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Masonville Orchard

4545 Cobb Lake Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524
United States
Telephone: (970) 231-6399
Visiting: By arrangement

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


Masonville Orchards specializes in unusual, antique, and heirloom apple, pear and plum varieties. We operate 6 orchards along the Colorado Front Range. The orchards are located in Masonville, Briggsdale, Stove Prairie, Ault, Bethoud and Fort Collins, Colorado. We sell our fruit via local farmers markets in the Loveland/Fort Collins/Greeley & Boulder areas and via mail order. We do not have U-pick opportunities at this time. Coming soon, a U-pick orchard and country store at the Ault, CO location.

Products / Fruit Grown

Over 150 different varieties of antique, heirloom and unusual apples including: Scarlet Surprise, Williams Pride, King Of Tompkin's County, Melrose, Cortland, Pixie Crunch, Honeycrisp, Norkent, Airlie Red, Paula Red, Caville Blanc D'Hiver, Winter Banana, Jonathan, Sunrise, Sundance, Early Joe, Fameuse, Wealthy, Sweet Sixteen, McIntosh, Macoun, Jenner Sweet, Kanab Sweet, Smokehouse, Delcon, Akane, Red Prince, Bella, Sansa, Baldwin, Mutsu, Rome, Winesap, Winecrisp, Goldrush, Cinnamon Spice, Zestar, Gravenstein, Cox Cherry Pippin and many more!!!Unique and unusual pears such as: Ubileen, Honeysweet, Maxie, Crisp N Sweet, Orcas and Harrow Delight. Asian pear varieties include: Shinseiki, Korean Giant, Chojoro, Seuri, Shinko & Nijiseiki. Plums including: Blubyrd, Elephant Heart, Toka, Bubblegum and Italian.Gift Packages AvailableApples available for local collection