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Duke of Devonshire apple

Duke of Devonshire was raised at Holker Hall in Cumbria, the estate of the Duke of Devonshire in the 19th century.  It is not a particularly attractive apple, its beauty is in its flavour.

Duke of Devonshire is a russeted apple, more in the fruity style of Ashmead's Kernel than the sweeter style of Egremont Russet.  Although it has never achieved mainstream success, it remains quietly popular amongst enthusiasts who appreciate russets, and like most russet apples it is easy to grow and has good natural disease resistance.

Russet apples, particularly those with strong flavours, are also increasingly sought out by cider enthusiasts.

The pedigree of Duke of Devonshire is unknown, but in appearance and flavour there is clearly some relation to Ashmead's Kernel, a much older russet variety that was well known in England at the time Duke of Devonshire was raised.

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UK National Fruit Collection
UK National Fruit Collection
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United Kingdom

Spring blossom records for this variety

2012 season

  • April  2012  - tree owned by Graham in Coldstream, United Kingdom

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Harvest records for this variety

2012 season

  • September  2012  - tree owned by Graham in Coldstream, United Kingdom


  • Species: Malus domestica
  • Originates from: Cumbria, England, United Kingdom
  • Introduced: 1835
  • Developed by: Mr Wilson, the Duke of Devonshire's gardener.
  • Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1017
  • UK National Fruit Collection accession: 2000-032
  • Some historical details taken with kind permission from 'The New Book of Apples' by Joan Morgan and Alison Richards , illustrated by Elisabeth Dowle, published by Ebury Press, 2002.


  • Fruit colour: Yellow / Gold
  • Bultitude apple group: 8. Russeted, sweet


  • Uses: Eat fresh
  • Uses: Juice
  • Flavour quality: Very good
  • Flavour style: Pear drop
  • Harvest period: Late season
  • Use / keeping: 1-2 months


  • Flowering period: Mid season
  • Flowering group: 3
  • Fertility: Self-sterile
  • Ploidy: Diploid
  • Vigour: Average growth
  • Gardening skill: Very easy
  • General disease resistance: Good


  • Climate suitability: Temperate climates

Close relations of this variety (share 1 parent)

  • Ashmead's Kernel - It is likely that Duke of Devonshire descends from Ashmeads Kernel or shares a common ancestor.


  • Scab  - Very resistant

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  • Apples of England (1948)
    Author: Taylor

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