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All about apples, pears, plums, and cherries - and orchards where they are grown

Harker Family Farms & Orchard

7589 E. State Rd. 244
Waldron, Indiana 46182
United States
Telephone: (765) 525-9755
Visiting: See website

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


Harker Family Farms and Orchard in Waldron, IN strives to provide top quality homegrown, fresh produce all summer long. Including peaches, apples, nectarines, plums, apricots, pears, sweet corn, berries, and garden vegetables.

Products / Fruit Grown

Transparent, Lodi, Pristine, Dandee Red, Jonafree, Redfree, Ginger Gold, Zestar, Mollies Delicious, Red Gravenstein, Sansa, Initial, Gale Gala, Blondee, Generic Gala, Buckeye Gala, St. EarliBlaze, Wealthy, Summer Rambo, Sweet 16, HoneyCrisp, Chenango Strawberry, Generic Jonagold, Liberty, Honey Gold, Red JonaPrince, Auvil Fuji, Wolf River, Jonastar Jonagold, Crimson Gold, Macoun, Smokehouse, Daybreak Fuji, Royal Court, St. EarliGold, Crimson Crisp, Royal Empire, Generic Fuji, Swiss Gourmet, Gibson Golden, Morrens Jonagold, Supreme, SnowSweet, Rebella, Crimson Topaz, Valstar, RubyMac, SnappyMac, Red Delicious, Freedom, Spartan, Mutsu, Gallarina, Winecrisp, Orleans Antique, Candy Crisp, Melrose, Keepsake, Banning Red Fuji, Red Courtland, Pink Lady, Autumn Gala, Pixie Crunch, Shizuka, Cameo, Red Cameo, Enterprise, Northern Spy, Sundance, Aztec Fuji, Connell Red, Suncrisp, St. Braestar, Querina, Braeburn, Winesap, Arkansas Black, Gold Rush, Granny Smith, KindercrispPeaches - PF-1, Desiree, PF-5B, PF-5DB, Candor, Harrow Diamond, STARK Earliglo, Sugar May (W), Norman Earlystar, Early White Giant (W), PF-Early8Ball, Manon (W), Sam Houston, PF-7, Gala, Dwarf Redhaven, PF-8Ball, Brightstar, Garnet Beauty, Rising Star, Early Redhaven, Glenglo, PF-9A-007, PF-11, Redstar, Saturn Flat (W), Red Haven, New Haven, Starfire, Blazingstar, Reliance, John Boy, PF-Lucky13, White Lady (W), PF-15A, Ernies Choice, Coral Star, PF-17, GloHaven, Golden Jubilee, Hale Haven, Elegant Lady, Roza, Artic Gem (W), Veteran, PF-19-007, Carolina Bell (W), Bounty, Canadian Harmony, Contender, Early Elberta, Beaumont, PF-23, Blusingstar (W), PF-20-007, Loring, Gloria, Harrow Beauty, Sugar Giant (W). PF-22-007, All Star, PF-24-007, Sweet-N-UP, Sweetcap Donut W, PF-24B, Crest Haven, PF-24C, Madison, July Prince, Glowingstar, Sweet Breeze, PF-25, Messina, Biscoe, Angelus, Summerfest, Elberta Queen, Elberta, Redskin, Encore, J.H. Hale, O'Henry, PF-27A, Autumnstar, PF-28-007, Snow Giant (W), PF-35-007, Flame Prince, Victoria, PF-Big George, Intrepid, Sweetstar, Belle of Georgia (W) Apricots - Rival, Goldbar, Harcot, Perfection, Hargrande, Wilsons Delicious, Goldcot, Moorpark, Chinese, Harogem, Harglow, Stark Sweetheart Plums - Earli-Blue, Methley, Bubblegum/Toka, Santa Rosa, Green Gauge, Queen Rosa, SimkaStanley, Duarte, Flavorheart Pluot, Elephantheart, Italian, Shiro, Spring Satin Pluot Nectarines - Juneglo, PF-11, Crimson Snow (W), Mericrest, Articglo (W), Flavortop, Sunglo, Hardired, Red Gold, Fantasia, Royal Giant, Zephyr (W) Pears - Kosui, Moonglow, Luscious, Olympic Giant Cherries - WhiteGold, Kristin, Ulster, Hartland, Meteor, Attika, Montmorency, NorthstarNon-Alcoholic Cider / Juice Available