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Honeycrisp Apple tree

Owner: Wynne

Location:  River Falls, WI, United States

Age:Planted in about 2009
Age of this tree:14 years
Soil:Sandy/clay loam & clay loam(I have two of this variety) 
Climate at this location:Zone 4 Continental; cold, snowy winters & hot, humid summers
Pruning:Changed pruning to middle of summer & manipulated branch angles to >90 degrees. This stimulated spur & fruit production.
Tree form:Central leader (widest at bottom)
Height:Up to 6ft / 2m
Cropping:Light crops
Growth:This tree grows fairly well here
Herbicides:Manual treatment (hoeing and weeding)
Pesticides:Chemical treatments
Local pests:Rabbits, codling moths & plum curculio

Owner's comments

I had my 1st really great crop last year by changing my pruning time & creating wider branch angles. These trees aren't very vigorous to start with, what I've done has really helped.

Season records for this tree

  • 2019

    Spring blossom: 25 May
  • 2018

  • 2017

  • 2016

  • 2015

  • 2014

  • 2013

  • 2012

  • 2011

  • 2010

  • 2009

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