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Ginger Gold Apple tree

Owner: Susan

Location:  Fitchburg, MASSACHUSETTS, United States

Age:Planted in about 1970
Age of this tree:51 years
Soil:Very rocky New England glacial soil. 
Climate at this location:Hot summers and cold winters. Ice storms take their toll on this tree.
Tree form:Not sure
Height:Taller than 15ft / 4m
Cropping:Heavy crops
Growth:This tree grows easily here
Local pests:Sapsuckers have drilled multiple homes in trunk and major branches.

Owner's comments

Bore very little fruit until a Malus "Indian Summer" was planted within 50 feet of the tree in the late 1980's. This is a single tree of unknown origin that has been growing since the late 1960's or early 1970's.

Season records for this tree

  • 2015

    Spring blossom: 5 May
    Size: 7.5m / 25.0ft high   7.5m / 25.0ft wide
    Very abundant crop of apples this year. Tree usually bears lots of fruit.
  • 2014

  • 2013

  • 2012

  • 2011

  • 2010

  • 2009

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