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Walsgrove Farm

Evesham Road
Worcester, Worcester WR7 4QL
United Kingdom
Visiting: Public access - visitors welcome

Always call ahead before travelling to any orchard to check their opening times.


8 acres of fruit

Products / Fruit Grown

Ashmeads Kernel, Beauty of Bath, Blenheim Orange, Bramleys Seedling, Charles Ross, Chivers Delight, Clarkes Cox, Cockles Pippin, Cornish Aromatic, Cornish Gilliflower, Coxs Orange Pippin, Crimson Bramley, Crispin, Discovery, Egremont Russet, Ellisons Orange, Falstaff, Fiesta, Gala, Gloster 69, Greensleeves, Grenadier, Idared, Irish Peach, James Grieve, Jonagold, Jupiter, Katy, Kent, Keswick, Kidds Orange Red, King of Pippins, Laxton Epicure, Laxton Fortune, Laxton Superb, Lord Derby, Lord Hindlip, Lord Lambourne, Madresfield Court, Margil, Merton Worcester, Michaelmas Red, Newton Wonder, Orleans Reinette, Peasgoods Nonsuch, Pixie, Queen Cox, Red Devil, Red Miller, Ribston Pippin, Rosemary Russet, Royal Gala, Rubinette, Spartan, St. Cecilia, St.Edmunds Pippin, Sunset, Suntan, Tydemans Early Orange, Willian Crump, Worcester PearmainBelle De Louvain, Burbank, Cropper, Czar, Damsons, Edwards, Excalibur, Heron, Kirkes Blue, Marjorie, Merton Gem, Opal, Prolific, Purple Pershore, Swan, Victoria, Yellow Pershore (Yellow Egg)