are fantastic, putting all other varieties in the shade for me. I shall soon be moving to London, to be near my family and shall miss, desperately, being able to eat my beloved Macouns. I would have thought that they could be grown in England, so why aren't they?
  • 15 Feb 2016  PA, United States
    I love this apple! Nothing like it and, living in NE Pennsylvania, I've had the great good fortune to try dozens of different apple varieties. The perfect combination of lightly sweet & slightly tart, this bright, crisp hybrid is the best tasting apple I've ever had. If you have the opportunity, try one this autumn, you won't be disappointed. 5 stars...
  • 09 Nov 2015  FL, United States
    Be Warned: the Macoun will ruin your taste for any other apple. The juice, the mixture of tart and sweet, the way whole pieces chunk off as you bite's like heaven with a stem. If only they shipped/kept well.....
  • 25 Apr 2015  NEW YORK, United States
    Hands down, the best apple I have ever tasted. Back in the '80s, my family used to drive miles to an orchard to pick these. When the owner cut them down, we mourned. Years later, I found another orchard and they were just as good as I remembered. Now I frequently see them in local supermarkets. Crisp, white flesh, lots of tart-sweet juice. Eat one and you will never go back!
  • 28 Feb 2015  NEW HAMPSHIRE, United States
    No better apple. Period. One bite and you're forever hooked! Superb apple flavor, excellent texture and the most amazing fragrance! Fresh, cooked, baked . . . no matter. Awesome!
  • 27 Sep 2014  PA, United States
    The BEST pie apple. Tart/Sweet, juicy, and very crispy. In my opinion, far superior to that mealy McIntosh that I simply cannot stand. These are great for eating and for baking, and hold their shape in a pie.
  • 04 Aug 2014  NE/HALL, United States
    I am lucky enough to have my own tree! They are a really great apple when our tree gives them to us. We get apples every other year and then it is usually loaded and we have to remove some or the branches get too low and the fruit doesn't get too big. Anyone who has tried them, really likes them. Have not see them sold around here, tho.
  • 16 Dec 2013  United States
    McIntosh had been my favorite apple until I tried my first Macoun. The Macoun's white flesh is flavorful and fragrant. The Macoun seems to keep slightly longer than McIntosh and bruises less easily than McIntosh. I rate the Macoun a 5.0!
  • 17 Nov 2013  SYDNEY, Australia
    The best apple variety I have ever eaten. Great flavor, cider-y without being too tart. Nice medium size. Great texture. Juicy. Desperately miss them here in Australia, where they have not been introduced. Jonahgolds, Pink Ladies and Jazz do not compare.
  • 30 Oct 2013  NC, United States
    What a fantastic apple! Love the flavor, and the light sweetness.
  • 21 Oct 2013  WASHINGTON, United States
    I drove half way across Washington state again this year ('13) to try some more heritage apples at Feil Pioneer Fruit. This time, one was Macoun. Wow, such subtlety amidst sweet! I must try using 'em other ways besides eating fresh, but fresh: Wow!
  • 09 Oct 2013  IL, United States
    Bought one at an orchard stand in Sherborn, MA many years ago. Took one bite as I stepped outside, and immediately made a you turn back to the stand to buy a bushel. Still the best apple I've ever tasted.
  • 24 Mar 2013  NH, United States
    We are so lucky in NH to have so many orchards that grow Macouns. With out a doubt, it is the best eating apple I've ever tasted. It is not surprising to see so many comments that feel the same way! For the ultimate apple treat, you just have to get them fresh from the orchard!
  • 07 Jan 2013  NY, United States
    Bo - Awesome apple. Simple red apple flavor. Not as crisp as a red delicious with a more tender flesh. Perfect for eating and cooking. Brent- This apple had a surprising crunch and was chock full of apple flavor without being overly sweet.
  • 06 Dec 2012  PALM BEACH COUNTY, United States
    This apple excites me. I could eat them everyday, if I could. Hard to find here. I get small ones at W-Foods and large ones at The Boys in Delray Beach. I have been paying, 1.49 lb I created a SIMPLE recipe for a single crust Maple Macoun Italian Hazelnut topped a/o Almond, Pecan, Walnut Pie with Santa Teresa Anjejo Rum in the mix with a few other simple things. I use Immaculate Brand ready made pie crust. I love Haagen-Daz Strawberry on top or Rum Raisin sometimes. If I had one wish to improve my recipe, I would really go for an organic macoun. Know of any ?
  • 14 Nov 2012  NJ, United States
    Was at Whole Foods in Middleton, NJ, looking for the Macintoshes as they WERE my favorite snacking apple. They didn't have any, but I saw a display of Macouns and saw they looked a bit like larger, darker Macintosh apples. When I got home and tried one I was instantly hooked! I wish I had bought more! They have the best crunch, so crips and then softer as you chew it, juicy, and really sweet. My new favorite for sure.
  • 25 Oct 2012  MD, United States
    I just submitted a comment but forgot to rate it!! i would give it TEN apples! top of the pile! Pat Hirsch
  • 25 Oct 2012  MD, United States
    I lived in Kansas until moving to Maryland about 15 years ago--I had never heard of or tasted Macouns until driving up through New York state and at the welcome center they had a big bowl of these apples that were so delicious! I order them from NY when I can't find them in nearby stores. They are the perfect eating apple!
  • 14 Oct 2012  NY, United States
    I went to Monroe NY to visit a friend last week and he had to convince me to try a Macoun apple, I'm just not a huge fan of apples. It was the best apple I ever tasted! I was taking a bus back to Bklyn and brought some home with me and couldn't stop eating them, luckily there is a farmers market across the street from me and when we walked past I saw a sign for Macoun apples, I went ballistic and was making the apple guy laugh because I was so excited. I bought about 8 lbs of them and am eating one right now. LOVE THEM! :)
  • 11 Oct 2012  WA, United States
    Helping out the Macoun. I realized it wasn't doing as well rating-wise compared to the other apples on this site. Malarkey.
  • 06 Oct 2012  QUEBEC-CAN, Canada
    Hi, Purchased Macoun apples in York, Maine every year at the end of September. The best apples we ever had. Hope they were available in the Province of Quebec - Canada Thank you
  • 09 Sep 2012  UT, United States
    Another wonderful apple. Used for baking, eating, sauce, etc. excellent flavor.
  • 09 Sep 2012  PENNSYLVANIA, WASHINGTON COUNTY, United States
    First tasted this at a local orchard last fall. Now all apples taste "less than". Loves the crispness and the taste now defines "apple" for me - sweet, but but with snap.
  • 15 Oct 2011  WI, United States
    Star Valley Orchards grows them in Warrens Wisconsin, just 9 miles from the 1-90 & I-94 divide by Tomah. Located next to the I-94 ramps.
  • 25 Sep 2011  MN, United States
    Several years ago we tried a macoun at an orchard near Bayfield, Wisconsin and were hooked. Found them again in southwest Wisconsin. It seems that the older orchards still have them in the upper midwest, which is great. It is a great apple. Buy some.
  • 04 Aug 2011  PA, United States
    We used to live in Esmond, Rhode Island, east of Providence. We would drive west a few miles west into Connecticut. In both states we were able to buy Macouns. The most fantastic apple I have ever eaten! Large red apples that were crisp and the juice would run down your chin. My friends send me some from a Cape Cod grocery store, but they are smaller and not as good.
  • 17 Apr 2011  MASS, United States
    When I was a little girl, these were the only "apple" I knew, so I was spoiled by the rich cran-apple color, the crisp texture, the bright pulp and the sweet flavor of these apples. Now I am an adult, and the great assortment of apples is a disappointment to me. My greatest consolation in the end of summertime is that I will have access to these wonderful apples again. :-) *Thank you* for creating this site, where I learned they are a hybrid of the Macintosh.
  • 08 Oct 2010  CA, United States
    As a native New Englander, I had the good fortune to be close to Macoun trees each October. Since moving to the west, I can find them no place at all, so I have a friend ship some to me each year. There is nothing like them, and I completely agree that it's the best snacking apple I've ever tasted. I want a tree for my home in the Pacific Coastal Northwest, and hope it will grow...
  • 23 Mar 2010  IN, United Kingdom
    I have read that the rave HoneyCrisp apple is parented by Macoun and Honeygold.
  • 16 Oct 2009  SOUTH JERSEY, United States
    The Shop-rite Market chain has agreed to put in an order for Macoun apples in my area. Many thanks to them. My husband was on business in Bethlehem PA yesterday and found a Wegmans which is selling some gorgeous Macouns right now. I'm one happy camper!
  • 14 Oct 2009  SOUTH JERSEY, United States
    I tried the Macoun apple for the first time several years ago and although I am not such a fruit lover, I was AMAZED at how wonderful these apples tasted. As they are only available in the fall, I try every October to get my hands on a few. Unfortunately, this year NO ONE seems ro stock any in the South Jersey area. If anyone knows of a supermarket or farmers market which carries them within driving distance of my location, let me know here. Many thanks.
  • 10 Oct 2009  BELLEVILLE, IL, United States
    My husband and I just got back from New Hampshire. We tasted our first Macoun there. As we were exploring the backroads, we came into this truck on the side of the road. The gentleman had apple cider and apples. My husband decided to get a half gallon of the apple cider. He did not have change for the bill my husband gave him so he just gave him a sackful of apples. By far, it is the best eating apples we have ever tasted! So now I am looking at websites to see where I can get a tree to plant.
  • 04 Oct 2009  ROCHESTER, NY, United States
    Very white melting flesh with a very nice taste, mellow and sweet. Problems growing: sets too heavily and need to be mercilessly thinned, heavy fruit drop and few reach maturity from the original heavy setting crop, often has browning spots under the skin. Too delicate for cooking or storage, but very nice for fresh eating. Although the taste is among my favorites, I am actually thinking of cutting down my very healthy tree and replacing it with another variety because on the above mentioned problems.
  • 21 Sep 2009  SALISBURY, VT, United States
    A fresh Macoun in May? I thought they were only available in October and November. It is, indeed, a fantastic apple, with a tremendous crunch when the weather is just right. The crunch disappears as the apple ages.
  • 03 May 2009  NEW HAVEN, CT, United States
    At a Connecticut farmer's market, I asked an apple grower to sell me just one apple, to have as a snack. He said in his opinion, the best snacking apple in the world is Macoun. I bought one, and it was fantastic. Crisp and sweet and fresh. Quite possibly the best apple I've ever tasted.

Tree register

United States



Spring blossom records for this variety

2015 season

  • 2nd March  2015  - tree owned by Michael in Glen Rock, United States

2014 season

  • 13th May  2014  - tree owned by Alison in Hadley, United States
  • 9th May  2014  - tree owned by Mike in Glen Rock, United States

2013 season

  • 12th May  2013  - tree owned by Alison in Hadley, United States
  • May  2013  - tree owned by Robert in Plainfield, United States

2011 season

  • May  2011  - tree owned by Kris in Holden, United States

2010 season

  • May  2010  - tree owned by Kris in Holden, United States

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Harvest records for this variety

2013 season

  • 3rd week October  2013  - tree owned by Alison in Albion, United States
  • 4th week September  2013  - tree owned by Robert in Plainfield, United States

2010 season

  • 1st week October  2010  - tree owned by Kris in Holden, United States


  • Species: Malus domestica - Apple
  • Parentage: McIntosh x Jersey Black
  • Originates from: New York state, United States
  • Introduced: 1920s
  • Developed by: Geneva Research Station, New York
  • UK National Fruit Collection accession: 1929-040
  • We are grateful to Brogdale Farm - home of the UK National Fruit Collection - for providing samples of this variety.


  • Country of origin: United States
  • Period of origin: 1900 - 1949
  • Fruit colour: Crimson
  • Flower colour: Pink - light
  • Leaf colour: Green
  • Popularity: Best sellers
  • Annual cycle: Deciduous
  • Alleles: 3
  • Alleles: 25


  • Picking season: Late
  • Keeping (of fruit): 1 week
  • Flavour quality: Very good
  • Flavour style (apples): Vinous
  • Discoloration of fruit: Slightly oxidising (browns slowly)
  • Cropping: Heavy
  • Fruit persistence: Normal ripening
  • Food uses: Eating fresh
  • Picking period: mid-September
  • Wildlife: RHS Plants for Pollinators


  • Gardening skill: Average
  • Flowering group: 3
  • Pollinating others: Average
  • Ploidy: Diploid
  • Vigour: Vigorous
  • Bearing regularity: Biennial tendency
  • Fruit bearing: Spur-bearer
  • Self-fertility: Not self-fertile


  • Cold hardiness (USDA): Zone 3 (-40C)
  • Climate suitability: Temperate climates
  • Summer average maximum temperatures: Cool ( 20-24C / 68-75F)
  • Summer average maximum temperatures: Warm (25-30C / 76-85F)
  • Summer average maximum temperatures: Cold (< 20C / 67F)

Other qualities

  • Disease resistance: Average
  • Cedar apple rust: Some resistance
  • Canker: Some susceptibility
  • Scab (Apple and Pear): Some susceptibility
  • Fire blight: Some susceptibility

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United States



  • Cedar-Apple Rust  
    Author: Stephen Vann, University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture (FSA7538)
    Rated as resistant - control only needed under high disease pressure.
  • Apples of England (1948)
    Author: Taylor

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