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Bramley's Seedling Apple tree

Owner: Dave

Location:  Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA, United States

Age:Planted in about 2010
Age of this tree:12 years
Soil:heavy clay 
Climate at this location:warm spring, summer and fall, light winter frost
Pruning:mostly summer pruning for size control
Tree form:Central leader (widest at bottom)
Height:Between 6ft / 2m and 15ft / 4m
Cropping:Heavy crops
Growth:This tree grows easily here
Herbicides:Manual treatment (hoeing and weeding)

Owner's comments

Planted in 2010 as a benchgraft (one bud grafted onto M111 root stock). April 2014: the tree has set 13 apples for its first crop. July 2014: the tree has dropped three apples and is down to 10. The ones exposed to sunlight have a faint blush. One apple that gets full sun in the morning has progressed to a reddish-brown blush on top, but so far it is still hard.

Season records for this tree

  • 2014

    Spring blossom: 25 March
  • 2013

    Size: 2.0m / 6.7ft high   1.5m / 5.0ft wide
    Canker: Not present
    Scab: Not present
    Mildew: Not present
    Fireblight: Not present
    Cedar-apple rust: Not present
    Woolly aphid: Not present
    Codling moth: Not present
  • 2012

  • 2011

  • 2010

  • 2009

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