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Herrings Pippin apple

Excellent eating and cooking apple. Fruit large, deep green, colored crimson on one side. Flesh crisp but tender when ripe. Spicy flavor, pleasing aroma.

Herrings Pippin identification photos

UK National Fruit Collection
UK National Fruit Collection
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  • Herrings Pippin
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Visitor reviews

  • 10 Nov 2018  Kay,  United Kingdom
    Not a keeper. Large fruit, almost too much for one person. Intensely spicy flavour.
  • 14 Sep 2013  Barbara Brown,  HIGHFIELD1999@TISCALI.CO.UK, United Kingdom
    my tree is now four years old and has had good crops for the last two.This year despite being in drought it has produced very large fruits as usual. (my other varieties havnt ) Ive been cooking it since August because it dosnt keep and found it to have similar qualities to Bramley in that it cooks down to puree nicely.Good for apple sauce too. It has its limitations but looks so nice on the tree that I will find ways of using the fruit ,might try drying or wine or something else.
  • 30 Oct 2011  Henry Sears,  PEMBROKESHIRE, United Kingdom
    Grows extremely well without chemicals on my wet west Wales hillside, producing large, regular crops of handsome, very large, unblemished fruit. It is frustrating though, that it is not a keeper, and must be eaten off the tree, though it is somewhat tart, and the flesh oxidises rapidly in the air. Juice, I concluded, might be the way to use the surplus, but the fruit have an odd characteristic in that the juice doesn't want to separate from the solid matter, and results in a clogged up press and a little, very cloudy liquid. Have decided to top-work the old tree to something more useful.

Tree register

United Kingdom

Harvest records for this variety

2011 season

  • 3rd week September  2011  - tree owned by Kay in Leeds, United Kingdom


  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Originates from: Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
  • Introduced: 1908
  • Developed by: Mr Herring
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1735
  • UK National Fruit Collection accession: 1921-011


  • Harvest period: Mid season


  • Flowering period: Mid-Late season
  • Flowering group: 4
  • Period of origin: 1900 - 1949

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  • Apples of England (1948)
    Author: Taylor

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