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Crab-apple varieties

  • A white-flowered crab apple with a weeping habit, named for its red fruitlets.
  • Red Obelisk Crab-apple
    Malus Red Obilisk
  • Red Sentinel Crab-apple
    Malus Red Sentinel has classic white apple blossom and a profusion of tiny scarlet fruits.
  • Roberts Crab Crab-apple
    A large purple-skinned crab-apple, with red flesh.
  • Roberts Red Crab-apple
    A synonym for Roberts Crab.
  • Rosehip Crab-apple
    Malus Rosehip is notable for its large rosehip-shaped red fruits.
  • Royal Beauty Crab-apple
    Royal Beauty is a compact weeping crab apple with crimson blossom.
  • Royalty Crab-apple
    Malus Royalty is an ornamental crab apple with green-bronze leaves and dark red blossom.
  • Rudolph Crab-apple
    Malus Rudoph