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Cherry varieties

If the variety you are looking for is not listed here, please let us know.

  • Soft, fibrous, fairly juicy. Sweet. Medium stone.
  • Firm, sweet, keeps well.
  • Heart-shaped, soft, juicy, fair to good flavour.
  • Roundish ovoid. Very firm, fibrous.
  • Bred for ease of mechanical havesting.
  • Heart-shaped. A little fibrous, moderately juicy, good flavour.
  • Heart-shaped. Firm, juicy. Good flavour.
  • Roundish. Quite firm. Good flavour. Fruit transports well.
  • Heart-shaped. A little fibrous, juicy, sweet. Good flavour. Stone large.
  • Roundish. Quite firm, sweet, juicy. Popular commercially.
  • Long heart-shaped. Very firm, moderate juice, sweet, rich flavour.Stone large. Grown commercially for processing.
  • Heart-shaped. Very firm, juicy, good quality. Grown commercially.
  • Roundish. Very firm and crisp. Good flavour. Aromatic. Juicy. Important comercially in the US.
  • Soft, juicy, quite good quality.
  • Roundish. Soft, not fibrous, juicy, rich flavoured good quality. Black skin has a paler stripe.
  • Roundish heart-shaped. Firm, not fibrous, juicy, sweet, rich flavour, good quality. Fairly small stone.
  • Longish heart-shaped. Soft, slightly fibrous, juicy, good to very good quality.
  • Heart-shaped. Soft, juicy, sweet, fair to good quality.
  • Roundish to heart-shaped. Fairly soft, fibrous, juicy, fair to good quality.
  • Long ovoid. Firm, not very fibrous, juicy, sweet, rich flavour. Good to very good quality. Stone small.
  • Oval. Soft, a little fibrous, juicy, fair quality, slightly tangy-swet. Stone medium.
  • Roundish. Firm, a little fibrous, juicy, very sweet, good quality. Large stone.
  • Heart-shaped. Firm, juicy, good rich flavour, quality good. Medium stone.
  • Firm, fibrous, sweet, excellent balanced flavour. Stone nearly free.
  • Soft, fibrous, juicy, sweet. Good for bottling.
  • Heart-shaped. Moderately firm, juicy, sweet. Stone semi-free.
  • Short heart-shaped. Firm, a little fibrous, juicy, good quality.
  • Roundish. Soft, fibrous, juicy, sweet, good quality.
  • Heart-shaped. Very firm, crisp, moderately juicy, very sweet and aromatic.

We are grateful to Martin Crawford of Agroforestry Research Trust, for assistance with cherry data. Martin is also the author of a number of books, most recently Creating a Forest Garden.

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