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Cherry varieties

  • A good quality short heart shaped cherry, soft and a little fibrous, large stone.
  • Firm, very juicy and sweet, roundish, large adherent stone.
  • Roundish oval, fairly soft, a bit fibrous, juicy, fair to good. Medium loose stone.
  • Amber Heart Cherry
    A synonym for Kent Bigarreau.
  • Oval. Firm, crisp and juicy. Large stone.
  • Firm. Good flavour.
  • Roundish. Firm fleshed.
  • A natural dwarf sweet cherry tree, unlikely to get much bigger than 2m.
  • Attika Cherry
    A synonym for Kordia.
  • Roundish heart shaped. Firm, little fibre, juicy, sweet. Good quality.

We are grateful to Martin Crawford of Agroforestry Research Trust, for assistance with cherry data. Martin is also the author of a number of books, most recently Creating a Forest Garden.