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Pear varieties

  • Calebasse Bosc Pear
    A synonym for Beurre Bosc.
  • A compact form of ornamental pear with silky grey leaves and showy white flowers.
  • Catillac Pear
    A traditional late-season French culinary pear, dating from the reign of Louis XIV.
  • Chanticleer is a form of the Callery Pear, with attractive spring blossom and autumn colours.
  • Clapp Favorite Pear
    An attractive and well-known 19th century American pear. It ripens early season, and does not keep.
  • Concorde Pear
    A marriage which combines the excellent flavors of Comice with the productivity and reliability of Conference.
  • Conference Pear
    The most well-known of English pears.
  • Moors Giant is a natural sport of the popular Conference pear - all the same qualities, but with much larger fruit size.