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Skipley Farm

7228 Skipley Rd
Snohomish, WA 98290
United States
Telephone: (206) 679-6576
Visiting: Public access - visitors welcome

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


170 Varieties of new and older apples, concentrating on disease resistance, flavor, storability

Products / Fruit Grown

Belle de Boskoop, Bramley's Seedling, Camano, Dayton, Crimson Crisp, Crimson, Topaz, Liberty, Pixie Crunch, Priscilla, Pristine, Redfree, Resista, Spigold, William's Pride, Wealthy, Akane, Chehalis, Cap 'O Liberty, Elstar, Fiesta, Gold Rush, Honeycrisp, Hudson's Golden Gem, Keepsake, Kidd's Orange-Red, Lodi, Nova Spy, Sansa, Silken/Jonagold, Staymen Winesap, Tsugaru, Homei, Twenty Ounce, Tydeman's Early, Zestar!, Cameo, Ellison's Orange, Empire, Esopus Spitzenburg, Fugi, 'Beni Shogun' Fugi, 'Sept Wonder', Gravenstein -15 cvs., Jonagold, Jonagold (DeCoster), Jonathan, King, Macoun, Mcintosh, Melrose, Mutsu, Newtown Pippin, Pinata (pinova,corail), Rubinette, Spartan, Summerred/Paulared, Suncrisp, Braeburn, Hillwell var. Golden Delicious, Jonamac, Winesap, Winter Banana, Gala, Alkmene, Ambrosia, Aroma, Ashmeads Kernel, Ben Davis, Black Gilliflower(Sheepnose), Cherry Cox, Arkansas Black, Blue Pearmain, Brown Snout, Browns Apple, Bulmer's Norman, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, Chisel Jersey, Dabinette, Golden Russet, Harry Master's Jersey, Medaille de 'Or, Michelin, Muscadet deDieppe, Reine dePomme, Roxbury Russet, Swaar, Sweet Alford, Vilberie, Vilstra, Yarlington Mill, Zabergau Reinette, Daliest, Fall Pippin, Fameuse(snow), Fortune, Gala(Ultima), Greensleeves, Hatsuaki, Holstein, Karmijn de Sonneville, Kingston Black, P22, Mother, Northern Spy, Queen Cox, Starr, Wagner(gsc-NE Is.), Westfield Seek-no further, Whitney Crabapple, Wolf River, Yellow Bellflower, SuntanGrapes-15 varieties Black Currant 10 varieties Blueberry-15 varieties Brambles-12 varieties inc Blackcaps and Tayberry, Boysen, Rasp, Black, Marion, Gooseberries-5var., Elderberries, Aronia, Serviceberry, Goumi/Autumn Olive, Jostaberry, Shipova, Cranberry, Southern Blueberries, StrawberriesGift Packages AvailableNon-Alcoholic Cider / Juice Available

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