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Galarina apple

Small to medium size. Variable reddish coloring over green-yellow (when not fully colored). Some ribbing. Five-pointed calyx end. Smooth, thick, tough skin. Keeps 4+ months in excellent condition, holding flavor better than Gala.

Visitor reviews

  • 23 Nov 2016  Nicole,  MICHIGAN=MI, United States
    I don't believe that this tastes much like a Gala but it is good nonetheless. Crisp and juicy. Hangs well on the tree until you are ready to eat it. Keeps well in the fridge. Have not seen any disease on this tree (and my neighbors planted cedars 30 feet away). Vigorous grower. Looks lovely as an espalier.

Tree register

United States

Spring blossom records for this variety

2020 season

  • 23rd April  2020  - tree owned by Steven in Turney, United States

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  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Parentage: Gala x Florina Querina
  • Originates from: France
  • Developed by: INRA
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1701


  • Harvest period: Mid-Late season


  • Cropping: Good
  • Flowering period: Mid season
  • Flowering group: 3
  • Fertility: Self-sterile
  • Ploidy: Diploid
  • Vigour: Slightly large
  • General disease resistance: Good

Parents and other ancestors of this variety


  • Scab  - Some resistance
  • Mildew  - Some resistance
  • Fireblight  - Some resistance

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