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Country Corners Farm

288 Brewster Road
Griswold, CT 06351
United States
Telephone: (860) 376-2259
Visiting: Not permitted

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


Only 2 families have owned this property since the early 1700's, the Morgan Family, and the Browning family and their desendants. My Great Great Grandfather purchased this farm in 1856. I am the 5th Generation to work the land. Doc Browning started the orchards in the early 50's but there was a small orchard near the house that was always called the Old Orchard. We are currently in the process of restoring the orchard that fell into decline due to no activity for 27 years. Although many trees are gone, the remaining trees still bear fruit. We plan on allowing these remain trees to live out their natural lives, while planting new trees in a modern format much like a vineyard. Many of our varieties are Heirlooms that can not be purchased in any store. Our farm consists of 198 acres that 35 acres have been subdivided into 8 residential building lots for sale to help finance the restoration of this Farm. All fruits and Vegetables here are Grown Organically and we are seeking certification for 2006 through Baystate Organic Certifiers as well as Certified Naturally Grown. We are members of NOFA and are listed at Local Harvest as well.

Products / Fruit Grown

Crab Apples, American Beauty, Wolf River, Early Macs, McIntosh, Red Delicious, Macoun, Milton, Yellow Transparent, Lodi, Red Astrican, Stayman Winesap, Baldwin Gravenstein, Red Gravenstein, Red Spy, and Cortland.Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, CranberriesApples available for local collection