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Gravenstein Apple tree

Owner: Michael

Location:  North Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada

Age:Planted in about 2006
Age of this tree:20 years
Soil:Not local but standard (poor) quality fill brought in to build up yard. However remove rocks and add compost often. 
Climate at this location:Temperate - within 100 metres of ocean.
Pruning:Pruned off a few lower branches January 2016.
Tree form:Standard
Height:Taller than 15ft / 4m
Cropping:Not specified
Growth:This tree grows easily here
Herbicides:Manual treatment (hoeing and weeding)
Local pests:Ants, aphids.

Owner's comments

Spreading wood ash near base of tree has improved the overall health of my two Gravensteins substantially. In addition, I direct bury kitchen scraps throughout the area and this has also enriched the soil. Ladybugs thrive on the aphids and the other diseases don't seem to take over the leaves like it used to before I used the wood ash.

Season records for this tree

  • 2016

    Spring blossom: 17 April
    Best yield so far owing to another apple tree, planted within 5m, being in fill blossom for the first time since being planted from seed the Spring of 2010. There are perhaps far too many apples as many branches are drooping badly and have to be supported with long bamboo poles.