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Cox's Orange Pippin Apple tree

Owner: Jim

Location:  Mequon, WI, United States

Age:Planted in about 2007
Age of this tree:19 years
Climate at this location:Influenced by Lake Michigan
Tree form:Central leader (widest at bottom)
Height:Taller than 15ft / 4m
Cropping:Biennial cropping (alternate years)
Growth:This tree grows fairly well here
Herbicides:Chemical treatments
Pesticides:Chemical treatments

Owner's comments

From Vintage Virginia Apples

Season records for this tree

  • 2023

    Spring blossom: 16 May
  • 2023

    Spring blossom: 16 May
    Harvest: 2nd week September  200kg / 440lbs
    Although known to be biennial, my Cox Orange Pippin has produced well, yearly, since it’s been planted. I’ve read any number of times that it can be a tough tree to grow in the heat and humidity, but I am within 1 mile lake Michigan, which does moderate temperatures.
  • 2022

    Harvest: 4th week September  250kg / 550lbs
    Size: 4.5m / 15.0ft high   
    Fantastic crop this year.
  • 2022

    Harvest: 4th week September  120kg / 264lbs
    Size: 4.5m / 15.0ft high   
    Fantastic crop this year.
  • 2021

    Spring blossom: 24 May
    Harvest: 4th week September  100kg / 220lbs
    Size: 4.5m / 15.0ft high   2.5m / 8.3ft wide
    Good crop again!
  • 2020

    Spring blossom: 23 May
    Harvest: 4th week September  100kg / 220lbs
    Size: 5.0m / 16.7ft high   3.5m / 11.7ft wide
    Sooty blootch, fly speck- not treated in mid-august
  • 2019

    Spring blossom: 28 May
    Harvest: 1st week October  100kg / 220lbs
    Size: 4.5m / 15.0ft high   3.0m / 10.0ft wide
    Somewhat light crop. Not sprayed after 8/1. Some sooty blotch. As usual, great taste.
  • 2018

    Harvest: 3rd week September  100kg / 220lbs
    Size: 4.5m / 15.0ft high   3.5m / 11.7ft wide
    Canker: Not present
    Scab: Not present
    Mildew: Not present
    Fireblight: Not present
    Cedar-apple rust: Not present
    Woolly aphid: Not present
    Codling moth: Not present
    Delicious crop with large apples in the “off” (biennial) year. Blak soot and fly speck as trees were not sprayed in August.
  • 2017

    Size: 4.5m / 15.0ft high