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Orange Pippin Premium Orchard Listing Plan is the most visited apple website in the world, and our free Orchards Directory lists over 2,200 orchards. Last year nearly 1.5 million people visited looking for information about apples, cherries, and plums and where to purchase these fruits locally.

Many of our visitors used the orchard information on our website to plan which orchards to visit, and 40,000 of them also clicked through to get more details from orchard owners’ own websites.

However with so many orchards listed, it can be hard to make sure that our website visitors see the details of your particular orchard.

As a result we are now offering PREMIUM ORCHARD LISTINGS.

Premium listings get priority placement throughout our website so that potential visitors see you first. You get preferential placement on our orchard maps, orchard listings, and variety orchard listings. On the orchard maps your orchard is designated with a highly visible red apple, and your orchard is listed on the side as a sponsor orchard. You also get an enhanced listing (see example below), allowing viewers to get all the details of your orchard without having to have them click an extra time to visit your full orchard listing page. You now get that edge in viewership in comparison to other orchards on the page.

In addition to the preferential listing you get the following:

  • 10% discount on web services, including new site development or website maintenance.
  • 20% discount on web hosting services.
  • Your orchard website becomes eligible to use our apple variety information on your website via our web services tool.  This tool allows your viewers to click on a variety name on your website and have a popup appear that details various information of that apple.  This information is pulled directly from our extensive database and you decide what details you want to show.
  • Interactive mobile QR Codes available to link to variety information on, or to link from Orange Pippin to yours.
  • Quarterly tracking report available online showing visitors to the state orchard page, your detailed orchard listing, and click through actions to your website and email.
  • Discounts to all future Orange Pippin premium features


Cost of 2014 sponsorship is $125/year, or you can lock in your price and save by signing up for 3 years for $325.


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