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Winter Wonder apple

Winter Wonder is a new "traditional" English apple variety, developed by a grower in Norfolk.

In appearance Winter Wonder is consistent with the traditional English-style apple. It has the characteristic and attractive dull orange autumnal flush. The flesh snaps cleanly, and is dense rather than crisp, firm, and chewy, but with a good amount of juice. The flavour is fairly sharp.

England has increasingly been left behind in the development of new apples, with varieties such as Pink Lady, Jazz, Ariane and Tentation all being developed elsewhere. In fact most of these varieties can't even be grown commercially in the UK because they need much warmer climates. It is therefore good to see some renewed effort in English apple development. Having said that, it is difficult to see Winter Wonder breaking out of the UK market, or being able to compete with the less complicated flavours (and better marketing) of the newer international varieties. However, perhaps it will help to start a trend.

Last updated 10 Jun 2010.

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12 Feb 2016 
We evidently are late arrivals at this apple, as with many of your reviewers, we found them in Waitrose. Labelling as 'traditional' led us to think that they were an old variety, we now realise not. None the worse for that. For such a late Apple (February) good Cox-like colouring, perhaps not quite so crisp and juicy as a good example of such but a very good texture and flavour. Skin is nicely palatable - some of the competition has skin that is almost inedible. Not sure that we found it 'sharp' as described on your site but perhaps that's due to its maturity, good fruity flavour. Very large, need to share between two. Nice to find an apple bred in England, we'll buy again.

08 Mar 2014 
I love this apple and have two trees, I think the flavour almost like sharp sherbert with a lovely texture. If you want to buy a tree google 'Real English Fruit' I believe Dan bred it and that's where I bought my trees

16 Nov 2012 
These are magnificent. In look and taste they are precisely like the apples one of the 100-year old trees in my back garden, and those are the best apples I've ever tasted without exception. It's the first winter in 20 years that I've actually cared about finding other apples because the dreadful weather has given us a zero crop. One thing I would like to find out - if these are 'new', what are their parents?

15 Dec 2011 
I too purchased Winter Wonders in Waitrose. British, with a great description, they did not disappoint with looks, flavour, texture and they were very juicy. The apple held it's own against some lovely Cornish Blue local cheese too, a great combination. Grown by J Linsell, Suffolk, I was so pleased with them that I am now looking for a tree to grow our own, that's why I am on this website. jo ;)

13 Nov 2009 
In recent years, Coxes (mainly foreign) have been disappointing. These Winter Wonder are superb.

19 Feb 2009 
I bought a bag at Waitrose today - also grown by Jeremy Linsell. I like it very much & agree with the previous comments. Why is it labelled 'wash before use'? Pesticides, or just advice from a lawyer?

16 Feb 2009 
We bought some yesterday at Waitrose, in Swaffham, grown by J. Linsell. They were still excellent, far better than most Coxes are by mid February. The flavour reminded us of Laxton's Superb, which we have in our garden,but Winter Wonder is much better looking.

08 Feb 2009 
I am currently enjoying these apples which I found in waitrose. I was attracted by the traditional look of them which is evocative of some of the fine old English varieties long since vanished from our shelves. Although I havent bought 'supermarket' apples for years as I have always been dissapointed, I thought that these were worth a punt, and was pleasantly surprised as I discovered real flavour and texture, strong punchy acididy well balanced with sweet, juicy flesh and a good depth of flavour. I have been hooked ever since and am happy to crunch my way through winter wonder which help to supplement my stocks of home grown D'arcy spice and Nonpareil. Well done to whoever bred these and thank you to J. Linsell for growing them. All power to your elbows, and may you continue to help but British apples back on the taste buds of the population where they deservedly belong to be!

25 Nov 2008 
I got some at Waitrose - delicious, rich and tart, better than any Cox I have bought this year

20 Nov 2008 
i recently bought a pack of winter wonder from waitrose the grower was j.linsell of suffolk . i liked the flavour and texture and thought they were very much like a cox is it a cross? the increase in the availability of uncommon varieties should be encouraged and i have been able to try many different sorts this year mainly from a proper greengrocer.get the british apple known.

11 Sep 2008 
I love this apple which was stocked by my local Sainsbury's a few winters ago. No luck since though. If anybody can point me in the right direction I'd love to find it again or indeed to plant a tree in my garden.

18 Dec 2007 
I agree with the comments so far. It softens up when cooked into a tasty puree - sweeter and more interesting than Bramley. My examples were remarkably handsome and blemish free.

13 Dec 2007 
Bought a bag of these at Morrisons, and was so impressed by the flavour that I looked them up on the internet. I hope they continue to be available, as I would search for this type of apple. Very cox-like, but better texture than some coxes I have bought recently.

21 Nov 2007 
Discovered this apple in the specialist apple box at Waitrose. Beautiful apple,cox type with a little russetting in places. I want to find out more about this fruit as I wish to include a tree in a small orchard I am planting shortly. Any more info pleas as to availability of young tree.

22 Oct 2007 
I tried this apple at the Lowdham apple day and was very impressed by its texture and flavour. It was grown locally and was a good looking apple medium to large for an eating apple. The texture was very crisp and very juicy. The flavour was sweet, medium acidity and with some complexity, not as much as a cox or ribston pippin perhaps similar to a king of the pippins. An excellent apple which I hope does well in garden and commerce.

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A modern English variety, developed as a "traditional" English apple.

Winter Wonder phototape


  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Parentage: Unknown
  • Originates from: England, United Kingdom
  • Introduced: 2000
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1130


  • Fertility: Self-sterile
  • Ploidy: Diploid

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