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Cox's Orange Pippin Apple tree

Owner: Chris

Location:  Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Age of this tree:2024 years
Soil:Rocky, well drained, glacial till 
Climate at this location:Wet rainy winters (occasional) snow, dry sunny summers
Tree form:Standard
Height:Between 6ft / 2m and 15ft / 4m
Cropping:Medium crops
Growth:This tree grows fairly well here
Local pests:Apple Maggot

Owner's comments

Year 2011 was first year that tree produced apples. After thinning, about 12 apples total for this young tree. Jonagold and Fuji apple trees within the yard and blooming at same time which led to good fertilization. Flavour excellent and size very good (about 3" diameter), 3.7 oz on average. Cold wet spring in coast of British Columbia meant everything (including apples) bloomed late and was harvested about two weeks later too.

Season records for this tree

  • 2014

    Spring blossom: 2 April
    Size: 2.5m / 8.3ft high   1.5m / 5.0ft wide
  • 2013

    Spring blossom: 15 April
    Harvest: 1st week October  5kg / 11lbs
    Size: 2.0m / 6.7ft high   1.0m / 3.3ft wide
    Scab: Mild attack
  • 2011

    Spring blossom: 24 May
    Harvest: 1st week October
  • 2010

    Spring blossom: 31 April