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About this Wolf River Apple tree

Owner: Roy

Location:  Centralia, WA, United States

Age: Planted in about
Rootstock: not known
Soil characteristics at this location: sandy loam, moles really like it 
Climate at this location: plenty of rain but dry in summers, july aug half sept
Pruning: every year and always through summer
Tree form: Standard
Height: Up to 6ft / 2m
Cropping: Medium crops
Growth: This tree grows easily here
Herbicides: Un-treated
Pesticides: Un-treated
Local pests: small flies, some kind usually apples have 1 worm

Owner's comments

The wolf river tree is 4 years old this year and grows rapidly. I keep it pruned regularly. Had a bit of blight 2011 but not much. I pulled off the damaged leaves and it settled down. The nursery man said keep it trimmed and it will stay dwarfed. I'm following his advice and it is working. I have discovered that I have a pest in a Spitzenberg tree ten feet from the Wolf River, called

Season records for this tree

Season Blossom date Picking / Yield Size Season notes
4th week August

had 9 apples neighbor picked largest one 4th week 4 apples remain on tree
2nd week October

tree had 9 apples, neighbor picked largest one 4th week in August. apples remaining were picked 2nd week in October. I don't spray so each apple had 1 worm hole but were excellent flavor and good eating. All were large.

1 apple this year picked November 1st 2011

1 apple this year picked November 1st 2011

no apples this year no blossoms either

no apples this year no blossoms either

tree was planted March 2008 lots of pruning first three years

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