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Baldwin apple

Baldwin was one of the most important American commercial apples in the 19th century, being an excellent keeping apple and with a fairly thick skin which made it able to withstand long-distance transportation.

Baldwin is a genuine dual-purpose apple.  The flavor for eating fresh is sweet and unpretentious, but crisp and pleasant.  It is equally at home in the kitchen where it retains its shape when cooked, and lends a moderately rich sweet flavor to apple pies.

Last updated 01 Mar 2012.

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09 Nov 2013 
Why no photos for such a well known apple? Ian Merwins linked pdf, Antique apples for modern orchards, shows a photo completely different color than description in website. Merwins picture and description match the tree I grew up with that my father planted and identified as Baldwin, a flattened, 3 inch, burgundy red with very prominent lenticels; not the colors described above and similarly elsewhere. Could there be two varieties masquerading as Baldwin? What does Downing say in Apples of New York?

04 Sep 2013 
Baldwins are terrific for pies--one of the two varieties I use from mid-fall on. When I use Baldwins I use only a bit of nutmeg or cinnamon so the apple flavor can stand out. Excellent keeper, too.

28 Oct 2012 
Exceedingly crisp and nice eating apple. Browned quickly. Large and flavorful. Skin was indeed thicker than many apples, but entirely pleasant to eat. Purchased at a road side stand near Walden Pond, MA late October.

12 Oct 2012 
We bought our farm almost 50 years ago. The older lady we bought from said two of the apple trees were Balwins. There were two Gravenstein, also. These are wonderful winter apples. We can keep some in the fridge 3-4 months.

07 Oct 2011 
my all time favorite apple. wonderful firm textured, tart, delicious when eaten fresh, and absolutely splendid in pies, where they hold their shape and are equally delicious.

10 Oct 2010 
My mother's favorite. Getting harder to find in MA each year. Last year ordered some and got a bushel of something else. Looking for a source!

03 Oct 2010 
When we bought our home here in 1963 I researched apples and decided Baldwin would be good. Didn't realize how big the tree would be; should have pruned it. Squirrels and birds love the top apples. Many fall on the driveway and get half squashed. Even so, more than I can use--pies, canned apple sauce, so sweet no sugar needed. Delicious. Tree still healthy.

14 Sep 2010 
I have an old (80-90yr) and a new (12-14yr)orchard and have heirloom varieties. The Baldwins are pretty pest resistant as I do not spray at this time. I have a good crop this year and hope I can find a buyer.

29 Sep 2009 
When I was growing up in the Landing section of Glen Cove, NY we had a pair of these monster apple trees in our double-sized lot. They were 35-40 ft high, and wider than they were tall. The branches were pockmarked with woodpecker holes. In the spring our yard was full of apple blossom petals. They were large apples, firm, and a bit tart, but my mother made great pies out of them. By the mid-1960's they were beginning to decline and were losing branches so we had them removed. They must have been close to 100 years old. A great apple if you can find it.

26 Sep 2009 
When I ived in R. I., my mother preferred Baldwin apples for pies. I emember them asbeingmildly tart and sure wish I could procure them here iin Georgia. If there is a source. Sure would appreciate knowing it I traveled in my military career quite a bit and have always loked for Baldwin Apples.

02 Aug 2009 
Baldwin is a steady producer. When other apple trees have failed to produce due to bad weather Baldwin produces a crop of not excellent but good apple with a pleasant taste.

24 Sep 2008 
This is not a bad apple to munch on; not far from where I am there is a man with this on his property (which in turn was a farm once.) He recently identified what he had with the help of an arborist to see if the apples were good to eat-now he can't keep people away!!Soon, it shall be time to go round there to check it out...I cannot wait...

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A very popular old American apple variety, widely grown for culinary use, and a good keeper.

Baldwin phototape


  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Parentage: Unknown
  • Originates from: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Introduced: 1750s
  • Developed by: Mrs Butters
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1188
  • UK National Fruit Collection accession number: 1921-086


  • Fruit colour: Red / Green
  • Flesh colour: White to Cream, pale yellow
  • Flesh colour: Yellow to Very Yellow
  • Fruit size: Medium
  • Fruit size: Large
  • Fruit size: Very large
  • Fruit size: Variable
  • Bultitude apple group: 6. Red flushed, smooth, sweet


  • Uses: Eat fresh
  • Uses: Cooking
  • Uses: Juice
  • Cooking result: Keeps shape
  • Flavour quality: Good
  • Flavour style: Sweeter
  • Harvest period: Late season
  • Use / keeping: 3 months or more


  • Cropping: Good
  • Flowering period: Mid-Late season
  • Flowering group: 4
  • Fertility: Self-sterile
  • Ploidy: Triploid
  • Pollinating others: Poor
  • Vigour: Slightly large
  • Bearing regularity: Biennial tendency
  • Gardening skill: Average
  • Precocity: Slow to start bearing
  • Fruit bearing: Spur-bearer
  • General disease resistance: Poor
  • Period of origin: 1750 - 1799


  • Climate suitability: Warm climates
  • Climate suitability: Temperate climates
  • Climate suitability: Tolerates cold winters

Disease resistance

  • Cedar apple rust  - Very resistant
  • Scab  - Some susceptibility
  • Mildew  - Some susceptibility
  • Fireblight  - Some susceptibility
  • Bitter pit  - Some susceptibility

References and further reading about this variety

  • Cedar-Apple Rust  
    Author: Stephen Vann, University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture (FSA7538)
    Rated as very resistant - no control needed against CAR.

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United States




Latest Spring blossom records for this variety

2014 season

  • 6th May  2014  - tree owned by Jeff in READING, United States

2012 season

  • 10th May  2012  - tree owned by Sandy in ALBANY, United States
  • 10th May  2012  - tree owned by Sandy in ALBANY, United States
  • 10th April  2012  - tree owned by Ray in MIDDLETOWN, United States
  • 20th March  2012  - tree owned by Michelle in GLENWOOD, United States

2011 season

  • 5th April  2011  - tree owned by Michelle in GLENWOOD, United States

2010 season

  • May  2010  - tree owned by Harry in LODI, United States
  • April  2010  - tree owned by Michelle in GLENWOOD, United States

2009 season

  • May  2009  - tree owned by Harry in LODI, United States
  • April  2009  - tree owned by Michelle in GLENWOOD, United States

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Latest harvest records for this variety

2014 season

    2012 season

    • 3rd week November  2012  - tree owned by Sandy in ALBANY, United States
    • 3rd week November  2012  - tree owned by Sandy in ALBANY, United States

    2011 season

    • October  2011  - tree owned by Michelle in GLENWOOD, United States

    2010 season

    • 1st week October  2010  - tree owned by Harry in LODI, United States
    • October  2010  - tree owned by Michelle in GLENWOOD, United States

    2009 season

    • 1st week October  2009  - tree owned by Harry in LODI, United States
    • October  2009  - tree owned by Michelle in GLENWOOD, United States

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