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Mutsu Apple tree

Owner: Elizabeth

Location:  Evesham, WORCESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom

Age:Planted in about
Soil:heavy clay 
Tree form:Bush (wider at top than bottom)
Height:Between 6ft / 2m and 15ft / 4m
Cropping:Biennial cropping (alternate years)
Growth:This tree grows easily here
Pesticides:Not sure
Local pests:codling moth

Owner's comments

This tree was planted around the time of the Chernobyl disaster, I remember it growing with corkscrew shoots soon after, later it sorted itself out and now produces enormous crops of lovely apples, some bitterpit on the skins but keep well till feb/March

Season records for this tree

  • 2010

    Spring blossom: 2 May
  • 2009

    Harvest: 3rd week October

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