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Barnack Beauty apple

This is a handsome old apple variety from Barnack, a small village in Lincolnshire (although now part of Cambridgeshire). It has a sharp flavour and is best used for cooking.

Apparently, on its native soil, Barnack Beauty did not crop particularly well, although it has a repuation for doing well elsewhere!  This probably reflects the fact that whilst it tolerates the chalky soil of Barnack better than other varieties, it still prefers a less alkaline soil.

Thanks to Jen Birch for correcting us, apparently Barnack was never part of Lincolnshire although it is very close to the border.

Barnack Beauty identification photos

UK National Fruit Collection
UK National Fruit Collection
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Visitor reviews

  • 25 May 2015  David Over,  CAMBS, United Kingdom
    I have a number of Barnack Be aunties in my garden. They are excellent for cider making. The last surviving original tree is in a cottage garden by the church
  • 16 Apr 2011  Ian Andrews,  NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, United Kingdom
    Bedfore becoming part of Cambridgeshire, Barnak was in Northamptonshire
  • 03 Oct 2008  Dr Ck Connolly,  NORTH YORKSHIRE, PREVIOUSLY NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, United Kingdom
    To get things absolutely right, Barnack was never in Lincolnshire nor since the 19th century administratively in Northamptonshire. Although geographically within the county of Northampton it was in that part known as the Soke of Peterborough which was administratively a county in its own right. It was because during one of the many 20th century reorganisations the Soke of Peterborough was amalgamated with Cambridgeshire rather than its parent county that Barnack no longer has the privilege of being in Northamptonshire.
  • 21 May 2008  Jen Birch,  BARNACK, United Kingdom
    I would point out that Barnack has never been in Lincolnshire but was originally in Northamptonshire before it was changed to Cambridgeshire. Barnack is only 1 mile from the Lincolnshire border but it's still in Cambs. (unfortunately) !!
  • 10 Nov 2007  Orchard Bob,  CAMBS/NORFOLK BORDER, United Kingdom
    Barnack Beauty appears in a numer of old orchards in the Fens. I have 3 trees in my orchard, planted in the early 1900s. My neighbour also has one in his orchard. Barnack Beauty is a variety that often turns up for identification at "apple day" events in Lincs, Cambs and Norfolk. If you would like images of an old Barnack B tree in blossom and with fruit on, I would be happy to send it to you. Orchard Bob OP: Thanks Bob, please do.
  • 01 Oct 2007  Frank Hopkirk,  CAMBRIDGESHIRE, United Kingdom
    I have a tree of this variety which produces a very good crop. It is a lovely eater although not sweet, and is very crisp. A tantalising mixture - tangy tempered by sweet.

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  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Originates from: United Kingdom
  • Introduced: 1840
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1090
  • UK National Fruit Collection accession: 1957-207


  • Bultitude apple group: 7. Flushed / striped, some russeting, sweet


  • Flowering period: Mid-Late season
  • Flowering group: 4
  • Fertility: Self-sterile
  • Ploidy: Diploid
  • Vigour: Average growth


  • Scab  - Very resistant
  • Mildew  - Some resistance

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    Author: Taylor

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