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Royal Somerset apple

A culinary apple from Somerset, keeps well, and widely-used for making cider. Described by the 19th century writer Hogg as "very excellent".

USDA identification images for Royal Somerset

The identification paintings in the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection span the years 1886 to 1942.

    Citation: U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection. Rare and Special Collections, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD 20705.

    Visitor reviews

    • 04 Oct 2018  CALIFORNIA, United States
      Not 100% sure it was the same apple, it was sold as just a "Somerset", but WOW it was quite amazing. A wonderful balance of sweets, tarts, and tanins. Crisp and juicy, amazing flavor. As I can't find any entry for just Somerset, and the picture looks like a match, I'm going with it being a Royal Somerset.

    Tree register

    United Kingdom

    Spring blossom records for this variety

    2010 season

    • May  2010  - tree owned by Ray in Hucknall, United Kingdom

    2009 season

    • April  2009  - tree owned by Ray in Hucknall, United Kingdom

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    Harvest records for this variety

    2009 season

    • October  2009  - tree owned by Ray in Hucknall, United Kingdom


    • Species: Malus domestica - Apple
    • Parentage: Unknown
    • Originates from: Somerset, England, United Kingdom
    • Introduced: 19th century
    • UK National Fruit Collection accession: 1992-129


    • Country of origin: United Kingdom


    • Ploidy: Diploid
    • Self-fertility: Not self-fertile

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    • Apples of England (1948)
      Author: Taylor

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