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Aceymac apple

Resembles McIntosh in taste, appearance, shape, and flesh. Slightly firmer than McIntosh. Aceymac may be Spartan with new name.
Photo of Adams's Pearmain

Adams's Pearmain apple

Classic Victorian 'pearmain' shape apple with a nutty sweet flavour.

Adanac apple

Medium-sized, yellow-green underecolor with striped red wash. Good dessert quality. The apple name, Adanac, is Canada spelled backwards.

Airlie Red Flesh apple

A red-fleshed apple variety from the USA, sometimes known as Hidden Rose® or Aerlies Red Flesh.
Photo of Akane

Akane apple

One of the best early-season apples, better known in the USA than Europe, but would appeal to European tastes too.
Photo of Akero

Akero apple

An heirloom apple variety from Sweden, quite widely grown in Scandanavia, very handsome fruit.

Albany Beauty apple

A red skinned form of Gravenstein.
Photo of Alderman

Alderman apple

An English (possibly Scottish) culinary apple, thought to have originated in the 1920s.

Alexander apple

An old and attractive culinary apple, cooks to a puree.
Photo of Alfriston

Alfriston apple

A large traditional English cooking apple.
Photo of Alkmene

Alkmene apple

A very attractive early Cox-style apple, slightly sharper than Cox, sometimes known as Early Windsor.

Allen's Everlasting apple

An old russeted variety from Ireland, and as the name suggests, a good keeper.
Photo of Allington Pippin

Allington Pippin apple

A versatile English apple, with a strong pineapple-like flavour, useful for both cooking and eating.
Photo of Almata

Almata apple

A red-fleshed apple variety.
Photo of Ambrosia

Ambrosia apple

A sweet modern apple variety from western Canada, quite similar to Golden Delicious. Discovered as a chance seedling in an orchard in British Columbia.
Photo of American Summer Pearmain

American Summer Pearmain apple

An excellent early eating apple, also good for cooking. Medium size, yellow-green fruit is flushed and streaked red to purple red. Sweet, very juicy flesh.
Photo of Ananas Reinette

Ananas Reinette apple

An attractive small yellow apple, with a pineapple-like flavour. Popular in northern Europe.
Photo of Anna

Anna apple

A very early season Golden Delicious style apple variety from Israel, noted for its very low chill requirement of less than 300 hours.
Photo of Annie Elizabeth

Annie Elizabeth apple

A popular English culinary apple, which keeps its shape when cooked.
Photo of Antonovka

Antonovka apple

A popular small green culinary apple variety from Russia. Also of importance as a rootstock because of its ability to tolerate extreme cold.
Photo of Antonovka Kamenichka

Antonovka Kamenichka apple

A culinary apple from the Ukraine, possibly a more colored form of Antonovka.

Api Etoile apple

Very unusual oblate (flattened) shape looking like a rounded star from the end. A little larger than the Lady apple. Excellent flavor - aromatic with sufficient acid and a sweet fruity taste.
Photo of Apricot

Apricot apple

An unusual and little-known apple variety noted for its apricot-like flavor.
Photo of Ard Cairn Russet

Ard Cairn Russet apple

An old apple variety from Ireland, with a flavor reminiscent of bananas.
Photo of Ariane

Ariane apple

A modern French dessert apple variety, with built-in resistance to scab. Ariane is an attractive red/yellow colour and has a pleasant mild apple flavour.
Photo of Arkansas Black

Arkansas Black apple

A long-keeping tart apple from Arkansas, USA - which goes almost black in storage.
Photo of Arlet

Arlet apple

A sweet mid-season dessert apple, developed in Switzerland and related to Golden Delicious.

Arlington Pippin apple

An attractive yellow/green apple with some red/orange flush. Shares its name with an old Gloucestershire (UK) pear variety.
Photo of Aroma

Aroma apple

A modern apple from Sweden, developed during the 1950s.
Photo of Aromatic Russet

Aromatic Russet apple

A high quality russet-style variety, sharper than Egremont Russet, with a rich flavour and occasionally a hint of lemon.

Arthur Turner apple

A well-known early season culinary apple. Cooks to a sweet puree. Grows easily in most situations.
Photo of Arthur W Barnes

Arthur W Barnes apple

An attractive and popular mid-season culinary apple, very versatile in the kitchen, cooks to a puree.
Photo of Ashmead's Kernel

Ashmead's Kernel apple

A very old apple variety, with a drab appearance which belies a unique peardrop flavour. Ashmead's Kernel is also one of very small number of English apple varieties that also thrives in North America.
Photo of Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold apple

Bright red blush over yellow-green. Keeps better than Golden Delicious.

Bailey Sweet apple

Distinctly sweet and of very good quality, but not a very good keeper. Skin tender, clear bright yellow largely covered with deep red. Flesh tinged with yellow, firm, moderately juicy, decidedly sweet.
Photo of Baldwin

Baldwin apple

A very popular old American apple variety, widely grown for culinary use, and a good keeper.

Ballarat Seedling apple

Large, green with red blush. Coarse, hard flesh. Subacid. Winter keeper, keeping several months without refrigeration. Excellent cooking apple.
Photo of Bardsey

Bardsey apple

Discovered growing on an island off the coast of North Wales, and considered very disease-resistant.
Photo of Barnack Beauty

Barnack Beauty apple

An attractive old English cooking apple.

Barry apple

Medium to large fruit with an intense solid dark red skin. Lasts 3 months in storage.
Photo of Baumann's Reinette

Baumann's Reinette apple

Sharp/sweet flavour but fairly bland, quite chewy - looks better than it tastes
Photo of Baya Marisa

Baya Marisa apple

A modern red-fleshed apple variety with a good flavour, developed in Germany, and also known as Tickled Pink.

Beacon apple

Beacon is a bright red early-season apple with a soft flesh, noted for its cold hardiness.

Beautiful Arcade apple

Fruit is yellow splashed with red. Short storage period.
Photo of Beauty of Bath

Beauty of Bath apple

A popular English garden apple from the Victorian era, one of the first to ripen.
Photo of Beauty of Hampshire

Beauty of Hampshire apple

An attractive 19th century dessert apple, possibly related to Blenheim Orange

Bedan apple

Bedan is a traditional French bittersweet cider variety.

Bedfordshire Foundling apple

Large angular cooking apple
Photo of Beeley Pippin

Beeley Pippin apple

A relatively unknown English 19th century dessert apple.
Photo of Belle de Boskoop

Belle de Boskoop apple

A popular old dual-purpose apple from the Netherlands.

Belmac apple

Very good flavored Mac-type.

Belmont apple

Large, yellow. Tender flesh. Mild.
Photo of Ben Davis

Ben Davis apple

Once a commercial variety in US. Large, attractive fruit. Bright red over yellow. Firm, coarse flesh. Not particularly flavorful. Winter keeper.
Photo of Benoni

Benoni apple

A mid-season heritage variety from Massachusetts, USA, with a pleasant sweet flavor.

Berner Rosen  apple

A popular Swiss apple variety, although not well-known elsewhere
Photo of Bess Pool

Bess Pool apple

Late keeping eating apple. Flesh rather dry with sweet pleasant flavor.
Photo of Beverley Pippin

Beverley Pippin apple

A very rare English apple from the town of Beverley in East Yorkshire, can be seen at the Beverley Millenium Orchard.

Beverly Hills apple

Pale, greenish-yellow skin with an orangish red flush and streaked dark red, russet dotes. Slightly tart flavor.

Billie Bound apple

Sweet, pleasant, lightly russeted apple of medium size to small.

Binet Rouge apple

A French (hard) cider apple variety from the Normandy region.
Photo of Bismarck

Bismarck apple

Cooks to golden yellow puree.

Black Amish apple

Dark purple colored apple

Black Gilliflower apple

Very uniform in shape and size. Large, oblong, conical ribbed fruit. Dark red deepening to almost black. Greenish white flesh. Rich, mild, sweet flavor and distinctive aroma. Hangs long on the tree but must not be allowed to over ripen as flesh soon becomes dry.

Black Oxford apple

Round deep purple fruit with a black bloom.

Blackjon apple

A brighter red than Jonathan.

Blacktwig apple

Fruit large to medium with green to yellow skin, flushed red. Flesh yellow, very firm. The ultimate in a tart apple. Tannic juice adds kick to sweet or hard cider.
Photo of Blenheim Orange

Blenheim Orange apple

An 18th century English dual-purpose apple which remains very popular as a garden variety.

Bloody Ploughman apple

A blood red apple from Scotland with a mild but sweet flavour.
Photo of Blue Pearmain

Blue Pearmain apple

An heirloom American apple variety, commonly found in New York state. Named for the blue-colored bloom.

Blushing Golden apple

Fruit is yellow with up to 50% of the fruit surface covered with a dirty orange-pink blush. Waxy yellow skin is rough, bruise resistant and will not shrivel even in storage. Flesh is yellowish white with a subacid flavor and a fermented aftertaste. Shape is conic and fruits weigh 0.35 to 0.4 pounds. A full rich flavor that develops in storage.
Photo of Boiken

Boiken apple

Medium-sized fruit, skin smooth and yellowish with red cheek. Flesh firm and fine grained. Refreshing, sprightly, subacid flavor.
Photo of Bolero

Bolero apple

One of the 'Ballerina' style apple varieties, developed from a McIntosh sport called Wijcik which grows in a naturally columnar style with no side-branches.

Bonnie Best apple

Fruits are large with attractive pale red striping. Flesh is creamy color, crunchy, tender, juicy and slightly tart. Keeps well in storage.
Photo of Bonza

Bonza apple

A chance seedling discovered in Australia.

Bottle Greening apple

Good keeper. Fruit large to medium sized. Skin thick, tough, green with yellow cast blushed red on one side. Flesh tender and very juicy, almost melting. Excellent quality. Bruises easily.
Photo of Bountiful

Bountiful apple

An easy-to-grow cooking apple, retains shape when cooked, fairly sweet for a cooker. Unusually for a cooking apple, it is quite modern - introduced by East Malling Research Station in the 1960s.

Bouteille de Lisieux apple

A French (hard) cider apple variety.
Photo of Braddick's Nonpareil

Braddick's Nonpareil apple

A little-known but high quality English dessert apple. Braddick's Nonpareil has a strong sharp flavour but with some underlying sweetness too - imagine sour honey (in a nice way) and you have it.
Photo of Braeburn

Braeburn apple

Braeburn was the first of the new wave of bi-colored supermarket apple varieties, and re-established the importance of flavor in commercial apples.

Braestar apple

Redder and ripening 3 to 5 days earlier than Braeburn.

Bramley 20 apple

A naturally less vigorous sport of the famous English cooking apple.
Photo of Bramley's Seedling

Bramley's Seedling apple

Bramley's Seedling is the definitive English cooking apple. It produces heavy crops of large apples with a sharp acidic flavour, which cook down to a smooth puree.

Breakey apple

Medium-sized fruit, yellow-green with red stripes

Bright Future apple

One of the last varieties developed by English apple breeder Hugh Ermen, introduced in 2008 in conjunction with organic charity Garden Organic.
Photo of Britemac

Britemac apple

Good McIntosh type. Large and attractive, brightly colored and the best for eating. Sweet, juicy, crisp, white flesh.

Broad-eyed pippin apple

A good quality and very old English culinary apple.

Broadholme Beauty apple

A mild-flavoured cooking apple, related to James Grieve.

Brock apple

Fruit is large and pinkish red over cream in color. Flavor is mildly sweet but distinctive.

Brown Snout apple

Brown Snout is a traditional English hard-cider variety, producing a mild bittersweet juice.

Brown Sweet apple

Fruits large ovate to oblong conic. Often narrow sharply towards the apex, sometimes ribbed and irregular. Skin moderately thick, tough, green or yellow, sometimes with red cheek and often russetted.   Flesh is tinged with yellow, fine and rather tender. Juicy, very sweet.

Brown's Apple

A traditional English cider variety, produces sharp juice.
Photo of Brown's Seedling

Brown's Seedling apple

An English culinary variety from Stamford. Rated by Hogg as handsome, excellent for culinary use, and a good keeper.
Photo of Brownlees Russet

Brownlees Russet apple

A popular English apple from the Victorian era, widely grown at the time and esteemed for its flavour and blossom.
Photo of Broxwood Foxwhelp

Broxwood Foxwhelp apple

A sport of the old English Foxwhelp cider variety, produces a bittersharp juice. Considered one of the best cider varieties.

Brushy Mountain Limbertwig apple

One of a group of antique American apples known as 'Limbertwigs', most of which are good keepers and useful for culinary purposes, often with an aromatic or spicy flavor.

Buckingham apple

Pale yellow flushed and mottled with red, and striped and blushed with bright red. The surface is covered with white dots. Shape is oblate and somewhat irregular with tough thick skin is tough and flesh juicy, yellow, crisp and sprightly subacid. It has a small core and a short stalk.

Buff apple

Large in size, the shape is flat, rectangular, convex and it is ribbed at the eye and prominently on the body. The greenish white flesh is fine-grained, crisp and sweet in flavor.

Bulmer's Norman apple

Specifically a cider variety. Bittersweet flavor.

Bundy's Ringwood Red apple

We have no information about this variety, other than that it probably originates from Ringwood in the southern UK.
Photo of Burgundy

Burgundy apple

Fruit is large, round, very intense pigment, almost blackish red. Solid blush without stripes. Skin is smooth and glossy. Flesh crisp, subacid, very good eating quality. Fruits hang well for 3 weeks after harvest ripe. Storage life is short, no more than a month.

Bushey Grove apple

Sharp acidic cooker, very juicy
Photo of Calville Blanc d'Hiver

Calville Blanc d'Hiver apple

The perfect choice for tarte aux pommes, its spicy aromatic flavor makes it one of the world's top culinary apples.

Calville Rouge d'Automne apple

Large, with characteristic ribbed shape. Skin pale red with a tinge of yellow. Sweet, slight strawberry flavor with tender, juicy flesh. Good fresh and for baked apples, keeps its form with a smooth creamy texture.

Cameo apple

A modern sweet variety, reminscent of Red Delicious.

Campfield apple

A cider apple of medium size. Skin is smooth and red, with small indistinct yellow spots and side away from the sun is typically greenish yellow. The flesh is white, firm, sweet and rich.   Form is round, flattened and somewhat sunk at the ends.

Candy Crisp apple

Glossy yellow, and generally russet free apple with an extremely mild, somewhat pear-like flavor. Large, conical fruits is occasionally blushed with soft pink.

Captain Kidd apple

Streaked bright red. Very good flavor, very sweet, juicy.

Cardinal Von Galen apple

Cooking and juice apple. Large, bright red fruit.

Carlos Queen apple

Large, green with red blush.

Carmeliter Reinette apple

Medium-sized, golden fruit flushed red and russeted. Sweet and aromatic.

Carroll apple

Excellent eating apple, also for cooking.
Photo of Catshead

Catshead apple

An ancient English apple, cooks to sharp firm puree.
Photo of Cellini

Cellini apple

An unusual Victorian variety, primarily a culinary apple but can be eaten fresh. One of the best examples of the aniseed component of apple flavours.

Charden apple

A modern French apple derived from Golden Delicious but with better disease resistance.
Photo of Charles Ross

Charles Ross apple

Handsome, juicy, versatile English classic - good for old-fashioned English cooking.

Cheddar Cross apple

Medium in size, flattened shape, and indistinctly ribbed at the eye and on the body. The skin is green and covered with russet. The creamy white finely textured flesh is subacid to slightly sweet in flavor. Savory with mellow acidity; crisp, juicy.
Photo of Cheerfull Gold

Cheerfull Gold apple

A modern English apple variety, derived from Cox's Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious.
Photo of Chehalis

Chehalis apple

Large greenish yellow apple, usually with a pink blush on exposed side. Resembles Golden Delicious in looks and flavor but larger, crisper and more elongated. Crisp, cream colored flesh. Medium-fine texture. Sweet, slightly honeyed, juicy eating and baking apple.
Photo of Chenango Strawberry

Chenango Strawberry apple

Medium to large fruit smooth, yellowish or greenish-white skin striped with crimson. Flesh juicy, mildly subacid, aromatic with a hint of strawberries. Skin smooth and tough. Pick when skin starts to turn milky.

Cherry Cox apple

Often shows dark red stripes and splashes of the solid red fruit. Keeps in storage one month longer than others of it's type.
Photo of Chieftain

Chieftain apple

Fruits are medium in size, round, and bright red. Flesh firm, juicy, white. Flavor subacid, milder than Jonathan but more sprightly than Delicious. Dual purpose, high quality. Keeps well.

Chinook apple

Small. Cherry red blush over yellow. Outstanding dessert quality. Very long keeper.

Chisel Jersey apple

Cider apple. Fruit green with red flush. Bittersweet flavor.
Photo of Chivers Delight

Chivers Delight apple

Delightful, easy-going apple, sweet, juicy, crunchy - and some aromatic qualities
Photo of Christmas Pearmain

Christmas Pearmain apple

Nice apple flavour, sweet but with refreshing sharpness, firm rather than crunchy
Photo of Christmas Pippin

Christmas Pippin apple

A modern Cox-style variety, found growing by a roadside.

Cinnamon Spice apple

Medium sized apple, dark red with some yellow background color. Cinnamon flavored.
Photo of Clark's Seedling

Clark's Seedling apple

An English culinary apple from the 1920s, uncertain origins. Widely known as Royal George.
Photo of Claygate Pearmain

Claygate Pearmain apple

A popular Victorian dessert apple, named after the village where it was discovered.
Photo of Cockett's Red

Cockett's Red apple

A small but pretty red eating apple from Cambridgeshire, with a somewhat sharp flavour which mellows in storage.
Photo of Cockpit Improved

Cockpit Improved apple

A Yorkshire cooker, cooks to a sweet puree. An improved version of the original Cockpit.

Coconut Crunch apple

A crisp, hard, winter apple which has a strong resemblance to Northern Spy, one of its parents.
Photo of Coeur de Boeuf

Coeur de Boeuf apple

Another ancient French cooker, cooks to lemon coloured sweet puree

Cole's Quince apple

Cooking apple in July, eating apple when ripe. Large, ribbed yellow fruit with a firm red juicy flesh. Mild, rich quince flavor and aroma. Very rare.

Connell Red apple

Very productive, very hardy, large dark red high quality eating apple. Connell Red is a gorgeous Fireside type. A good late keeping apple for northern areas.
Photo of Cornish Aromatic

Cornish Aromatic apple

Old-fashioned variety from Cornwall, some pineapple flavours, very enjoyable
Photo of Cornish Gilliflower

Cornish Gilliflower apple

An important English apple of the Victorian era, with a good sweet aromatic flavour.
Photo of Cortland

Cortland apple

One of the more successful McIntosh offspring, with all the usual characteristics, including the sweet vinous flavour.

Cosmic Crisp apple

Marketed as a new non-GMO non-browning apple, Cosmic Crisp inherits reliability and disease-resistance from Enterprise and crisp flavor from Honeycrisp. Originally known as WA38.

Cottenham Seedling apple

A well-regarded early 20th century cooking apple from the east of England with a good pedigree.

Court Of Wick apple

Small to medium. Conical. Golden yellow skin, blushed red and spotted with russet. Flavor is strong and fruity.
Photo of Court Pendu Plat

Court Pendu Plat apple

Ancient French dessert variety, rich intense unique flavour
Photo of Cox's Orange Pippin

Cox's Orange Pippin apple

This is the benchmark for flavor in apples - from a good tree in a good year it can achieve exceptional flavor.

Crawley Beauty apple

Primarily a culinary variety, cooks to a puree with a delicate apple flavour - but can be eaten fresh after storing. Good disease resistance and tolerates a wide range of soil types.

Creston apple

Does not color well. Softens in storage. Greasy skin.

Crimson Crisp apple

Small to medium. Very bright mid-range red over yellow. Extremely crisp. Very good, rich flavor. Sweet/sharp flavor, spicy. Originally known as Coop 39.

Criterion apple

Larger fruit with dark red skin underlaid with stripes. Crisp pure white flesh resists browning when cut. Tart tangy flavor. Dessert quality. Excellent for eating out of hand, cooking, and cider.

Crofton apple

Red Delicious shape, Yellow Delicious character. Yellowish green skin with a beautiful distinctive reddish pink blush. Mildly sweet flesh. Good for fresh eating, cooking, freezing, drying.

Cybele Delrouval apple

An excellent new variety from France - sweet, crisp, juicy - one of the best mid-season varieties.
Photo of D'Arcy Spice

D'Arcy Spice apple

An old apple variety from the county of Essex in south-east England with several unusual characteristics, and notable for its spice-like flavour.
Photo of Dabinett

Dabinett apple

A very high quality English cider variety, provides a bittersweet juice for cider making.

Daliclass apple

Essentially an improved Elstar, with a bit more sharpness.

Dalitron apple

A modern yellow apple developed in France. Being promoted in the UK by M&S under the name Amelia.

Dandee Red apple

Bright red. McIntosh flavor. Keeps 3 months (very long for its season).
Photo of Davey

Davey apple

Highly colored, bright red, distinctly flavored, of Baldwin texture and keeping qualities. Good, brisk taste, hint of strawberry flavor, crisp and juicy.
Photo of Dawn

Dawn apple

A good-looking dessert variety, fairly sharp flavour

Dayton apple

Fruit is medium-large, full red and sweet.
Photo of Decio

Decio apple

Probably the oldest variety in existence, thought to date back to Roman times

Delblush apple

Medium, oblong, conical shape. Golden yellow with orange blush. Lenticels prominent. Crisp, firm, and juicy. Sweet, subacid, intensely aromatic to some. Keeps well.

Delcon apple

Full sized, dark red fruits shaped like a Delicious. Sweet, crisp, juicy, white flesh. Good fresh and for pies. Keeps into the winter.
Photo of Delicious

Delicious apple

One of the most famous and important American apple varieties. The original Delicious has a flavor that many find superior to the numerous sports such as Red Delicious that have been developed from it.
Photo of Delprim

Delprim apple

A good quality early-season variety, developed by the Delbard nursery in France, with an interesting pedigree. Deserves to be more widely grown.

Detroit Red apple

Classic deep red apple. Soft, snow white flesh. Curious ridges about the calyx.
Photo of Devonshire Quarrenden

Devonshire Quarrenden apple

A very old English apple variety, historically important because of its strawberry-like flavour.
Photo of Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee apple

Sharp puree, crisp juicy dessert later in season
Photo of Discovery

Discovery apple

A popular English early apple variety, and a good choice for the garden.

Doctor Harvey apple

Originates from East Anglia in the 1600s. Named after Dr Gabriel Harvey of Cambridge.

Doctor Matthews apple

Red and red-striped skin with fine crisp, juicy, creamy flesh. It has a mild but aromatic flavor. An excellent keeper.

Dog's Snout apple

A primitive green culinary apple, peculiar to the county of Yorkshire.
Photo of Dorsett Golden

Dorsett Golden apple

A remarkable early-season apple, well-adapted to tropical climates and with a very low chill requirement.
Photo of Duchess of Oldenburg

Duchess of Oldenburg apple

An attractive early-season apple, originating from Russia in the 18th century, and now quite widely grown in northern Europe and the USA.

Duchess's Favourite apple

Duchess's Favourite is a small red traditional summer eating apple from the 19th century.
Photo of Duke of Devonshire

Duke of Devonshire apple

An important Victorian apple with a distinctive fruity flavour, and often russeted. Continues to be quietly popular.

Dulcet apple

Deep red apple with a faint stripe and pronounced lenticels. Flesh is white, crisp and enhanced with a mild, sweet flavor that is very aromatic.
Photo of Dumelow's Seedling

Dumelow's Seedling apple

One of the best cooking apples of the Victoria era. More correctly known as Dumeller's Seedling.

Earliblaze apple

These semi-tart apples are crisp with just the right mixture of sweetness and zip for fresh off the tree eating. Smooth striped skin is cherry red and very attractive.
Photo of Earligold

Earligold apple

As an early season apple, Earligold is a good eating and cooking apple.

Early Fuji apple

Similar to regular Fuji, but harvests six weeks earlier.

Early Harvest apple

Cooking apple, especially good for sauce, and eating apple when fully ripe. Golden with slight blush of brownish orange. Crisp, tender, creamy white flesh with subacid flavor

Early Strawberry apple

Small, sprightly, aromatically flavored with solid rich dark red skin and crisp yellowish flesh sometimes streaked with red.

Eddie April apple

A large apple with a firmer flesh than Yellow Delicious and a fine strawberry aroma.

Eden apple

Developed in Canada in the 1970s and introduced around 2006 under the trade name Eden, the flesh of this variety does not turn brown when cut. Not to be confused with the English variety called Eden which was introduced in the 1950s.

Edith Smith apple

Medium size. Red blush over cream.
Photo of Edward VII

Edward VII apple

A popular English garden cooking apple, very easy to grow.
Photo of Egremont Russet

Egremont Russet apple

The definitive English russet apple, with the charateristic sweet/dry "nutty" flavour.

Elise apple

A new apple variety developed to have low levels of the allergenic compounds which can cause mild allergic reaction to apples in some people.
Photo of Ellison's Orange

Ellison's Orange apple

One of the best offspring of Cox's Orange Pippin, with a distinct aniseed flavor.
Photo of Elstar

Elstar apple

One of the best Golden Delicious offspring, the sweet/sharp flavor is more reminscent of Cox's Orange Pippin.
Photo of Elton Beauty

Elton Beauty apple

An attractive early-season English apple, related to James Grieve.

Emneth Early apple

Also known as Early Victoria, Emneth Early is a very early-season "codlin" type apple. It was grown commercially in East Anglia and elsewhere, particularly for jam production.
Photo of Empire

Empire apple

One of the best McIntosh-style apples, with a good sweet vinous flavor, and easy to grow.

Empress apple

Fruit is medium sized, 90% red, with excellent eating quality and the aromatics of Jonamac.
Photo of Enterprise

Enterprise apple

A modern American late-season disease-resistant apple with a sharp flavor and good keeping qualities.
Photo of Epicure

Epicure apple

Small, firm early apple. Very good dessert quality. Often known as Laxton's Epicure.

Erwin Bauer apple

Eating apple. Medium size fruit, deep yellow skin with stripes. Flesh especially hard and crisp with sweet aromatic flavor.
Photo of Esopus Spitzenburg

Esopus Spitzenburg apple

One of the great American apple varieties, thought to be Thomas Jefferson's favourite. Noted for its spicy flavour, and for its susceptibility to any and every disease afflicting apples.

Estivale apple

A very good early/mid-season apple from France, also known as Delcorf and Delbarestivale.

Etter's Gold apple

Medium to large, greenish yellow fruit ripening to a clear golden color. Excellent eating quality. Good for cooking. Flesh remains crisp and juicy even after months in storage.

Evelina apple

Evelina is a red-coloured sport of Pinova, a modern disease-resistant apple related to Golden Delicious and Cox's Orange Pippin.

Excel Jonagold apple

More acid than Jonagold.

Exeter Cross apple

Small to medium size. Red stripes over greenish yellow. Crisp, sweet, juicy with sharp flavor.
Photo of Fall Pippin

Fall Pippin apple

Large, yellow fall apple. Good flavor and keeper. Flesh tender, rich and of very good quality. Excellent for eating but especially desirable for culinary use.

Fallawater apple

Good sauce and culinary apple. Large, green fruit turning to light green upon ripening. Sometimes over 6 inches in diameter. Subacid to mildly sweet flavor.
Photo of Falstaff

Falstaff apple

Popular garden apple tree, very heavy crops, easy to grow, very juicy.
Photo of Fameuse

Fameuse apple

A very hardy apple variety. Also known as the Snow Apple of Quebec, from plantings in early French settlements in Quebec.

Fearn's Pippin apple

An attractive old English dessert variety from the 18th century.
Photo of Feltham Beauty

Feltham Beauty apple

An early season English apple, ripens in mid-August. The flavour is sweeter than most early varieties.
Photo of Fiesta

Fiesta apple

One of the best Cox-style apples, and much easier to grow. Often marketed as Red Pippin.

Filippa apple

Considered one of the best seedlings of Gravenstein.
Photo of Fireside

Fireside apple

Large conical fruit. Green skin with scarlet stripes and sometimes a mottled orange flush. Crisp, sweet, juicy greenish white to yellow flesh. Excellent eating apple.

Firmgold apple

Flesh is fine textured and very sweet. Good russet resistance. Sizes easily to 3" and hangs well on the tree.

Five Crown Pippin apple

Medium size. Green.
Photo of Flamenco

Flamenco apple

A columnar or ballarina style apple variety.
Photo of Florina

Florina apple

Medium to large. Very attractive purple-red over yellow. Medium firm. Aromatic. Keeps well.
Photo of Forfar

Forfar apple

Versatile cooker, recommended for apple charlotte
Photo of Fortune

Fortune apple

A very good North American eating apple with a "spicy" flavor. Fruit large, with an attractive color. Flesh yellow. Subject to bitter pit.
Photo of Foster's Seedling

Foster's Seedling apple

A surprisingly good-looking Victorian cooking apple, which cooks to a very sharp puree

Foxwhelp apple

Dusky red skin, flesh is considered bitter sharp. Strictly for cider.

Franklin apple

Well-colored fruit. Tender, crisp flesh, mild flavor. Resembles shape of Delicious, but far superior in eating quality.

Frauen Rotacher apple

Medium sized fruit with greenish-yellow skin flushed and striped with red and with russet dots. Flesh is firm, crisp, white and fine-textured with a sweet subacid flavor.
Photo of Freedom

Freedom apple

Good multi-use apple. Medium to large red fruit on almost invisible yellow skin. Crisp, juicy, sweet, good-tasting flesh. Subacid, sprightly flavor.
Photo of Freyberg

Freyberg apple

The sweetness of Golden Delicious married to strong flavour of Cox - but takes after Golden Delicious. Also known as Freyburg.

Frostbite apple

One of the first varieties developed by the University of Minnesota, but only released around 2008. Previously known as MN 447. Frostbite has played an important role in the development of many other cold-hardy varieties.
Photo of Fuji

Fuji apple

Developed in Japan, but an all-American cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. A very attractive modern apple, crisp, sweet-flavoured, and keeps well.
Photo of Gala

Gala apple

One of the most widely-grown apple varieties, with a sweet pleasant flavour, and good keeping qualities.

Gala Supreme apple

Similar to Gala with striped red color and a snappy sweet flavor.

Galarina apple

Small to medium size. Variable reddish coloring over green-yellow (when not fully colored). Some ribbing. Five-pointed calyx end. Smooth, thick, tough skin. Keeps 4+ months in excellent condition, holding flavor better than Gala.
Photo of Galloway Pippin

Galloway Pippin apple

A good quality Scottish cooking apple.

Gano apple

Fruit has light yellow skin that is striped and flushed red. It turns purple-red upon ripening. Flesh firm, crisp and juicy, subacid flavor.

Garden Royale apple

Very balanced, mild, and subacidic. Light yellow with splashes of orange, green, and red.  It is considered by many to be one of the best eating apples of late summer and early autumn. The flesh is firm, very tender, aromatic, and with a delicate, pleasant acid flavor.

Garland apple

A disease resistant McIntosh type.
Photo of Gascoyne's Scarlet

Gascoyne's Scarlet apple

Produces a pink juice
Photo of Gavin

Gavin apple

Early attempt to breed a scab-resistant dessert apple, surprisingly good sweet/sharp flavour - an under-rated apple

George Carpenter apple

The color is a brighter yellow and the scarlet more abundant, brighter and deeper.
Photo of George Cave

George Cave apple

A very early English apple, popular as a garden apple variety.

Gernes Red Acre apple

Glossy deep red skin encloses firm yellow flesh. Good flavor and an excellent keeper. Heat resistant.

Gilbert Gold apple

Crisp, juicy, and sweet with more flavor than its parent. Hangs well on the tree.
Photo of Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold apple

An attractive yellow apple from Virginia
Photo of Gladstone

Gladstone apple

An old English summer apple, dating back to the 1780s, but re-introduced in 1868 by Mr Jackson of Blakedown Nursery as Jackson's Seedling. Renamed Gladstone in 1883.
Photo of Glockenapfel

Glockenapfel apple

A very old European apple variety with a distinctive bell-like shape.
Photo of Gloster

Gloster apple

Conic shape, attractive fully red fruit with calyx end shoulder bumps. Larger, mostly 3" diameter. Good flavor, crisp flesh. Tarter flavor than Delicious.
Photo of Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apple

Undoubtedly one of the most important apple varieties of the 20th century, both as a commercial variety in its own right, and as breeding stock for many other varieties. Very good flavor when home-grown.

Golden Earl apple

Very hard, yellow apple. The flesh is very coarse and dryish. The flavor has components of both Honeygold and Haralson with the crunchiness of Northwestern Greening. Interesting traits of this apple are the ripeness bumps and deep calyx.

Golden Haralson apple

Gold apple with pink blush on side of apple facing the sun. Taste similar to Haralson - mildly tart.
Photo of Golden Harvey

Golden Harvey apple

Intense, sweet, sharp-flavored russet apple famous for strong cider.
Photo of Golden Noble

Golden Noble apple

A sweet-flavoured cooking apple, and a good tree for the garden.
Photo of Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget apple

A small, broadly conical, long-stemmed predominately yellow fruit with orange streaks and splashes. Crisp, juicy flesh with extra sweet, rich, mellow flavor. Fine for eating out of hand, excellent for pies, sauce and apple butter. Short keeping life.

Golden Pearmain apple

An extremely good eating apple of medium size and rather flat form. The skin is rough with a large portion of bright russet mingled with red toward the sun when fully ripe. The flesh is rich, tender and rather dry. It is a good uniform bearer. Valuable for cider and for family use.
Photo of Golden Pippin

Golden Pippin apple

Yellow colored with a sharp, intense fruity flavor.
Photo of Golden Reinette

Golden Reinette apple

A very old variety, popular in 18th and 19th centuries, a pleasant mild dry flavour.
Photo of Golden Russet

Golden Russet apple

Golden Russet is usually considered as one of the best-flavored of the American russet apples.
Photo of Golden Spire

Golden Spire apple

A good quality yellow cooking apple.

Golden Supreme apple

Yellow with pink blush, medium to large fruit, ideally conic but often somewhat oblate. White to light-cream colored flesh is firm, moderately crisp, and juicy to very juicy. The flavor is sweet to mildly sweet and pleasant with little or no detectable acid.

Golden Sweet apple

Dessert and excellent sauce apple. Good for cider. Medium-large pale yellow fruit with very sweet, juicy, rich flavor.
Photo of GoldRush

GoldRush apple

A modern disease-resistant apple variety related to Golden Delicious, with crisp hard flesh and a good sugar / acid balance.

Goodland apple

Excellent eating apple and a delicious and aromatic sauce apple. Roundish red and yellow fruit. Flesh crisp, juicy, tender.

Goof apple

A round, medium sized apple, pale green overlaid with deep purplish-red, and faint yellow streaks. White flesh is crisp, juicy and moderately subacid.
Photo of Granny Smith

Granny Smith apple

The most instantly-recognised of all apples, and perhaps Australia's most famous export.

Gravenstein apple

An old apple variety from Denmark which remains very popular in both Europe and North America on account of its high quality flavor.

Green Balsam apple

A 19th century variety grown in a small part of the county of North Yorkshire, and known as "the farmer's wife's apple".

Green Harvey apple

An old green dual-purpose apple with a sweet-sharp flavour. This is probably not related to Harvey or Golden Harvey varieties.

Green Sweet apple

A desirable late keeping apple excellent for either eating or culinary use. It holds it's flavor and remains crisp, brittle and juicy until spring. Skin grass-green becoming a pretty yellow with a thin brownish red blush in highly colored specimens. Flesh greenish-white, tender, fine grained, juicy, very sweet.
Photo of Greensleeves

Greensleeves apple

A good garden apple, with a pleasant but unexceptional flavour.
Photo of Grenadier

Grenadier apple

If you want an early-season English cooking apple, this is the one - good flavour for all sorts of culinary uses, very easy to grow, and crops well.
Photo of Grimes Golden

Grimes Golden apple

Great historical interest as the probable parent of Golden Delicious, with similar sweet flavour and good keeping qualities, and widely planted during early 20th century.

Grove apple

Fruit is medium large, conic in shape, having a dull finish, striped orange-red over yellow green. The flesh is pale cream color, very sweet and juicy.

Haas apple

Green-yellow ribbed fruit with red stripes. Tender white flesh sometimes stained red. Qunce-like texture.

Hampshire apple

Fruits are large and uniformly round to oblate with 100% red blush with little striping. Skin is thin and tough, flesh creamy white, slow to discolor. Subacid, yet mildly sweet, sprightly, good aromatics. Has excellent storage life.

Haralred apple

Selection of Red Haralson. Earlier, redder, and sweeter, without the common russeting problem many Haralsons have. Juicy, tart, firm flesh. Good keeper. Haralred is the tradename, the variety name is Lautz.
Photo of Haralson

Haralson apple

Good baking, eating and cider apple. Flesh is crisp, juicy, firm. Mildly tart flavor, not acid. Holds its shape and texture in baking. Retains good flavor in keeping.

Harcourt apple

Fair quality.

Harry Masters Jersey apple

A traditional English cider apple variety, producing a bittersweet juice.

Hauer Pippin apple

Large, crisp, hard, juicy, tasty, tart apple

Hauxapfel apple

Known as a cider apple, very good for cooking and baking. Excellent eating for those who enjoy a crisp, tart apple. Medium to large fruit. Red stripes over green skin.

Hawaii apple

Gourmet dessert apple with a flavor and aroma like pineapple. Large, yellow fruit with light pinkish orange striping gives overall orange appearance. Exceptionally sweet flavor is largely influenced by Gravenstein.
Photo of Hawkeye Delicious

Hawkeye Delicious apple

This is the original Delicious, the one that earned the name. This genuine original strain of the world's most widely grown apple has never been improved on as far as eating quality is concerned, superior to all spur types.

Hawley apple

Large fruit with smooth, waxy skin, greenish yellow in color with an inconspicuous brown blush.   Russet dots and flecks cover most of the surface, especially toward the cavity and the stem is about 3/4" long in a wide, deep cavity. The flesh is yellowish white, fine-grained, soft, juicy and subacid.

Hayne's Seedling apple

Excellent quality and a fine keeper. Green shading to pale yellow when ripe.
Photo of Hazen

Hazen apple

Large round dark red fruit. Greenish yellow, medium firm, juicy, very sweet flesh; mildly subacid flavor. Pleasant for eating, good dessert and cooking apple. Named after both the nearby town of Hazen, and Dean Arlon Hazen, the Director of the North Dakota Experiment Station.

Henry Clay apple

Yellow and red fruit is similar to Yellow Transparent. Medium size, shaped flat to intermediate. Ribbed at eye and on the body, often asymmetric. Skin green with pinkish orange flush, russet dots and occasional russet patches. Flesh is soft, juicy, greenish white, flavor slightly acid.
Photo of Herefordshire Redstreak

Herefordshire Redstreak apple

An old English cider variety producing a bittersharp juice. Although grown commercially in the 18th century, it was almost unknown by the mid-19th century. The Improved Redstreak variety in the UK National Fruit Collection is assumed to be an example of the original variety.
Photo of Herefordshire Russet

Herefordshire Russet apple

A modern russet with an excellent strong Cox-like flavour, could displace Egremont Russet
Photo of Herrings Pippin

Herrings Pippin apple

Excellent eating and cooking apple. Fruit large, deep green, colored crimson on one side. Flesh crisp but tender when ripe. Spicy flavor, pleasing aroma.

Heyer 12 apple

Green to yellow, medium sized fruit. Soft, tart, juicy cooking apple.

Heyer 20 apple

Medium to medium large yellowish green apple with a crisp, juicy, sweet flavor.

Histon Favourite apple

One of a number of apple varieties developed by the Chivers family, who owned a well-known jam manufacturing business in Histon, Cambridgeshire. Histon Favourite is a late-season eating apple, which according to Taylor achieved "medium prices only" in local markets.

Hokuto apple

Fruit is large, round in shape with red stripes on a yellowish background. Pale yellow flesh with high sugar and excellent flavor.

Holiday apple

High quality fine flavored eating apple. It has inherited the good eating qualities of it's parents with the rich flavor of Jonathan and the white juicy flesh of Macoun. Shiny bright red over yellow skin with a prominent dotting.

Holly apple

Large outstandingly beautiful apple has the color of the holly berry. Its shape is conic, sometimes having a blockish appearance. The glossy skin is evenly blushed with pinkish to deep, solid red. The creamy white flesh is mild in flavor, juicy and quite sweet, similar to Delicious. It keeps well until January. Fruit hangs well on the tree.
Photo of Holstein

Holstein apple

Noted for its excellent orange-yellow juice, fairly soft, slight pineapple flavour
Photo of Honey Pippin

Honey Pippin apple

An English Cox-style apple, said to have a "honeyed" flavour.
Photo of Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp apple

Sometimes marketed as Honey Crisp or Honeycrunch, this is a crisp, and predominantly sweet, modern variety from the USA. It was developed by the University of Minnesota specifically for growers in cold climates, and is one of the most cold-hardy of apple varieties.
Photo of Honeygold

Honeygold apple

Hardy substitute for Golden Delicious developed especially for cold northern areas. Golden Delicious flavor, Haralson hardiness. Medium to large golden to greenish fruit with very smooth finish and reddish bronze blush. Flavor is sweeter and more bland than Golden Delicious. High quality. Superior storage qualities.

Hoople's Antique Gold apple

Stripes against a yellow background, sometimes russeted, medium to large size with russeting. Rich, lightly aromatic flavor, juicy sweet flesh with excellent flavor.
Photo of Horneburger Pfannkuchen

Horneburger Pfannkuchen apple

A good quality late-season German culinary apple.

Horse apple

Greenish yellow in color usually with a pink blush. The fruit is medium to large. It is very tart until fully ripened. Firm white flesh white stained red. A little tough, sprightly, subacid, aromatic.
Photo of Howgate Wonder

Howgate Wonder apple

Very large cooker, not great flavour when cooked but excellent sharp juice

Hubbardston Nonesuch apple

Large, rugged fruit with red skin, highlight of gold. Flesh hard, crisp yet fine-grained. Sprightly and rich flavor, becoming sweeter when fully ripe.

Hudson's Golden Gem apple

Excellent eating apple. Large conical and elongated fruit. Dull yellow russet skin. Crisp, sugary flesh with nutty flavor.

Hunt Russet apple

Fruit medium sized, golden russet with broken patches of smooth bright red on the cheek. It is quite attractive for a russet apple, excellent in quality and a good keeper. Known to keep in root cellars over a year.

Hunthouse apple

A particularly hardy and productive old cooking apple, originating from the north east coast of Yorkshire.
Photo of Idared

Idared apple

Idared is notable for its exceptional keeping qualities. It has a pleasant mild but undistinguished apple flavor.
Photo of Indo

Indo apple

A very sweet variety from Japan.
Photo of Ingrid Marie

Ingrid Marie apple

A Cox-style apple from Denmark, quite popular in northern Europe.

Initial apple

Initial is an early/mid-season disease-resistant variety from France, related to Gala.
Photo of Irish Peach

Irish Peach apple

A very early season apple, thought to come from Ireland, and a popular garden variety in the UK.

Itzstedster Apfel apple

Pastel yellow with pastel pink cheek. Quite unusual, sweet-tart flavor with a hint of almond.
Photo of James Grieve

James Grieve apple

A versatile cooking apple, excellent for juice, and widely used in breeding programmes.
Photo of Jazz

Jazz apple

Proof that supermarket apples are no longer bland and boring, Jazz has crisp flesh with a superb rich peardrop flavor.

Jefferies apple

Choice early fall apple. Thin-skinned fruit, light red with darker red stripes. Flesh is juicy, crisp yet melting. Rich, pear-like flavor.

Jersey Mac apple

Medium sized red apple with yellow/green splashes. Flesh is crisp and juicy with a tart flavor. Does not store well.
Photo of Jester

Jester apple

An attractive unpretentious apple, crisp and refreshing, nice flavour but rather bland.

Johnny Voun apple

An old English apple variety, possibly from Devon / Cornwall, possibly a cider apple variety.

Jonadel apple

Solid medium fruit, orange red streaked color. Flesh is yellowish white and fine grained.
Photo of Jonafree

Jonafree apple

Medium size, bright red, fully or nearly fully colored. Flavor is Jonathan-like, but less acid. Keeps 10 weeks.
Photo of Jonagold

Jonagold apple

A very popular commercial variety, with a good flavour. Inherits many of the good qualities of its parents Jonathan and Golden Delicious.
Photo of Jonagored

Jonagored apple

Conical shaped apple with streaky red blush, crackled with russet that masks large tan lenticels. Light Yellow green flesh. Very juicy and sweet, tempered with a little tartness.

Jonagrimes apple

As the name suggests, Jonagrimes is a cross between Jonathan and Grimes Golden.
Photo of Jonalicious

Jonalicious apple

The perfect combination of sugar and spice - taste of Red Delicious and the tart freshness of Jonathan. A crisp texture makes it ideal for eating, cooking or fresh eating. Keeps extremely well. 2½ to 3 inch fruit is bright red with yellow under color.
Photo of Jonamac

Jonamac apple

Medium size, firm fruit with 90% dark red color over greenish background. Flesh firm, crisp, high quality with flavor similar to McIntosh.
Photo of Jonared

Jonared apple

Flavor similar to Jonathan
Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan apple

A classic American variety, and widely regarded as one of the best flavoured with a good sweet/sharp balance. A precocious and productive tree in US apple-growing regions.

Jonwin apple

It has the crisper texture of the Baldwin combined with the Jonathan's distinctive aromatic flavor, and is a brighter red than either.
Photo of Jordan Russet

Jordan Russet apple

Juicy, hard, red russet. Excellent keeper. Very winter hardy. Makes delicious cider.
Photo of Jubilee

Jubilee apple

One of the lesser-known McIntosh-style apples.
Photo of July Red

July Red apple

Very attractive, large, red fruit. Strongly scented with vinous or loganberry flavor; sweet, soft, juicy, white flesh.

Junami apple

A new bi-coloured apple from Switzerland, quite similar to Elstar in appearance.
Photo of Jupiter

Jupiter apple

One of the best Cox-style varieties, slightly more robust flavour than Cox

Kalei apple

A recent disease-resistant introduction from Australia, derived from Gala.
Photo of Kandil Sinap

Kandil Sinap apple

Tall cylindrical apple. Creamy, yellow porcelain-like skin with red blush. Crisp, juicy, fine-textured flesh, excellent flavor.
Photo of Kanzi

Kanzi apple

A great modern dessert variety, derived from Braeburn.
Photo of Karin Schneider

Karin Schneider apple

A red-colored sport of Ingrid Marie. Medium large fruit, yellow skinned with crimson. Sweet, aromatic flavor.
Photo of Karmijn de Sonnaville

Karmijn de Sonnaville apple

A Cox-style apple from the Netherlands, very attractive autumnal colours, and the potential for very good flavor.
Photo of Katy

Katy apple

A very attractive and easy-to-grow early apple variety from Sweden, properly called Katya - Katy is the anglicised name.
Photo of Keepsake

Keepsake apple

Unattractive, irregularly shaped, 2.25 to 2.75 inch diameter, 90% red fruit. Fine grained, hard, very crisp, juicy light yellow flesh. Strongly aromatic flavor. Very hardy. Mellows with age. Attains peak fresh eating quality in January or February. Keeps in storage through April.

Kent apple

Greenish-yellow fruit that is flushed and striped red. Crisp, white flesh that is juicy with a sweet-sharp and aromatic flavor.
Photo of Kentish fillbasket

Kentish fillbasket apple

A 19th century English cooker, "first rate quality" according to Hogg, and as the name suggests, a very large apple
Photo of Kerry Pippin

Kerry Pippin apple

Small shiny yellow fruit, sometimes striped red. Crisp, crunchy, hard flesh.

Keswick Codlin apple

An old but ever-popular early-season English cooking apple.
Photo of Kidd's Orange Red

Kidd's Orange Red apple

Marries the complex aromatic qualities of English Cox apples with the scented flavour of American Delicious. A good apple for the gardener as well.

Kiku apple

A red-sport of Fuji, grown primarily in Italy.
Photo of King Charles Pearmain

King Charles Pearmain apple

An attractive 19th century pearmain-shaped apple with a dull golden yellow skin. The flesh is firm, fairly juicy, and strongly flavoured.

King Cole apple

Bright red Jonathan flush, smooth skinned dessert variety. Good brisk tasting fruit, keeps until January.
Photo of King David

King David apple

A good quality American apple variety, notable for its resistance to fireblight.

King Luscious apple

Very large apple. Streaky, somewhat dull red over yellow green. Yellowish-white, fine-grained, crisp and juicy flesh.
Photo of King of the Pippins

King of the Pippins apple

A good early/mid-season dual-purpose variety, thought to originate from 18th century France (where it is known as Reine de Reinettes) but widely grown in England since Victorian times.
Photo of King of Tompkins County

King of Tompkins County apple

An old American variety from New Jersey. The fruit is very large, and keeps well.
Photo of King's Acre Pippin

King's Acre Pippin apple

A good late-season English dessert apple, with a strong flavour. Keeps well.
Photo of Kingston Black

Kingston Black apple

An important English hard-cider apple variety, producing a bittersharp juice.

Kinsei apple

Large blushed yellow apple that is sweet and firm. Some calyx russetting can occur in warmer districts. Storage is rated excellent.

Knobbed Russet apple

Green and yellow fruit, sometimes scarlet streaked in the sun. Uneven surface is overlaid with rough gray and black russet, welts and knobs; worthy of its name. Crisp, rich, sugary, highly flavored flesh of the highest quality.
Photo of Lady Apple

Lady Apple

Lady, or Api, is an old French apple variety with a good aromatic flavor, and many decorative uses.

Lady Henniker apple

A well-regarded large late-season Victorian apple variety, primarily a cooker.
Photo of Lady Hollendale

Lady Hollendale apple

An attractive crimson-striped early-season English apple, originating in East Anglia.
Photo of Lady Sudeley

Lady Sudeley apple

A well-known and attractive English early-season apple from the late Victorian era.
Photo of Lady Williams

Lady Williams apple

An attractive red flushed Australian apple of uncertain parentage, but with excellent keeping qualities.
Photo of Lakeland

Lakeland apple

Medium sized fruit dark red striped. Flesh is yellow sometimes slightly tinged with red. Fine textured, juicy, and mildly acid. Excellent for pies and sauce. Good all-purpose apple. Good keeper, keeping until December.

Lamb Abbey Pearmain apple

Small and intensely flavored with a hint of pineapple
Photo of Lane's Prince Albert

Lane's Prince Albert apple

A classic Victorian English cooking apple, and remains a popular garden variety.

Langton's Nonsuch apple

An old English variety, originating in Church Langton, Leicestershire, from which its name derives.

Late Harrison apple

Medium in size and round to oblong in shape, the yellow skin has black dots, and the yellow flesh is coarse and dry
Photo of Laxton's Fortune

Laxton's Fortune apple

A popular English Cox-style variety, with a sweeter flavour and easier to grow, raised by the famous Laxton Bros. nursery in Bedford, UK.
Photo of Laxton's Superb

Laxton's Superb apple

The definitive late Victorian dessert apple, firm, Cox-style but sweeter, understated but very "more-ish".

Leather Coat apple

Medium, golden-yellow skin covered with russeting. Sweet-sharp intense flavor.
Photo of Lemon Pippin

Lemon Pippin apple

Good for drying. Small, yellow dotted fruit with greenish-white, crisp, acid flesh.
Photo of Liberty

Liberty apple

Sounds like an heirloom variety, but actually a modern American apple variety, developed specifically for disease resistance.

Limbertwig apple

Medium size and deep or dull red color. Flesh is yellowish, hard, aromatic.
Photo of Limelight

Limelight apple

Developed by UK apple breeder H. Ermen, based on the Greensleeves apple from East Malling Research Station.

Lindamac apple

One hundred percent red, otherwise same as McIntosh.

Little Pax apple

A new English apple variety, recently discovered at St. Cecilia's Abbey on the Isle of Wight.
Photo of Lobo

Lobo apple

A McIntosh-style apple from Canada, generally believed to be better all-round than its parent.
Photo of Lodi

Lodi apple

An attractive yellow early-season apple with a sharp flavor, best used for cooking.

Lombart's Calville apple

Medium-large yellow fruit. Sweet, juicy, rich flavor.

Lord Burghley apple

A well-regarded Victorian winter dessert apple, and an excellent keeper.
Photo of Lord Derby

Lord Derby apple

A popular good-quality English cooking apple of the Victorian era.
Photo of Lord Hindlip

Lord Hindlip apple

A versatile English dessert variety from the late Victorian era, and one of the longest-keeping apples.
Photo of Lord Lambourne

Lord Lambourne apple

Popular garden variety, many uses, good balance of sweet and sharp

Lord Peckover apple

An early-season apple, originating from the East Anglia region of England, with an attractive crimson flushed skin.

Lubsk Queen apple

White porcelain-like skin with splashes and blushes of bright pink and red. Firm, tart snow-white flesh. Brisk flavor.

Lyman's Large Summer apple

Large, green fruit ripens yellow. Firm, crisp, and juicy.

Maclean's Favourite apple

A high quality late-season dessert apple with a rich sweet-sharp flavour. The tree is a heavy cropper but can be disease-prone.
Photo of Macoun

Macoun apple

Another McIntosh style apple variety from the famous Geneva Research Station, and considered one of the better ones.

Magnum Bonum apple

Yellow medium size apple with patterns of red.

Magnum Gala apple

Larger apples than Gala.

Maiden's Blush apple

Cooking, dessert and cider apple, also dries well. Flat, round pale yellow-skinned fruit with crimson blush. Crisp, tender flesh with sharp acid flavor that mellows with ripening.

Maigold apple

Crisp, juicy flesh; mildly subacid, sweet flavor. Slightly honeyed, mellowing to a citrus taste in storage. Bruise resistant. Keeps well in storage.

Mairac apple

A modern Swiss apple, derived from Gala and Maigold and released in 2002.
Photo of Malinda

Malinda apple

Yellow apple with slight taste of pears. Not widely grown today, but parent of many University of Minnesota bred apples.
Photo of Maltster

Maltster apple

A 19th century dual-purpose variety, with a very modern red-streaked appearance

Mantet apple

An early-season apple variety from Canada.

Marcoun apple

An old Italian apple variety, with a sweet flavour which keeps very well.
Photo of Margil

Margil apple

A very old variety, with a good flavour.
Photo of McIntosh

McIntosh apple

A crisp red apple with bright white flesh and refreshing sweet flavor.

McLean apple

Medium sized attractive pale yellow skinned apple, with a light blush. Flesh is mildly acid, with good quality.

McLellan apple

Light smooth, straw colored fruit, covered with stripes and marblings of lively red. Good sprightly taste of fruit in November. Crisp, firm flesh.

Medaille d'Or apple

A traditional French bittersweet cider variety.

Melba apple

Attractive, high quality, yellow washed with crimson fruit. Very white, firm, crisp, sweet flesh. A sweet subacid flavor.
Photo of Melon

Melon apple

Fruits very good quality. Medium large, skin yellow, red striped, round, oblate, conical with mild flavor.
Photo of Melrose

Melrose apple

Official Ohio State apple. Large flattened fruit. Yellowish green skin flushed and streaked dark red with russet spots. Firm, coarse, juicy creamy white flesh. Slightly acid flavor. Very good cooking and dessert qualities. Best after Christmas when it develops it's fruity aroma.

Melrouge apple

Redder sport of Melrose with more intense flavor. An excellent flavored dessert apple. Size is large and roundish flat. Very good for cooking. Stores well.

Mendocino Cox apple

Yellow with red stripes.
Photo of Meridian

Meridian apple

An attractive well-flavoured modern English apple, difficult to detect the Cox parentage though.
Photo of Merton Charm

Merton Charm apple

Medium sized flat shaped fruit, rectangular, convex, not ribbed; skin greenish yellow, sometimes with a slight brownish red flush. Flesh tender, crisp, creamy white; flavor sweet subacid.

Merton Delight apple

Size medium, shape intermediate to flat, skin yellow, striped pinkish red. Flesh tender, crisp, creamy. Flavor sweet to subacid.
Photo of Merton Knave

Merton Knave apple

An early-season English dessert apple, raised in the mid twentieth century.
Photo of Merton Prolific

Merton Prolific apple

An interesting cross between a cooker (Northern Greening) and a dessert apple (Cox's Orange Pippin).
Photo of Merton Russet

Merton Russet apple

Small. Golden russet colored. Flesh very crisp, deep yellow, and juicy. Complex sweet/spicy flavor.
Photo of Merton Worcester

Merton Worcester apple

An interesting early/mid season dessert variety, probably deserves to be better known.

Michelin apple

Michelin is a traditional French hard cider apple variety producing a medium bittersweet juice.

Miller's Seedling apple

A small early-season English apple, popular in late Victorian times.

Milo Gibson apple

Red and yellow fruit. A fine tasting apple with unique licorice flavor.
Photo of Milton

Milton apple

Medium sized, pale yellow covered fruit with deep cherry red flush. Fine grained white flesh. Juicy with sweet hint of raspberry flavors.

MN 1734 apple

Bronze russet fruit. Hard, yellow flesh. Rich flavor. Makes excellent tasting cider.
Photo of Mollie's Delicious

Mollie's Delicious apple

A very good to excellent early apple ripening. Fruits are large to very large, conical in shape with a pinkish red color. Has an exceptionally pleasing aftertaste. This quality can be maintained in storage for at least 10 weeks under refrigeration.
Photo of Monarch

Monarch apple

Cooks to juicy puree, not as sharp as Bramley

Moore Sweet apple

Fruit medium to large. Uniform in size and shape. Shape roundish. Skin smooth, rather pale in color, being yellow or greenish overspread with a red or pinkish red blush and dulled by greyish scarfskin. Flesh tinged with yellow or green, moderately firm, moderately fine grained, tender, rather dry, sweet, good.
Photo of Morgan Sweet

Morgan Sweet apple

An old cider apple variety, popular in the "west country" of the UK, and sweet enough to eat fresh.

Morley's Seedling apple

A late-season English cooking apple, from Cambrideshire in eastern England.
Photo of Mother

Mother apple

An old Massachusetts apple variety rated for its flavor.

Mountain Boomer apple

A huge round apple, some specimens being larger than a saucer. It is a pale yellow with an occasional blush where exposed to the sun. Flavor and texture are exceptional, considering the size of the fruit.

Moyer's Spice apple

A rather large apple of the Yellow Bellflower group: yellow, often blushed with red. Flesh is moderately crisp, coarse, very juicy, mildly subacid, becoming sweet or nearly so. Good to very good in flavor and quality.

Muscadet de Dieppe apple

Excellent cider apple. Orange-red, smallish fruit. Sweet and aromatic.

Muscat de Bernay apple

Hard cider apple
Photo of Mutsu

Mutsu apple

A versatile dual-purpose apple, sharp but still pleasant to eat fresh. Also known as Crispin.

Nectarapple apple

Maroon skin colored apple with yellow undercolor. Skin is chewy like a nectarine, and displays unique cracking near the calyx lobe. Flavor and scent similar to a nectarine.

Nehou apple

Hard cider apple. Apples are soft, medium size and easily bruised.

New Rock Pippin apple

An old English late-season dessert apple variety originating from Cambridgeshire. Highly regarded by 19th century writers for its dry firm flesh and rich flavour and hint of anise.

Newell's Late Orange apple

Flat-round, sometimes irregular shape. Good size, solid yellow-green fruit entirely covered with minute green or black dots. Firm, crisp, juicy, rich white flesh.
Photo of Newton Wonder

Newton Wonder apple

A 19th century English cooking apple, still popular as a UK garden apple variety.
Photo of Newtown Pippin

Newtown Pippin apple

Also known as Albermarle Pippin. Made famous by none other than Thomas Jefferson, who grew them in his orchard at Monticello. One of the first US apple exports to the UK.

Niagara apple

Fruits are medium to large in size, roundish conic and irregular in shape, with deep red blush and stripe over pale yellow. The flesh is white and similar to McIntosh, very sweet and juicy, skin tough.

Nittany apple

Crisp, juicy yellow flesh tart apple, 3 to 3.25 inches in diameter. About 50 to 90% of the surface is covered with a dull red color. Shape is truncate to conical. Good eaten fresh but also good choice for a cooking apple as it holds its shape when cooked.

Nonnetit Bastard apple

An attractive late-season quality dessert apple from Denmark.
Photo of Nonpareil

Nonpareil apple

A very old apple variety from France, which became very popular in England. It has a distinctive pear-drop flavour.
Photo of Norfolk Beauty

Norfolk Beauty apple

Cooks to creamy puree, little sugar needed, slight lemon flavour

Norfolk Beefing apple

An old cooking apple variety from the east of England.
Photo of Norfolk Royal

Norfolk Royal apple

A sweet old-fashioned apple, with a delicate melon flavour - very likeable
Photo of Norfolk Royal Russet

Norfolk Royal Russet apple

Norfolk Royal Russet is one of the best-looking russet apples, with a superb rich sweet flavour.

Norland apple

Medium size. Green with red stripes.
Photo of Northern Greening

Northern Greening apple

A very old English apple, widely grown by the 19th century and probably the forebear of many of the major Victorian-era culinary apples.

Northern Lights apple

Glossy, bright red fruit with slightly tart flesh. Good flavor.
Photo of Northern Spy

Northern Spy apple

A widely grown American heirloom apple variety. The fruit is late ripening and stores well.

Northfield Beauty apple

Medium to large fruits, predominately red in color. Hangs well to the tree. Maintains it's quality longer both on the tree and in storage. Shape is intermediate to flat, rectangular, asymmetric. Skin whitish yellow, striped and splashed with red. Flesh crisp, white with subacid flavor. Excellent all purpose apple.

Northwestern Greening apple

Beneath its tough skin the greenish yellow flesh is firm, juicy and mildly tart. Best when cooked into sauce or made into pies as it does not rate high for fresh eating.
Photo of Nova Easygro

Nova Easygro apple

Fruit is large, oblate, 80% red stripe over greeninsh yellow ground. Stores well in cold storage. Flesh is snow white, firm, crisp, mildly sweet, slightly juicy. Slightly tough at picking but mellows in storage. Recommended for cooking, salads & eating fresh.
Photo of Novamac

Novamac apple

Flattened fruit with 70% red stripe on green background. Crisp, tender, fine-textured flesh. Slight McIntosh flavor. Good quality.
Photo of Novaspy

Novaspy apple

Novaspy is a further development of the "Nova" series of apples from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada based in Nova Scotia. As the name suggests it has Northern Spy in its ancestry.
Photo of Nuvar Golden Hills

Nuvar Golden Hills apple

A sweet juicy modern mid-season variety, based on Greensleeves but perhaps a bit sweeter. Colour is yellower than Greensleeves and sometimes has a pink tinge to it.

Oliver apple

Waxy golden skin nearly covered with crimson and streaked dark red. Rich, spritely flavor.
Photo of Ontario

Ontario apple

Very good eating, juice and cooking apple. Medium-large fruit with green skin flushed and striped red. Flesh fine textured, very juicy, sprightly and aromatic.
Photo of Opal

Opal apple

A modern apple from the Czech Republic, related to Golden Delicious and Topaz.

Opal (Seabrook) apple

An early-season English apple, with very similar qualities to one of its parents, Worcester Pearmain.
Photo of Opalescent

Opalescent apple

A popular large New England apple, sweet, crunchy, juicy, hint of strawberries - a well-flavoured apple.

Orange Sweet apple

Small, somewhat conical fruit, medium in size. Pale yellow apple often somewhat blushed, nearly orange yellow when ripe. Flesh tinged with yellow, moderately fine grained, tender, moderately sweet. Skin tough.

Orenco apple

High quality eating apple. Almost solidly bright red. Tender, crisp, juicy flesh. Very sweet and piquant flavor.

Orin apple

Yellow skin is blushed red-orange and dotted with conspicuous white lenticels. Sweet, very honeyed, pale yellow flesh, but of little taste or acidity of fruit. Shares same parentage as Mutsu.

Oriole apple

An early-season American apple from the University of Minnesota.
Photo of Orkney

Orkney apple

An attractive old apple, probably from Scotland
Photo of Orleans Reinette

Orleans Reinette apple

An old-fashioned 18th century French apple, with a good reputation for flavour, but usually not a good cropper.

Ottawa apple

Very good early eating, cooking and sauce apple. Greenish-yellow washed and striped with red. Juicy and spicy.
Photo of Ozark Gold

Ozark Gold apple

Very similar to Golden Delicious. Flavor is sweet, honeyed, very juicy with little acidity.

Pacific Beauty apple

Large. Limited storage life.

Pacific Rose™ apple

An attractive new late-season high-quality dessert apple from New Zealand.

Palmer Greening apple

Waxy green-yellow skin shaded red. White flesh with yellow cast. Crisp, firm, tender & juicy. Excellent for eating fresh. Rather attractive in color, quite variable in size. Good quality, but mild in flavor and eventually becoming nearly sweet.

Park's Pippin apple

Greenish yellow in color, very tart until fully ripe, keeps well. Good for cooking, drying, cider or eating out of hand.

Parkland apple

Small to medium size. Green to yellow with red striping. Somewhat tart but plain cooking apple.
Photo of Peasgood's Nonsuch

Peasgood's Nonsuch apple

Highly esteemed culinary apple. Large pale yellow-green fruit, deepening to orange-yellow with short stripes of bright red and some russet patches. Good acid-sweet flavor, cooks to a froth.

Peck's Pleasant apple

Translucent yellow skin with blush. Highly aromatic, the flesh is tender, pleasantly flavored and ranks very good to best in quality. Color green becoming bright yellow with orange-red blush, sometimes partly deepening to pink.

Pendragon apple

An unusual red-fleshed apple from Cornwall or Devon in England. The bark, blossom, and leaves also have a dull-red tint.

Perrine Yellow Transparent apple

Tetraploid Yellow Transparent. Very big fruit, otherwise similar to Yellow Transparent.

Perry Russet apple

It is a large yellow green apple often with shiny skin and only occasionally covered with a fine russet.   It has juicy fine grained yellow flesh, rich and acidic in flavor and excellent for pies.

Pettingill apple

Large fruit with red flush over green skin. Flesh crisp and juicy with good subacid flavor.

Pilot apple

Large yellow fruit with red stripes and russet specks. Fine grained, crisp and juicy flesh.
Photo of Pine Golden Pippin

Pine Golden Pippin apple

Russet. Sweet.
Photo of Pink Lady

Pink Lady apple

One of the best-known modern apples, Pink Lady is actually a trademark and the variety is more correctly known as Cripps Pink.
Photo of Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl apple

A pink-fleshed apple developed by Californian enthusiast Albert Etter in the 1940s.

Pink Pearmain apple

This apple obtains a red striped skin when mature, with an upside-down shape. Flesh is a deeper pink tone which varies with climatic changes. Tart and aromatic flavor.

Pink Princess apple

A medium sized apple, light green skin turning yellow with a few faint red stripes. Pink colored flesh similar to that of Pink Pearl, but sweeter, with a nice fruity flavor.

Pink Sparkle apple

Distinctive upside down shape, broad base narrow at the stem. Develops a red striped skin when ripe, flesh is deep pink, but varies according to climate. Tart mildly sweet with distinctive aromatic flavor.
Photo of Pinova

Pinova apple

An attractive yellow apple with a pink/orange flush. Crops heavily and stores well. Also known as Pinata.

Pioneer apple

Light red striping with a yellow undercoat. Rich sweet tart flavor.
Photo of Pitmaston Pine Apple

Pitmaston Pine Apple

An old English apple variety with an unusual flavour reminscent of pineapples.
Photo of Pixie

Pixie apple

A popular garden variety, and a very good Cox substitute, quite sharp flavour
Photo of Pixie Crunch

Pixie Crunch apple

Small, sweet flavored, crisp and juicy apple. Greenish-yellow base color with 90-100% red-purple overcolor.

Polka apple

Medium size. Round conical. Dark red blush over green. Sweet. Tastes like the variety Spartan.

Porter apple

Very good eating, canning and cooking apple. Pure yellow skin with crimson blush, tender, sweet and juicy flesh. Retains its form with cooking.
Photo of Porter's Perfection

Porter's Perfection apple

English cider apple. Cream coloured, flushed dark red. Bitter-sharp cider blending quality.
Photo of Pott's Seedling

Pott's Seedling apple

Probably the parent of James Grieve, popular 19th century cooker
Photo of Prairie Spy

Prairie Spy apple

All purpose. Red over yellow, attractive large fruit. Some russeting may occur. Excellent flavor, improves in storage. Extra long keeping winter apple.
Photo of Priam

Priam apple

Medium range red over green-yellow. Keeps well through January.

Prima apple

Medium to large fruit with dark red blush over yellow. Juicy white flesh with mild subacid flavor.

Primate apple

Highly regarded early American summer eating apple. Medium-large, smooth, light green fruit, crisp, juicy, tart.

Princess apple

Medium size. Round to oblate round. Yellow to whitish pale yellow skin. Fine, crisp, breaking texture. Very spicy, very juicy, very aromatic. May develop off-flavor in storage.
Photo of Priscilla

Priscilla apple

Medium in size. 65% red blush over yellow background. Crisp, coarse, mildly subacid. White to slightly greenish flesh. Good flavor and quality. Will store for three months. Fruit hangs well.
Photo of Pristine

Pristine apple

Beautiful lemon-yellow apple with a perfect finish. This high quality apple is very productive and is a good keeper for an early apple.

Pumpkin Sweet apple

Prized for baking, good for canning or eating. Yellow skin marbled with greenish-yellow and a brown flush. Sweet, nonacid flesh is crisp and juicy.

Puritan apple

Red skinned apple covered with small white dots. Soft texture, tart flavored.

Quebec Bell apple

Red fruit. Resembles Delicious in appearance and Northern Spy in quality. Keeps well.
Photo of Queen Cox

Queen Cox apple

A popular self-fertile sport of Cox's Orange Pippin, similar excellent flavour but slightly easier to grow.
Photo of Quinte

Quinte apple

Firm good quality early eating apple that ships well. Medium size, yellow, flushed red.
Photo of Rajka

Rajka apple

A modern variety from the Czech Republic, bred specifically for disease resistance.

Rall's Janet apple

Pleasant flavor, flesh like McIntosh. Juicy.

Ramsdell Sweet apple

Red apple of good size and very good quality. In season from mid-autumn to mid-winter. Skin thin, rather tough, smooth yellow nearly overspread with an attractive dark red with a blue bloom. Flesh tinged with yellow firm, fine, tender, juicy, very sweet, quality good to very good.

Raritan apple

Red, good quality. Becomes sweet when allowed to ripen fully.

Razor Russet apple

A russeted sport of Golden Delicious, discovered in Kentucky in the 1970s. A great russet apple with excellent flavor. Medium sized with golden bronze skin, almost entirely covered with a yellowish brown russet. Flesh is firm, slightly coarse yellowish white. Remarkable for its sugar content. Great for fresh eating and for cooking.

Red Astrachan apple

Eating, cooking and cider apple. Medium sized, crimson colored, flesh is juicy, tart and crisp with good flavor. Very short storage.

Red Baron apple

Medium size. Coarse, dryish flesh. Pear-flavored. Acceptable mild (non-tart) cooking apple. Not very juicy. Orange blush over yellow, resembling traditional peach coloring.

Red Berlepsch apple

Crisp, juicy, aromatic and fine-textured white flesh with a high Vitamin C content.

Red Bietigheimer apple

Large fruit is pale yellow to green overlaid with red. Firm, juicy white flesh is coarse and crisp with subacid flavor.

Red Bouquet Delicious apple

Fruit has dark red skin. Flesh is crisper and has better flavor than regular Red Delicious.
Photo of Red Delicious

Red Delicious apple

One of the most famous American apple varieties, a sport of Delicious, known for its bright red color.
Photo of Red Devil

Red Devil apple

Red Devil is an attractive modern English mid-season apple, developed by the influential English apple enthusiast Hugh Ermen. It is notable for its attractive pink juice.
Photo of Red Falstaff

Red Falstaff apple

A red-coloured sport of Falstaff, a popular garden apple tree.

Red Gold apple

This one gets a blue ribbon for being the sweetest tasting apple ever developed. Keeps for weeks in the refrigerator.

Red Gravenstein apple

Similar to Gravenstein but less tart.

Red Jonathan apple

A more deeply colored sport of the original Jonathan, with similar good flavor and keeping qualities.
Photo of Red June

Red June apple

Classic southern apple prized for over a century as a good tasting early apple.

Red Prince apple

A deep red sweet apple. Unusually for a modern commercial apple Red Prince arose the old-fashioned way, discovered growing as a chance seedling in an orchard in 1994.

Red Rome apple

A redder-colored sport of Rome Beauty.

Red Royal Limbertwig apple

One of the best for eating fresh, for apple butter, and cider - an all purpose apple. Apple is large, round, and some will be a bit conical. Red and greenish yellow with stripe and white dots. Very aromatic, firm, and crisp, very rich unusual pleasing taste.

Red Sauce apple

As the name suggests, notable for its pink-stained flesh and resulting pink juice.
Photo of Red Windsor

Red Windsor apple

A red sport of Alkmene, with the same strong Cox-style flavour, but with a distinctly different appearance. Also known as Sweet Lilibet.

Red Winesap apple

Medium size apple, with a thick red skin and crisp, crunchy, and juicy flesh.

Redcort apple

Crisp sweet apple that is good for eating and cooking. Similar to a Cortland.

Redfield apple

Medium to large apple. Dark red with dark red flesh. Juice is red. Not for fresh eating.

Redfree apple

Medium size, glossy fruit with 90% bright red color. Smooth, waxy, russet-free skin. Light flesh is crisp and juicy.

Redsleeves apple

Red flushed, smooth skinned, dessert variety. Sweet, lightly aromatic, crisp, juicy flesh; can be weakly flavored.

Redwell apple

Large, well colored fruit; red over yellow skin. Cream colored flesh. Mild, excellent flavor. Keeps until January in storage.

Regent apple

Medium size fruit. Bright red over yellow. Very pleasing flavor and texture. Honeyed, plenty of acidity, crisp, crackling, juicy flesh. Cooked keeps shape, light flavor, sweet, fruity. Delicately flavored. Fruits store into the winter.

Reinette Clochard apple

A pretty yellow-skinned traditional French apple.
Photo of Reinette du Canada

Reinette du Canada apple

An old French russet variety, and remains the definitive French russet variety. Also known as Reinette Blanche du Canada.
Photo of Reinette Grise du Canada

Reinette Grise du Canada apple

A more russeted form of the popular Reinette du Canada. Grown commercially in France and Italy.

Reinette Russet apple

Larger than Golden Russet. Pleasant, very sweet flavor. Brownish yellow with faint red stripes on sunny side. Prominent lenticels. Picks 1 to 2 weeks earlier than Golden Russet

Retina apple

Light pink-orange over green-yellow. Long conical shape.

Reverend Morgan apple

Pinkish red colored skin with good quality fruit. Superb flavor and texture.

Reverend W Wilks apple

Good early cooker, and easy to grow.

Revival apple

Large, orange-yellow with red stripes, crisp and very good taste, looks like Red Delicious and Winter Banana, better than either parent.
Photo of Rhode Island Greening

Rhode Island Greening apple

One of the oldest American varieties, known since the 1650s, and widely planted in the USA. Its main use is in cooking.
Photo of Ribston Pippin

Ribston Pippin apple

Famous Yorkshire apple variety, probably the parent of Cox's Orange Pippin.

Richared Delicious apple

Only fair color (blush), but better tasting than most modern strains. Flavor is rich and complex, with hint of coconut. Shape is bloated compared to Delicious, with wide middle.

Richelieu apple

Medium size. Attractive, juicy, crisp. Very good flavor. Mild to subacid with high sugar and aroma.

Rival apple

A Cox-style cooking apple, commercially successful in the 1920s.

Rocket Red Braeburn apple

Very intense red blush with narrow, intense stripes.
Photo of Rome Beauty

Rome Beauty apple

An extremely attractive and productive red cooking apple, widely-grown in North America.

Rosemary Russet apple

A classic English russet apple from the Victorian era, though not as well known as its contemporaries.

Rosette apple

An early-season pink-fleshed apple variety, similar to Discovery.

Rouville apple

Red over pale green-yellow. Oblate. Juicy.
Photo of Roxbury Russet

Roxbury Russet apple

Probably the first apple variety originating in North America, as a seedling from a variety brought from Europe by early settlers.

Royal Empire apple

Distinctly redder than fruit from standard Empire, with 90% of the surface covered with dark purplish and red stripes. Taste is similar to Empire.

Royal Gala apple

Orange-red sweet, crisp medium-size fruit.

Royal Russet apple

Large and characteristic russet skin is brown with a greenish-yellow undercast. The yellow flesh has a sweet, nut-like flavor.
Photo of Royal Somerset

Royal Somerset apple

A culinary apple from Somerset, keeps well, and widely-used for making cider. Described by the 19th century writer Hogg as "very excellent".
Photo of Rubens

Rubens apple

An attractive modern apple from Italy which is now being promoted in European supermarkets.
Photo of Rubens (UK NFC)

Rubens (UK NFC) apple

A dry and fairly soft apple with a noticeable hint of bananas, and a very attractive old-fashioned appearance.
Photo of Rubinette

Rubinette apple

Probably the best-tasting apple in the world.

Rubinette Rosso apple

A red-colored natural bud-mutation of Rubinette, trademarked as Rafzubex.

Rubinola apple

A mid-season disease-resistant variety from the Czech Republic, with a very good flavor.

Ruby Jon apple

Creamy, white flesh and crisp, juicy eating quality similar to old-fashioned Jonathan, with 100% Jonathan flavor and size.

Runkel apple

Medium to large. Pink over green-yellow. Smooth and waxy with pronounced lenticels. Sweet, rich flavor. Very juicy, fairly crisp.

Rusty Coat apple

Darker than Golden Russet with drier flesh. Very good flavor, excellent for drying, sauce and eating.
Photo of Saint Edmund's Pippin

Saint Edmund's Pippin apple

A popular russet apple with the characteristic sandpaper skin and sweet flavour. Often known as St. Edmund's Russet.

Saint Everard apple

One of the more unusual Cox-derived apples, Saint Everard is the result of Cox pollinated by a well-regarded old English variety, Margil. As might be expected it has a high quality aromatic flavour. However it suffers from the cultural difficulties of Cox's Orange Pippin and did not achieve commercial success.

Sam Young apple

Medium. Russet.

Sandow apple

Similarity to its parent Northern Spy. Creamy flesh color and long keeping quality, but it has a fuller flavor, is hardier, and redder and less troubled by scab. Bright scarlet stripes and flush. Sweet, juicy melting flesh; definite flavor of raspberries. Quality very high. Aromatic, juicy and crisp.

Sans Pareil apple

An English apple variety from the Victorian era, or possibly earlier, with a good flavour, deserves to be more widely grown.

Sansa apple

Red, medium large. Sweet with acid. Resembles Gala flavor.
Photo of Santana

Santana apple

A modern apple from the Netherlands, with a pleasant vinous flavour and bred specifically for reduced levels of proteins which can cause allergic reactions for some people.

Sapora apple

A modern apple variety developed in France, related to Rubinette.
Photo of Saturn

Saturn apple

An excellent modern English apple variety, developed at the famous East Malling research station.

Scarlet Crofton apple

Medium size. Sweet.

Scarlet Gala apple

Unusually bright red color distinguishes it from other Galas. It is a medium sized apple. Oval to round in shape and slightly taller than other strains. Flesh is yellow, extremely firm, very juicy, and sweet and mildly aromatic.

Scarlet Pippin apple

Very attractive medium sized round dessert apple. White, firm, crisp, melting flesh. Juicy and mildly subacid with good flavor.

Scarlet Surprise apple

One of the most striking examples of a red-fleshed apple variety.

Scarlett O'Hara apple

Fruit is round-conic, full blushed red, sweet and juicy. Hangs extremely well to the tree and sugars increase greatly until early October.

Schmidtberger Reinette apple

Medium sized fruit is green, flushed and striped red. Sweet-sharp, aromatic flesh.
Photo of Scotch Bridget

Scotch Bridget apple

A reliable Scottish cooking apple that is also widely-grown in north-west England.

Scotch Dumpling apple

An early-ripening culinary apple, which cooks to a frothy puree.
Photo of Scrumptious

Scrumptious apple

A new early-season English dessert apple, with very good flavour.

Sekai Ichi apple

Color of fruit varies form pale pink to darker red with red stripes. Sometimes solid red in the sun. Crisp, breaking, juicy flesh. Very sweet fine mild flavor.

Senator apple

A flattish round, medium size apple. Almost solid red over green background with prominent white or russet dots. Tender, crisp, juicy flesh. Most refreshing flavor.

Senshu apple

This Fuji-type apple has a wonderful sweet flavor with a crisp, juicy texture. Pink stripe over green. Small to medium fruit, round to oblate.

September Wonder Fuji apple

Blush. Approximates flavor of Fuji in spite of much shorter growing season.

Shamrock apple

Medium size fruit is very similar in appearance to Granny Smith. Flesh is creamy light green and has a coarse texture with a sprightly flavor similar to McIntosh.

Sharon apple

Yellow fruit striped with red. Flesh sweet, soft & juicy. Can lack acidity and taste woody. Generally similar to McIntosh, but sweeter and firmer. High quality.

Shay apple

The red elongated fruit is crisp, sweet, and great for fresh eating.
Photo of Shenandoah

Shenandoah apple

Quite similar to its parent Opalescent, and a pleasant sweet apple in its own right

Shiawassee apple

Yellow fruit covered with red flush and darker streaks. Crisp, juicy, aromatic, subacid flavor.

Shinsei apple

Resembles Golden Delicious but harder. Medium size, round, greenish yellow fruit. Firm, fine grained white flesh. Very sweet, scented, crisp & juicy.

Shizuka apple

Same parentage as Mutsu (Crispin). Large. Yellow with red-orange blush. Sweeter with less acid than Mutsu (not necessarily preferable), but excellent flavor.

Sierra Beauty apple

Large blocky handsome apple. Greenish yellow skin. Striped or blushed with red. Juicy very crisp moderately sweet flesh.   Rich, tart, sprightly flavor. Excellent for eating fresh or cooking. Good keeper.

Silken apple

Medium size. Cream colored translucent. No blush or stripe pattern. Very clear, no visible lenticels. Crisp, juicy, excellent flavor. Short season, not a keeper.

Sinta apple

Medium sized fruits are pale yellow, sometimes almost white with a pinkish blush in the sun. Crisp, juicy, deep cream flesh; sweet, aromatic flavor superior to either parent.

Sir Isaac Newton's Tree apple

The tree under which the famous scientist gained the inspiration for his theory of gravitation.

Sir Prize apple

Large greenish yellow fruit. High quality, but very thin tender skin that bruises easily. Very sweet, scented taste, crisp & juicy.

Skinner's Seedling apple

Greenish-yellow apple, blushed pink, good for cooking and eating. Flesh white and fine-grained.

Smitten apple

A typical modern fresh-tasting apple from New Zealand, related to Falstaff, Fiesta, Gala, and Braeburn.
Photo of Smokehouse

Smokehouse apple

Large, flattish shape, yellow flushed and striped red. Flesh crisp, yellowish, moderately fine-grained. Fresh cider flavor. Very good quality cooking, eating, and baking apple. Keeps well through March.

Smoothee Golden Delicious apple

Continues to be the most russet-resistant Golden Delicious strain, allowing quality Goldens to be grown where proneness to russetting would otherwise prohibit Golden production. Essentially the same as Golden Delicious except for skin smoothness and russet resistance.

Snow Sweet apple

Sweet with a slight tart balance and rich overtones. Firm, snow white flesh is very slow to oxidize when exposed to air. 3-inch oblate shaped fruit, 70-85% bronze-red blush over a green-yellow background.

SnowSweet apple

A cold-hardy red apple from the University of Minnesota.
Photo of Sonya

Sonya apple

A very new apple variety, but already popular with fans of sweeter apples - and one of the most popular pages on this website.

Sops in Wine apple

Old English culinary and cider apple. Fruit medium, skin greenish yellow flushed purple red. Flesh soft, fine stained pink. Flavor aromatic, subacid, vinous.
Photo of Spartan

Spartan apple

Attractive, crunchy, sweet, easy to grow, and with the characteristic delicate wine-like "vinous" flavor of the McIntosh family of apples.

Spencer apple

Large nearly solid red or red striped over green fruit. Very sweet with crisp juicy flesh. Fine flavor. Core smaller than McIntosh. Excellent eating quality.

Spigold apple

Large golden yellow fruit 75% covered with bright red stripes. Tender skin. Fine grained firm crisp yellow flesh, sprightly and sweet. Stores well.

Spijon apple

The fruits are large, of good quality, and have a very attractive red blush.

Splendour apple

A popular commercial apple variety in New Zealand.

Starking Delicious apple

A striped improvement of the original Delicious, inferior in color and typiness compared to today's selections, but superior in taste. Much more complex flavor with a honey component.
Photo of Starkrimson

Starkrimson apple

Crisp, dense flesh, very sweet, quite juicy - a Delicious-style apple

Starkrimson Red Delicious apple

The first super strain of Delicious. Has the "black" red when fully colored. Flavor not as good as predecessors.

Starr apple

Large, yellow-green fruit. Crisp, tart and juicy flesh.

State Fair apple

Fruit is round, conic, medium sized. Fruit is brilliantly striped with reddish orange over a yellow background. Creamy flesh is firm, juicy aromatic and sweet and firmer than most early varieties. Moderately subacid flavor. Excellent for fresh eating. Keeps well for a summer apple.

Stayman apple

An old American dual-purpose apple variety, popular in Virginia. Descended from Winesap, and in most respects an even better apple.

Stearns apple

Red stripes and a yellow background. It's creamy white flesh, although crisp to the teeth, is melting and tender and almost dissolves on the tongue. Its flavor has a rich luscious pure apple taste. Good savory taste. Plenty of sweetness, acidity, & juice. Fruits up to 3" in circumference.

Stirling Castle apple

A popular Victorian cooking apple from Stirling in Scotland, produces a good-flavoured puree.

Stoke Red apple

A classic English cider variety, producing a high-quality bittersharp juice.
Photo of Strawberry Parfait

Strawberry Parfait apple

Early season apple with hints of strawberry flavoring

Strawberry Pippin apple

Medium sized fruit is striped and flushed red. Crisp, juicy flesh that is quite sweet.

Sturdeespur apple

Bright cherry-red blush fruit. Creamy, high quality flesh. Color reaches full bright red ahead of maturity which is in the middle area of Red Delicious strains. Known for it's aromatic flavor and fresh eating quality.

Sturmer Pippin apple

A popular Victorian dessert apple variety, notable for its exceptional keeping qualities.

Summer Champion apple

Medium-sized round-conical shaped. Yellow skin covered with red and pink stripes. Flesh semifirm, nearly white with subacid flavor.

Summer Mac apple

Bright red apple with creamy white flesh.

Summer Pearmain apple

Superb, rich flavor.

Summer Rambo apple

Attractive, large, brightly striped, red fruit. Breaking, crisp, exceptionally juicy flesh. Subacid, aromatic flavor.

Summer Rose apple

Excellence both for eating and stewing. The size is moderate, the form flat, the skin smooth of a beautiful yellow resembling yellow wax, blended with red in streaks and blotches. The flesh is sweet, sprightly, and juicy.

Summer Treat apple

Fruits are large to very large, of angular, oblong-conic shape, with glossy skin blushed 70-100% brilliant red. The coarse, cream colored flesh is crisp, sweet, and good fresh from the tree when the fruits are ripe. Fruits hang well, but lose quality quickly and become mealy if not harvested. Storage life is short.

Sunburst apple

A new orange-skinned pink-fleshed apple.

Suncrisp apple

Good looking yellow apple with a 0-40% orange-red blush. Flavor is sweet yet mildly subacid, said to be intense. Cream colored flesh, not prone to browning. Fruit can be stored up to 6 months in cold storage.

Sundance apple

A modern disease-resistant apple with an attractive yellow blush.
Photo of Sundowner

Sundowner apple

A late-season apple from Australia, whose varietal name is Cripps Red and which is related to Pink Lady®.

Sunny Brook apple

Medium size. Bright red over yellow. Fair dessert quality. Good cooking apple.
Photo of Sunrise

Sunrise apple

One of the best early apple varieties, ripening in the UK in late August.
Photo of Sunset

Sunset apple

Popular garden alternative to Cox, easier to grow, and has a similar flavour albeit lacking some of the depth.

Suntan apple

Medium-large fruit, gold-yellow flushed and striped orange-red. Flesh yellowish-cream. Firm and fairly juicy. Flesh rather coarsely textured, crisp.

Superchief Spur Red Delicious apple

One of the best red sports of Red Delicious. Starts out as a stripe and fills in to a solid red a full ten days ahead of its parent.

Surprise apple

Small, green winter apple with creamy white, red stained flesh.
Photo of Surprize

Surprize apple

A new pink-fleshed apple variety with an orange skin.

Sutton Beauty apple

Uniform and symmetrical shape, beautiful color and pleasant quality makes it an excellent eating apple. Too mild for culinary use. Flesh slightly tinged with yellow, rather firm, moderately fine-grained, crisp, tender, juicy, mild subacid.

Swaar apple

Large, dull yellow fruit with russet dots. Uncommon flavor and richness, spicy and aromatic. The creamy white flesh is firm textured with a sweet and aromatic flavor and the flavor will improve with storage. It will soften and mellow somewhat like a pear until slightly soft at which time it has velvety, tender and beautifully balanced flesh.

Swayzie apple

Golden yellow sprinkled with russet spots and streaks with cinnamon russet becoming solid at base. Rich, distinctive flavor; aromatic and sprightly. Excellent eating apple.

Sweet Alford apple

Fruit small-medium, pale yellow blushed pink. Sweet, juicy flesh. High quality.

Sweet Bough apple

Medium-large green apple. Juicy, tender flesh, honeyed sweetness.

Sweet Coppin apple

A traditional English mild bittersweet cider variety from Devon.

Sweet Delicious apple

Large, greenish yellow fruit, flushed reddish-orange with red streaks. Firm, fine, creamy white, melting flesh. Very sweet with an aromatic flavor. Excellent keeper.

Sweet Sixteen apple

Large, red striped fruit. Firm, crisp, aromatic flesh. Moderately acidic.

Sweet Winesap apple

An attractive red winter apple, symmetrical, uniform, medium to large size. It is excellent in quality for dessert or for baking or other culinary uses. Skin tough, smooth, pale yellow or greenish nearly overspread with bright light red with carmine stripes. Flesh nearly white, firm, rather fine, moderately crisp, tender, juicy, distinctly sweet, good to very good.

SweeTango apple

Deep red coloration over a yellow breaking background. Crisp, juicy, sweet fruit.

Swiss Limbertwig apple

Most unusual color of purplish maroon with dots, medium in size, very good apple for fresh eating.

Tallow Pippin apple

Fruit rather large. Clear yellow with waxy surface. Flesh a little coarse, very juicy, sprightly, subacid, and desirable for either dessert or culinary uses. It is apt to drop as it ripens.

Taylor apple

Sweet to mild bittersweet type. Greenish-yellow skin with red flush.

Telstar apple

Small, oblate (flat). Has the same parentage as Gala. Strong, complex flavor. Sweeter than Cox with less acid.
Photo of Tentation

Tentation apple

Another modern take on Golden Delicious, often with an attractive orange flush.

Thoday's Quarrenden apple

A mid/late season English dessert apple, raised in Cambridge in the mid 20th century, but thought to be related to the early-season Devonshire Quarrenden.

Thome Empire apple

Colors to a deep burgundy three weeks earlier than standard Empire.

Tioga apple

Large green, turning to yellow skinned late apple. Mild but mellow flavor.

Toko apple

Fruit is conic oblate, irregular and ribbed. This skin has a dull, rough finish and rather unattractive color, yellow-green with brownish-orange blush. The flesh is greenish yellow, firm, crisp, aromatic and slightly subacid. Flavor and keeping quality are excellent.

Tolman Sweet apple

Excellent for cider and drying, also a good dessert and baking apple. Large green or yellow apple, sometimes blushed red with lines of russet, often marked by a suture top to bottom. Flesh is firm, dry to moderately juicy, decidedly sweet. Historically, a highly esteemed "sweet" apple.

Tom Putt apple

An old English cider apple which can also be used as a cooking apple.

Topaz apple

One of the best modern disease-resistant varieties, fairly sharp flavour

Tremlett's Bitter apple

Bitter-sweet cider apple. Medium fruit, yellow skin flushed red.

Triple E Fuji apple

Solid red, no stripes.

Tsugaru apple

75% red over color on yellow background. Medium sized, mid- season maturing fruit. Resembles Golden Delicious, but firmer fleshed. Weakly flavored, sweet-tart, crisp and juicy.

Tumanga apple

Yellow with an orange blush, very juicy, pleasantly aromatic, sweet, mildly subacid, a strong grower and regular bearer. A good keeper, its flavor heightens as it is kept in storage until March. Light skinned.

Turley Winesap apple

Round, dull red fruit. Resembles Stayman, but is more crack resistant and eating quality is not as good. Stores well.

Twenty Ounce apple

Fruit very large, yellow-green flushed red-orange. Juicy, sweet flesh.
Photo of Tydeman's Early Worcester

Tydeman's Early Worcester apple

A sweet early-season English apple, grown commercially on a small scale. Has a good flavour and somewhat under-rated.
Photo of Tydeman's Late Orange

Tydeman's Late Orange apple

A popular Cox-style apple, with a later season and sharper flavour.
Photo of Upton Pyne

Upton Pyne apple

Primarily a cooking variety, notable for a delicate pineapple-like flavour. Cooks to puree.

Uttwiler Spätlauber apple

An old Swiss apple variety, enjoying new-found popularity because of its alleged anti-aging properties.

Vanderpool Red apple

Medium-small red fruit. Very firm and flavorful. Stays juicy in storage until April.

Victory apple

A McIntosh-style apple. Snow white coarse flesh. Aromatic and juicy with good acidity.

Viking apple

Very deep, dark maroon to purple color. Highly aromatic. Crisp and juicy, richly flavorful with acid component. Outstanding flavor retention when cooked. Keeps about 1 month.

Vilberie apple

Vilberie is a traditional French hard-cider variety, producing a very tannic but sweet bittersweet juice.

Virginia Gold apple

Bright yellow fruit with pink blush. Crisp juicy flesh with flavors similar to Newtown Pippin. Should be stored to reach peak flavor.

Virginia Greening apple

A large, oblate, yellowish-green apple with hard, firm flesh. Valued as a late keeper. Flesh creamy yellow or greenish, very firm, hard, breaking, coarse, moderately juicy, mild, subacid becoming somewhat sweet.
Photo of Vista Bella

Vista Bella apple

A very-early season dessert apple.

Wagener apple

One of the best late fall varieties for dessert, sauce, cider, juice and storage. Doesn't shrivel. Medium sized, glossy green, red flushed fruit. White flesh, very crisp, juicy and tender, resembles NorthernSpy in taste.

Waltana apple

Medium to large, variable sized green apple with thin red striping and crisp, firm juicy flesh.

Walter Pease apple

A pleasant flavored apple of good size, attractive appearance and excellent dessert quality, too mild for culinary purposes. Fruits striped red, crisp.

Waltz apple

Dark red with green. Tastes like Red Delicious.

Wantage apple

4 or 5 separate distinct flavors and aromas. It is a fall apple and should be picked with McIntosh. Yellow, conical, medium sized apple.

Washed Russet apple

A very large russet apple. Markings and shadings of yellow and bronze russet with patches of clear shiny skin gave it the appearance of having been washed. Crisp, juicy flavorful flesh useful for eating or culinary purposes. Sometimes develops a pronounced reddish brown cheek when exposed to the sun.

Wayne apple

Dessert, canning, freezing and sauce apple. Large fruit.

Wayside apple

Wayside is a mid-season dessert apple, probably a seedling of Charles Ross, which it resembles in appearance and flavour.

Wealthy apple

Excellent dessert and multi-use apple, picked a few weeks early for cooking. Beautiful fruit ripens to bright red across the surface. Crisp, juicy flesh. Refreshing, sprightly, vinous flavor.
Photo of Weirouge

Weirouge apple

A red-fleshed apple variety which has been used as the basis for commercial development of new red-fleshed apples.

Wellington apple

A medium-sized late-season cooking apple from Nottinghamshire.

Westfield Seek-no-Further apple

Creamy yellow fruit streaked red with some russeting. Crisp, tender, juicy and aromatic flesh with distinctive flavor. Not recommended for cooking.

Westland apple

Large cooking apple. Lightly colored red over pale undercolor.

White Astrachan apple

Medium fruit size, skin whitish-green. Fine, tender, very white flesh that is sweet, subacid, perfumed. Good crisp very early apple.

William Crump apple

An intensely flavoured English apple, related to Cox and Worcester Pearmain.

William's Pride apple

Fruit is medium in size and slightly conic in shape with a rich aromatic flavor. Apples are 70-80% red with excellent eating quality.

WineCrisp apple

WineCrisp, formerly known as Coop31, is a modern disease-resistant variety developed by the Universities of Prudue, Rutgers and Illinois.
Photo of Winesap

Winesap apple

Often known as Virginia Winesap, a tart small apple, and like many US heirloom varieties, keeps well in store.

Winston apple

A Cox-style apple, easy to grow.
Photo of Winter Banana

Winter Banana apple

Named for the alleged banana-like flavour.

Winter Gem apple

A late-season modern English apple with a good aromatic flavour.
Photo of Winter Wonder

Winter Wonder apple

A modern English variety, developed as a "traditional" English apple.

Winterstein apple

Attractive, pink/red late apple that has a crisp, flavorful subacid taste.

Wismer's Dessert apple

Medium to large yellow fruit shaded and striped with bright red. Intense, rich flavor, sweet-sharp, pineapple acidity. Excellent flavor and exceedingly fine, tender texture.
Photo of Wolf River

Wolf River apple

Named after the place where it was found. Notable for its very large size, primarily used for cooking. The tree is exceptionally cold hardy and disease resistant.

Woolbrook Russet apple

A cooking apple, related to Bramley's Seedling.

Worcester Pearmain apple

A popular early-season English apple, sometimes with a strawberry flavour. Often used in breeding programmes to develop other early varieties.

Wyken Pippin apple

Small, flattened, greenish yellow fruit. Brisk, densely fruity. Delicious flavor.

Yakata Fuji apple

Fruit quality and color identical to standard Fuji.

Yarlington Mill apple

High quality English cider apple. Firm, medium-sized fruit. Sweet to slightly bittersweet.

Yates apple

Small sized conic shaped apple. Striped dark red fruit over pale yellow skin. Flesh is yellowish-white and can be slightly red under the skin.

Yellow Bellflower apple

Excellent cooking and cider variety. Good dessert apple later in season as flavor develops with time. 13.61% sugar. Large to medium-sized fruit. Smooth, lemon yellow skin blushed red to red-orange. Juicy and aromatic.
Photo of Yellow Ingestrie

Yellow Ingestrie apple

An attractive old yellow apple, with quite a strong apple flavour

Yellow Transparent apple

Well-known early summer apple, good for drying, freezing, sauce, juice and wine. Transparent pale yellow skin. Crisp, light-textured, juicy flesh. Very sweet flavor. Not good storer.

York Imperial apple

Good cooking/baking apple and excellent keeper.

Yorkshire Greening apple

A very old culinary apple from Yorkshire, also known as Yorkshire Goosesauce.
Photo of Zabergau Reinette

Zabergau Reinette apple

German russet-style apple, but sharper than Egremont Russet, tastes of nettles when straight from the tree. Keeps for 3-4 months.
Photo of Zari

Zari apple

An attractive modern commercial apple variety, related to Delcorf and Elstar.
Photo of Zestar!

Zestar! apple

Early season apple with a good crisp sweet-tart flavor.

Zuccalmaglio's Reinette apple

Flavored with tones of wild strawberry, quince, pineapple, ripe pear and a fine floral touch. Rough sticky skin flushed brown-red with faint red stripes and some russeting. Fine grained flesh.

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