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Orchard Registration

If your orchard or fruit tree collection falls into any of the following categories we would welcome your registration: Pick your own orchard, Community orchard, Commercial orchard, Public attractions or festivals with a significant collection of fruit trees.

Once you have submitted the form we will review your details with a view to publish your orchard in our website orchard listings.

If you allow visitors to your orchard (even if only occasionally) please also complete the bottom section with directions and opening times.

Map coordinates: Your latitude and longitude coordinates are essential for showing your location on our interactive maps. Use our geocode finder on the sidebar to find yours and copy over to the registration form.

Note: If you are updating your listing, feel free to type SAME in any field not needing to be changed.

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Address of Orchard
(use map tool on sidebar if unknown)

What do you grow?
Does your orchard have organic certification?

Additional Features

Visiting your orchard
i.e. August-November, Monday-Sunday 9:00-6:00.

Services Needed
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