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About this Laxton's Superb Apple tree

Owner: Mike

Location:  Godalming, SURREY, United Kingdom

Age: Planted in about 1950
Soil characteristics at this location: Sandy soil 
Age of this tree: Not sure
Tree form: Not sure
Height: Between 6ft / 2m and 15ft / 4m
Cropping: Biennial cropping (alternate years)
Growth characteristics: Not specified
Herbicides: Not sure
Pesticides: Not sure
Main local pests: Codling Moth

Season records for this tree

Season Blossom date Picking date / Yield Size Season notes
2018 6 May

2017 25 April
0kg / 0lbs
Blossom was reasonable in the Spring, but very little of the fruit matured and only two or three made it through the season.
2016 10 May
3rd week October
8kg / 18lbs

Scab: Severe attack
Codling moth: Mild attack
Brown rot was a problem again, despite a few anti-fungal treatments.
3rd week October
10kg / 22lbs

Canker: Mild attack
Scab: Severe attack
Codling moth: Severe attack
Lost a great number of fruit due to brown rot: the tree probably needs a substantial winter prune to open it up.
2014 25 April
1st week October
8kg / 18lbs

Canker: Mild attack
Scab: Mild attack
Codling moth: Mild attack
A poor year. Bad attack of blossom wilt in the spring - lost a lot of the young blossom. The majority of the fruit that made it through was badly marked and tending to be smaller than in recent years.
2013 13 May
1st week October
8kg / 18lbs

Woolly aphid: Mild attack
Poor show of blossom this year. However, several of the younger branches fruited well.
2012 11 May
1st week October
7kg / 15lbs

First season for a decent harvest



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