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Cox's Orange Pippin Apple tree

Owner: Madeleine

Location:  Castro Valley, CALIFORNIA, United States

Age:Planted in about
Rootstock:not known
Soil:heavy clay 
Climate at this location:foggy mornings; temperate; occasional hot summer; short rainy season
Pruning:Hand pruned
Tree form:Central leader (widest at bottom)
Height:Up to 6ft / 2m
Cropping:Not specified
Growth:This tree grows easily here
Herbicides:Manual treatment (hoeing and weeding)
Local pests:aphids

Owner's comments

Got the tree, then a two-year-old, and planted it about ten months ago. It's growing easily in the heavy clay. It gets morning sun and is shaded in the (occasionally) hot afternoons - it seems to be doing alright so far. No fruit, but then, it's just a youngster. - Climate in this part of the East bay (San Francisco area) approximates the rather dry maritime conditions that Coxes seem to like, so fingers crossed....

Season records for this tree

  • 2011

    Spring blossom: 2 May
    Late blossom. Not enough p.m. sun?