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Nittany apple

Crisp, juicy yellow flesh tart apple, 3 to 3.25 inches in diameter. About 50 to 90% of the surface is covered with a dull red color. Shape is truncate to conical. Good eaten fresh but also good choice for a cooking apple as it holds its shape when cooked.

Visitor reviews

  • 12 Oct 2016  Shelley,  VA, United States
    This is my favorite eating apple and a treat that I look forward to every October as they are not readily available. I travel to the Va. Farm Market near Winchester, VA to buy them. This year I purchased a large bag to enjoy since the staff tells me they keep for up to 2 months in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. I hope so. :)
  • 06 Dec 2013  Teresa Husic,  PA, United States
    I was introduced to the Nittany apples three years ago. They have now become my favorite !!! The taste and the feel is the best quality I've ever had.
  • 08 Nov 2013  Jerry Barbour,  PA, United States
    Probably one of the crispest, juiciest apples I've ever eaten. My new favorite. Can't wait to try it in an apple pie.

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United States


  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Parentage: York Imperial x Golden Delicious
  • Originates from: United States
  • Developed by: Penn State University
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1808


  • Uses: Eat fresh
  • Uses: Cooking
  • Harvest period: Late season
  • Use / keeping: 1-2 months

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