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About this Cortland Apple tree

Owner: D.

Location:  TORONTO, ONTARIO, Canada

Age: Planted in about 2011
Soil characteristics at this location: sandy loam 
Climate at this location: Urban heat island, zone 5b?
Pruning: Yes, but not expertly, aiming for open structure
Age of this tree: Not sure
Tree form: Not sure
Height: Not sure
Cropping: Medium crops
Growth characteristics: This tree grows fairly well here
Herbicides: Manual treatment (hoeing and weeding)
Pesticides: Organic treatments
Main local pests: ants & aphids, rosey aphids, silvery dried out leaves

Owner's comments

In 2011 and 2012 the tree struggled to make headway under attacks from aphids, ants, and mites. Rusty leaves, and whole branches whose leaves curled and got brittle and silverish. 2013 watered in nematodes on lawn to slow down ant aphid-farmers, sprayed tree with soap, added praying mantis, welcomed ladybugs when they joined the party. Pinch off the most infected leaves as they appear. The pests seem to be more under control this year. It's been an unusually wet July, so no drying out for long. 3 to 4 feet of growth on multiple leaders. Grafted two other varieties on this spring, extremely successful. Also raked in a bag of composted manure into lawn around tree. Using combination of training with anchored ropes and pruning of conflicted growth.

Season records for this tree

Season Blossom date Picking date / Yield Size Season notes

2.5m / 8.3ft high
2.0m / 6.7ft wide
Canker: Severe attack
Scab: Mild attack
Mildew: Mild attack
Cedar-apple rust: Mild attack
Woolly aphid: Mild attack
Pruned off close to half the tree in the face of a prolific attack of bark cankers. Sprayed safers soap before and after blossoms. Drove 3 fruit tree fertilizer spikes into the soil as per instructions - tree did MUCH better, put on two feet of growth all over, Kandil Sinap grafted branches heavy with fruit, until rodents broke several laden branches off (again.) Cortland third started out with 15 apples or so till rodents got them. Russet side regrowing from a few buds I managed to save in t
2014 24 May

Scab: Mild attack
Mildew: Mild attack
Cedar-apple rust: Mild attack
Woolly aphid: Mild attack
Silverleaf: Mild attack
Late cold spring, infestations of web, chewed buds and nascent leaves curled into incubation tubes. Two treatments of insecticidal soap 7 days apart just before flowers opened, one treatment of ant nematodes. Picked off infested leaves. Seems to have minimized problem.
1kg / 2lbs 2.5m / 8.3ft high

Scab: Mild attack
Mildew: Mild attack
Cedar-apple rust: Mild attack
Woolly aphid: Mild attack
This tree was planted in July 2011.




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