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Katy Apple tree

Owner: Ian

Location:  Bromsgrove, WORCESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom

Age:Planted in about
Soil:Good - neither clay nor sandy 
Climate at this location:Temperate
Tree form:Not sure
Height:Up to 6ft / 2m
Cropping:Not specified
Growth:Not specified
Herbicides:Manual treatment (hoeing and weeding)

Owner's comments

Have just bought this tree - will update details as we see it grow.

Season records for this tree

  • 2010

    Harvest: 3rd week August
    First year in the ground (as opposed to in a pot) and the difference in the appearance and taste has been marked. 12 apples formed, four were picked too early by our two year old who wanted 'to wash them', but the remained eight survived to maturity - the first fell in mid- to late August and two remain. Firm and juicy consistency, waxy skin (apparently not troubled by wasps this year) and darkish red skin. Very encouraging!
  • 2009

    On reflection, the tree struggled in its pot (despite label indications that it would grow in a pot for a period) and most of the six apples that appeared were eaten by wasps. The couple that we salvaged were rather small and dry.

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