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Christmas Pearmain apple

Christmas Pearmain is an attractive English apple from the late Victorian period.  By today's standards it looks rather old-fashioned - but appealingly so.

The flavour is not perhaps in the first rank of Victorian apples, but nevertheless this is an apple that has a lot going for it.  It is basically sweet but with a bit of richness and some sharpness to add interest.  The flesh is firm, yellow, and fairly juicy.

It is also an easy apple to grow in the garden, with few problems, and it crops well.  It is available from many fruit tree nurseries.

So not the most well-known of the Victorian apples, but a very good all-rounder.

Christmas Pearmain identification images

USDA identification images for Christmas Pearmain

The identification paintings in the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection span the years 1886 to 1942.

    Citation: U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection. Rare and Special Collections, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD 20705.

    Visitor reviews

    • 19 Feb 2017  HIGHFIELD1999@TISCALI.CO.UK, United Kingdom
      in coastal Norfolk , this apple isnt willing to leave the tree unitl 2nd week in November. I am coming to the end of them now (February 19th) with another week of them left. Still firm and nicely flavoured.
    • 19 Sep 2014  ARGYLL, United Kingdom
      when do you pick and eat these apples

    Tree register

    United Kingdom

    Spring blossom records for this variety

    2014 season

    2013 season

    2011 season

    2010 season

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    Harvest records for this variety

    2010 season

    • October  2010  - tree owned by Nish in Chulmleigh, United Kingdom


    • Species: Malus domestica
    • Parentage: Unknown
    • Introduced: 1893


    • Self-fertility: Self-fertile
    • Flowering group: 2
    • Ploidy: Diploid


    • Country of origin: United Kingdom

    Where to buy trees

    The following tree nurseries offer Christmas Pearmain apple trees for sale:

    • Keepers Nursery
      United Kingdom  More >>

    Where to buy fresh fruit

    The following orchards grow Christmas Pearmain:

    United Kingdom


    • Apples of England (1948)
      Author: Taylor

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