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Karmijn de Sonnaville apple

Karmijn de Sonnaville was developed at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands during the 1950s.  It is a Cox-style variety, but with a distinctly more pronounced aromatic flavor.

Somewhat surprisingly for a relatively modern apple variety, the exact parentage is not known.  Cox's Orange Pippin is the female parent but the pollen source is uncertain, either Belle de Boskoop or Jonathan.  Since Belle de Boskoop and Jonathan have a passing resemblance to each other, and both also have quite strong flavours, it is difficult to guess which is the other parent.  We think it is more likely to be Belle de Boskoop, from the tendency to russet and the triploid nature.

Despite the part-English ancestry, Karmijn de Sonnaville does not grow well in the UK and can be simply hard and unpleasant in a poor year.  It does very well in the northern and central states of the USA, and has the potential for very good flavor.

Last updated 22 Sep 2012.

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13 Mar 2015 
KdS is a good one for the season, not a keeper. It does get a bit of AM. I have about 20 trees and they're really vigorous, triploid I think. I don't want ladders, or pruning. Bud-9 is not small enough. I'm thinking m27 or p-22. If you like Cox Orange>My choices #1 Fiesta, #2 Alkmene, #3 Kidd's, #4 Karmijn, #5 Mother. add.... Skipley Farm makes trees, has scion.

17 Nov 2014 
Is this a good apple for pies? Does it come at all close to gravensteins?

15 Oct 2014 
Best tasting apple I have ever eaten.

17 Feb 2013 
Ed, considering the climate in E. Wenatchee - desert as soon as you climb out of the Gorge - KdS might do pretty well in a city yard or large enough orchard to raise the humidity somewhat. I hope to add it onto one of the trees being created for my backyard orchard.

26 Jan 2013 
Referring to Dave Liezen's comments above, I did the same thing - went to Wenatchee and obtained several varieities for sampling. Karmijn was absolutely in a world by itself! I had one tree planted, and came back and ordered another! Might not grow well in eastern Washington's hot climate, but it is worth trying. Crisp, sweet-tart and almot undescribable!

23 Jan 2012 
Its not a apple from Wageningen bud from mister de Sonnaville he grows a lot of new varieties like Meiprinses and the newesr Lola

11 Oct 2010 
Drove halfway across the state to purchase heirloom apples; tasted KdJ for the first time. Wow! Got to work this into my back yard somehow.

23 Sep 2010 
I purchased this tree as a two-year old from Raintree Nursery based on their intriguing description. Within two years I was able to sample the fruit, and can honestly say it revolutionized my feelings about apples - it is a wonderful variety, with intense yet balanced flavors, and ample sweetness and acidity. One of the three fruits was left to 'age' about 1 month before trying it, and the flavors had harmonized wonderfully. I am hoping to be able to grow it in my new location in Bloomington, IN (hotter summers, so I am pleased to hear reports of it doing well in N California).

06 Sep 2010 
Dave: I am growing it in a hot, dry part of Northern California where summer temperatures regularly approach, and can even exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It bears tasty fruit in my climate.

19 Jul 2010 
I saw a website that claimed this cultivar does best with cooler summers. Anyone in a drier and hotter locale that has done well with Karmijn de Sonnaville? I live in Spokane, high and dry on the eastern edge of Washington state. Thanks, Dave.

16 Dec 2008 
First of all I love this apple for it's taste. And then ,how to pronounce the name. (car-mine de sonna-vil ) now that is not too difficult is it?

07 Oct 2007 
How is this name pronounced?

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A Cox-style apple from the Netherlands, very attractive autumnal colours, and the potential for very good flavor.

Karmijn de Sonnaville phototape


  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Parentage: Cox
  • Originates from: Netherlands
  • Introduced: 1949
  • Developed by: Piet de Sonnaville, Wageningen University
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1035
  • UK National Fruit Collection accession number: 1971-060


  • Flesh colour: Yellow to Very Yellow
  • Fruit size: Medium
  • Fruit size: Large
  • Fruit size: Very large


  • Harvest period: Late season


  • Flowering period: Mid-Late season
  • Flowering group: 4
  • Fertility: Self-sterile
  • Ploidy: Triploid
  • Pollinating others: Poor
  • Period of origin: 1900 - 1949

Disease resistance

  • Scab  - Very susceptible

Relationships to other varieties

Parents and other ancestors of this variety:

  • Cox's Orange Pippin (parent) - Cox Orange Pippin is the female parent of Karmijn de Sonnaville

See also:

  • Belle de Boskoop - Thought to be the male parent of Karmijn de Sonnaville (even though it is a Triploid)
  • Jonathan - Thought to be the male parent of Karmijn de Sonnaville

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UK National Fruit Collection

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United States

United Kingdom



Latest Spring blossom records for this variety

2014 season

  • 17th May  2014  - tree owned by Jim in HALLSTEAD, United States

2013 season

  • 12th May  2013  - tree owned by Jim in HALLSTEAD, United States
  • 27th April  2013  - tree owned by Florian in Brush Prairie, United States

2011 season

  • 27th April  2011  - tree owned by Cammy in SAN DIEGO, United States
  • 22nd April  2011  - tree owned by Cammy in SAN DIEGO, United States
  • 22nd April  2011  - tree owned by Cammy in SAN DIEGO, United States

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Latest harvest records for this variety

2014 season

    2013 season

    • 1st week October  2013  - tree owned by Jim in HALLSTEAD, United States

    2011 season

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