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Ornamental cherry varieties

  • A flowering cherry which is useful for public spaces on account of its conical form and attractive bark.
  • Shirofugen is a traditional Japanese flowering cherry with large double-white flowers, also known as Fugenzo.
  • Prunus Shirotae features large single or semi-double fragrant white flowers, and is perhaps the most beautiful of the white-flowered Japanese cherries.
  • A Japanese flowering cherry with large fragrant bright white blossom, and strong autumn colours.
  • Shogetsu - Blushing Bride Flowering cherry
    One of the loveliest of the white-blossom Japanese flowering cherries.
  • An upright fastigate flowering cherry with pink blossom and good autumn leaf colours.
  • A small upright flowering cherry tree with particularly large single white flowers.
  • A compact slow-growing flowering cherry, with long weeping branches and a mass of white single flowers.
  • A compact upright blossom tree with pale pink flowers, and orange-red autumn foliage colours.
  • Spring Glow is a stunning sight in early spring, with its large deep pink single flowers, followed by dark purple foliage.
  • A Japanese flowering cherry with double-flowered white blossom borne on bare branches, followed by coppery-leaves.
  • A small flowering cherry tree, named after its star-shaped pink blossom.
  • Sunset Boulevard Flowering cherry
    A large flowering cherry tree with a distinctive columnar form, and large single white flowers.