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Royal Gala apple

Orange-red sweet, crisp medium-size fruit.

Royal Gala identification photos

UK National Fruit Collection
UK National Fruit Collection
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Visitor reviews

  • 21 Jul 2017  Erin Branch,  UTAH, United States
    Juicy, fairly crisp, and rather soft (though not mushy or mealy). A rather uninspiring and dare I say almost objectionable flavor, though it does have a decent enough after-taste. I had a hard time finishing the one apple I tried; to be fair it may have been an older apple past its prime. I don't know that I'd be willing to try it again though, in the hopes it was a fluke, as there are much better apples out there.
  • 11 Nov 2012  Gavin Denning,  NORTH YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom
    Usually a sweet variety and nearly always crisp and juicy I personally find that the French Royal Gala available September is the sweetest and most aromatic and crispest Have had some from a former eastern block country and they were oxidising before you bit into them. Very poor English are not usually very crisp but taste good

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New Zealand


  • Anshul in Kullu, HIMACHAL, INDIA
  • Manish in Rohru, HIMACHAL PRADESH

Spring blossom records for this variety

2014 season

  • 19th May  2014  - tree owned by Brenda in Marion, United States

2013 season

  • May  2013  - tree owned by Brenda in Marion, United States

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Harvest records for this variety

2017 season

  • 4th week September  2017  - tree owned by Carolyn in Franksville, United States

2014 season

  • 3rd week August  2014  - tree owned by Brenda in Marion, United States

2013 season

  • 3rd week August  2013  - tree owned by Brenda in Marion, United States
  • 3rd week March  2013  - tree owned by Katrina in Nelson, New Zealand


  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Parentage: Sport of Gala
  • Originates from: New Zealand
  • Introduced: 1934
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1884

This variety is a sport (natural genetic mutation) of:

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