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Yellow Transparent Apple tree

Owner: Mitch

Location:  Springhill, NS, Canada

Age of this tree:2021 years
Tree form:Not sure
Height:Not sure
Cropping:Medium crops
Growth:This tree grows easily here

Season records for this tree

  • 2014

    Spring blossom: 5 June
    Harvest: 4th week August
    Size: 5.5m / 18.3ft high   6.0m / 20.0ft wide
    this tree is quite old and has not been pruned in a long time started last year on getting it back to better standing also was given a few scion last winter so i grafted them on, 5 in total were successful (ginger gold,Irish peach, northern spy, royal gala and the last was a mix up long before i got it it was supposed to be a russet and the guy that gave it to me said it was one of the best yellow eating apples he has every had)
  • 2013

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  • 2009

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