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Apple varieties

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  • Fruit rather large. Clear yellow with waxy surface. Flesh a little coarse, very juicy, sprightly, subacid, and desirable for either dessert or culinary uses. It is apt to drop as it ripens.
  • Sweet to mild bittersweet type. Greenish-yellow skin with red flush.
  • Small, oblate (flat). Has the same parentage as Gala. Strong, complex flavor. Sweeter than Cox with less acid.
  • Photo of Tentation® appleAnother modern take on Golden Delicious, often with an attractive orange flush.
  • A mid/late season English dessert apple, raised in Cambridge in the mid 20th century, but thought to be related to the early-season Devonshire Quarrenden.
  • Colors to a deep burgundy three weeks earlier than standard Empire.
  • Three Counties is an early-ripening bittersweet cider apple.
  • Photo of Tickled PinkA synonym for Baya Marisa.
  • Large green, turning to yellow skinned late apple. Mild but mellow flavor.
  • Fruit is conic oblate, irregular and ribbed. This skin has a dull, rough finish and rather unattractive color, yellow-green with brownish-orange blush. The flesh is greenish yellow, firm, crisp, aromatic and slightly subacid. Flavor and keeping quality are excellent.
  • Excellent for cider and drying, also a good dessert and baking apple. Large green or yellow apple, sometimes blushed red with lines of russet, often marked by a suture top to bottom. Flesh is firm, dry to moderately juicy, decidedly sweet. Historically, a highly esteemed "sweet" apple.
  • An old English cider apple which can also be used as a cooking apple.
  • One of the best modern disease-resistant varieties, fairly sharp flavour
  • A synonym for Polka.
  • Bitter-sweet cider apple. Medium fruit, yellow skin flushed red.
  • Trinity is a new red-fleshed cooking apple, which also features dark pink blossom.
  • Solid red, no stripes.
  • 75% red over color on yellow background. Medium sized, mid- season maturing fruit. Resembles Golden Delicious, but firmer fleshed. Weakly flavored, sweet-tart, crisp and juicy.
  • Yellow with an orange blush, very juicy, pleasantly aromatic, sweet, mildly subacid, a strong grower and regular bearer. A good keeper, its flavor heightens as it is kept in storage until March. Light skinned.
  • Round, dull red fruit. Resembles Stayman, but is more crack resistant and eating quality is not as good. Stores well.
  • Photo of TuscanA synonym for Bolero.
  • Fruit very large, yellow-green flushed red-orange. Juicy, sweet flesh.
  • Photo of Tydeman's Early Worcester appleA sweet early-season English apple, grown commercially on a small scale. Has a good flavour and somewhat under-rated.
  • Photo of Tydeman's Late Orange appleA popular Cox-style apple, with a later season and sharper flavour.
  • Photo of Tydeman's RedA synonym for Tydeman's Early Worcester.

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