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Autumn Gold apple

Bright red blush over yellow-green. Keeps better than Golden Delicious.

Autumn Gold identification photos

  • Photo submitted by Allen Dietz
    Copyright: Orange Pippin

Visitor reviews

  • 10 Nov 2015  Ariel,  WA, United States
    I discovered this apple last year at my local co-op, and fell in love. Firm, crisp, juicy (but not overly so) with an almost cinnamon aftertaste. Sweet, but not overly so. The fruit man said that it's a late fall apple, so they should be back soon. Fingers crossed!
  • 11 Sep 2014  Marian Bernstein,  CA, United States
    I bought autumn gold apples at the costco store in southern Cali a couple years ago and fell in love with them. Unfortunately, have never been able to find them since, where can they be found?
  • 16 Jan 2014  Deb,  TEXAS, United States
    This is hands down the best apple I have ever had. It seems to have a sweet pear taste mixed in with the apple. I am eating two a day.
  • 05 Mar 2012  Courtney,  Canada
    I think this may or may not be my favourite kind of apple, it's hard to tell from just the photos, I should go to the grocery store and buy this brand so that I can tell for sure. :P
  • 15 Oct 2011  Allen Dietz,  WA, United States
    I just got a bag of Autumn Gold apples at the farmer's market in Wenatchee, and they are spectacular! Crisp and sweet, an outstanding apple that will probably become my favorite if I can continue to find it.

Tree register

We don't have any registered trees for this variety yet.


  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Parentage: Chance seedling
  • Originates from: Tieton, Washington, United States
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1612

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