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Pear varieties

  • Baronne de Mello Pear
    A beautiful golden brown russet pear, and one of the most popular of the numerous pears developed by Belgian pear enthusiast Van Mons. It ripens late and needs a good climate for best results.
  • Bartlett Pear
    Bartlett, also widely known as Williams Bon Chretien, is one of the most widely-grown of all pear varieties.
  • Benita Rafzas is an unusual cross between an Asian and European pear.
  • Beth Pear
    A modern English pear, excellent flavor, and easy to grow.
  • Beurre Bosc Pear
    A widely-grown French pear, with firm buttery flesh and golden russeted skin.
  • An old Belgian pear, with a rich sweet flavor. Ripens late. Easy to grow in warm or temperate climates.
  • Beurre d'Anjou Pear
    Beurre d'Anjou is a traditional French dessert pear with the characteristic melting sweet flesh.
  • A well-known traditional French dessert pear, with a very good sweet floral flavor.
  • A classic Belgian late-season dessert pear, often with a red-flushed skin. Buttery melting sweet flesh.
  • Beurre Hardy (EMLA) Pear
    Beurre Hardy is one of the best traditional French pears, highly regarded for its excellent flavor.
  • Beurre Superfin Pear
    A highly-regarded traditional late-season French pear. Fruits keep until December, and the tree is productive in both cool and warm climates.
  • A modern fireblight resistant pear, which ripens mid-season, about a week later than Bartlett.
  • A heavy-cropping cross of two classic English pears, Bartlett and Conference.
  • A traditional English winter dessert pear. The flesh has a rich sweet flavor.