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Dumelow's Seedling apple

Dumelow's Seedling was raised by Richard Dumeller of Shakerstone, Leicestershire, England - probably in the late 18th century.  It also known as Dumelow's Crab, Normanton Wonder, and Wellington - and more correctly as Dumeller's Seedling.  It soon became one of the most widely grown culinary apples of Victorian England, esteemed for its fine flavour and good keeping qualities.

Dumelow's Seedling has the key attribute of an English cooker - lots of acidity.  It cooks to a stiff pale puree, with a good strong apple flavour, and plenty of acidic richness.  An interesting twist is to use it in combination with a sweeter cooker which keeps its shape such as Wolf River - the acidic Dumelow's Seedling puree will melt around it, giving a contrast of textures and sweet and sharp flavours.

USDA identification images for Dumelow's Seedling

The identification paintings in the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection span the years 1886 to 1942.

    Citation: U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection. Rare and Special Collections, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD 20705.

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    Visitor reviews

    • 12 Nov 2009  HARBOROUGH, LEICESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom
      I had one of these in the garden of my last house. Very nice cookers and a big crop. I hope to grow one myself from cuttings or seed.
    • 09 Nov 2008  LEICESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom
      I have a very ancient tree in my garden VERY good fruiting lots of apple !
    • 11 May 2008  LEICESTER UK, United Kingdom
      Regarding the Dumelow's Seedling, I adopted a tree of the variety three years ago. The allotment society I am a member of has a heritage orchard consisting of Leicestershire varieties: apples and plums. Dumelow's Seedling cooks to a firm pulp and fruit has a long shelf life. I like it.

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    2013 season

    • 23rd May  2013  - tree owned by Richard in York, United Kingdom

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    • Species: Malus domestica - Apple
    • Parentage: Northern Greening ?
    • Originates from: Shakerstone, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom
    • Introduced: 1800s - early
    • Developed by: Mr Dumeller
    • UK National Fruit Collection accession: 2000-033


    • Awards: RHS AGM (current)
    • Country of origin: United Kingdom
    • Period of origin: 1800 - 1849
    • Leaf colour: Green
    • Popularity: Rarely grown
    • Annual cycle: Deciduous


    • Picking season: Late
    • Keeping (of fruit): 3 months or more
    • Flavour quality: Very good
    • Flavour style (apples): Sharper
    • Cooking result: Puree
    • Discoloration of fruit: Oxidising
    • Vitamin C content: Medium
    • Cropping: Good
    • Fruit persistence: Normal ripening
    • Food uses: Culinary
    • Food uses: Juice
    • Food uses: Traditional cooker
    • Picking period: early October
    • Wildlife: RHS Plants for Pollinators


    • Gardening skill: Beginner
    • Flowering group: 4
    • Pollinating others: Average
    • Ploidy: Diploid
    • Vigour: Average vigour
    • Bearing regularity: Regular
    • Fruit bearing: Spur-bearer
    • Self-fertility: Not self-fertile


    • Frost resistance of blossom: Good resistance
    • Climate suitability: Temperate climates
    • Summer average maximum temperatures: Cool ( 20-24C / 68-75F)
    • Cold hardiness (RHS): H6 (to -20C)

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    • Apples of England (1948)
      Author: Taylor

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